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How to Stop Auto Shutdown in Windows 10/11 PC

Automatic Shutdown is a feature in Windows 10 that allows you to schedule a date and time for your computer to shut down. This sort of thing can be important if you constantly forget to shut down your Windows 10 PC manually, as it will help maintain the life of your operating system.

Unfortunately, there are times when the shutdown may pop up in the middle of an important event. It’s at this point that you’ll want to know how to stop Auto Shutdown from happening.

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Method 1. How To Stop Auto Shutdown in Windows 10/11 Via Run

Learn how to cancel Auto Shutdown in Windows 10 through the Run command.

  1. Launch the Run dialog (Win + R).
  2. Type shutdown -a into the box and click OK.
Stop Auto Shutdown in Windows 10 Via Run

Upon clicking OK, the Auto Shutdown schedule or task will be canceled.

Method 2. How To Cancel Auto Shutdown in Windows 10/11 Using Command Prompt

This is how to disable auto shutdown in Windows 10 through the Command Prompt window.

  1. Launch Command Prompt. You can do this by clicking Win + X and selecting it from the menu or typing cmd in search and selecting the best result.
  2. With Command Prompt open, type the command shutdown -a and press Enter.
Cancel Auto Shutdown in Windows 10/11 Using Command Prompt

A confirmation message “Your Logoff is cancelled,” will be presented to you, informing you that Windows 10 Automatic Shutdown should now be disabled.

Method 3. How To Turn Off Auto Shutdown On PC Using Windows PowerShell

If you’d rather use Windows PowerShell instead of Command Prompt, you can perform the following:

  1. Launch Windows PowerShell. This can be done by clicking Win + X and selecting it through the Windows menu or performing a search for PowerShell.
  2. While in the PowerShell window, type shutdown.exe -a into the field and press the Enter key.
Turn Off Auto Shutdown On PC Using Windows PowerShell

Once the Enter key is pressed, you’ll receive a notification that the Auto Shutdown schedule has been canceled.

Method 4. How To Stop Your PC From Shutting Down Automatically via Created Shortcut Icon

A quick click desktop shortcut on hand will make canceling your Auto Shutdown schedule easy and efficient. There are generally two ways to create a usable shortcut for this function: New Shortcut or creating a .bat with Notepad.

New Shortcut option:

Step 1. Right-click an empty space on the desktop, select New, then Shortcut.

Stop Your PC From Shutting Down Automatically via Created Shortcut Icon

Step 2. Either type shutdown.exe -a directly into the input area, or click the Browse button and choose the shutdown.exe in the C:/Windows/System32 folder.

Step 3. Click Next.

Step 4. Choose a name for your shortcut, and click Finish.

Your Auto Shutdown canceling shortcut will appear on the desktop. The default icon of the shortcut can be changed through Properties.

Notepad option:

Step 1. Open Notepad.

Step 2. In the text area, type shutdown.exe -a.

Step 3. From the File tab menu, select Save File, or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + S.

Step 4. Name the file AutoShutDownOff.bat.

Step 5. Change the Save as Type to All Files.

Step 5. Save the file.

You can now use AutoShutDownOff.bat to cancel the Auto Shutdown in Windows 10. You’ll know it worked when you receive the “Logoff is canceled. The scheduled shutdown has been canceled,” prompt.


What is the Auto Shutdown Feature Used For?

Often, when busy or just forgetful, we fail to shut down our Windows OS computers. This can cause the operating system and the PC hardware degradation if the computer is allowed to remain turned on without rest. By setting the Auto Shutdown feature, even when forgetting to do so manually, your computer will automatically shut off after an appropriate time.

Why Would I Want To Stop the Auto Shutdown Feature?

If the Auto Shutdown Timer is activated, Windows will shut down automatically once the time is over. But while doing some important work, you might never want Windows to shut down automatically.

How To Cancel the Auto Shutdown Feature in Windows 10/11?

The article details four different ways on how you can stop your PC from shutting down automatically. These are through the use of the Run dialog, Command Prompt, Windows PowerShell, and Windows Shortcut.

Hopefully, the four methods for disabling the Auto Shutdown feature in Windows 10 have been helpful to you. Method 4 provides a secondary option, bringing the total to 5. This should help you if your scheduled Auto Shutdown appears at an inconvenient time. Now you can dismiss it whenever this occurs.

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