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Best RAR Password Crackers

Want to know our #1 pick? Here’s the best RAR file password cracker in 2024:

  • PassFab for RAR — PassFab for RAR is one of the best RAR password crackers on the internet. With 3 attack modes and GPU acceleration technology that boosts the encryption process, you’ll quickly recover your forgotten or lost RAR passcodes.

Apart from normal photos or videos, you may have used the .rar format to store important tax information or legal documents. While locking your RAR documents is a fantastic way to deter hackers and noisy coworkers, the trouble starts when you’ve created a password that’s so good that even you forgot it. Or even worse, someone else maliciously changed it themselves.

If you need quick access to your encrypted RAR file, there is an easy way to do so without deleting the data within. Just use one of the 5 RAR file password crackers on this list to recover your documents after you’ve been locked out. All of them use techniques and streamline technology that will re-open the locked RAR file in a matter of minutes.

I ran multiple tests on all of the following RAR file password removers to ensure they pass our strict criteria. I also made sure that all of the software on this list had fast recovery speeds, were compatible with various .rar file versions, were easy to use, could be purchased at a low cost, and ensured our data wasn’t lost or stolen in the process.

Here’s a Short Summary of the Best RAR Password Crackers in 2024

  • 1.🥇 PassFab for RAR — #1 best RAR file password cracker in 2024.
  • 2.🥈 KRyLack RAR Password Recovery — A fully customizable interface that allows you to autosave sessions for a low price.
  • 3.🥉 iSunshare RAR Password Genius — This customizable software will crack your RAR password with its lightning-fast speeds.
  • 4. Passper for RAR — Easy-to-use interface that’s fast and effective, but the attack method descriptions on the software are a little confusing.
  • 5. RAR Password Unlocker — The Search Encrypted Files option quickly scans your computer for all encrypted RAR files.

1.🥇 PassFab for RAR

best passfab for rar

Considered a powerful all-purpose RAR password unlocker by its customers, PassFab for RAR will empower you to recover passwords for all kinds of encrypted RAR/WinRAR archives. PassFab uses advanced search algorithms and Multi-core CPUs to make this possible.

After downloading PassFab for RAR on your computer, you can select between 9 languages, including German, English, French, Spanish, and few others. After you accept the license agreement, PassFab will launch a user-friendly interface that will ask you to click the Add button to import the encrypted file of your choice.

Underneath this section, you’ll notice that three headings (Protection, Complexity, and Password) have populated with useful information. Protection will detail the file type and encryption method, Complexity will decide how difficult the password is to crack from Easy to Very Hard, and Password will almost always populate as Unknown.

Finally, you can choose from the method of attack. Dictionary Attack is the most recommended by PassFab for RAR because it quickly finds the password from an inbuilt or custom dictionary. Brute Force with Mask Attack searches with customized numbers, symbols, and characters while regular Brute Force Attack tries all possible combinations and takes the longest.

Depending on the complexity of the password and your method of attack, PassFab for RAR will be able to crack your RAR password in 3 – 30 minutes without losing data inside the encrypted file. You can download this software for free, but you have to purchase a license at $15.95 a month to access your locked files again.

  • 3 Methods of Attack: Choose between Brute-Force Attack, Brute-Force with Mask Attack, and Dictionary Attack to maximize the ways PassFab can crack your RAR password.
  • Miraculous Recovery Speed: This software works incredibly fast at recovering RAR passwords with its built-in new search algorithms and advanced technology. With the recovery speed fueled by Multi-core CPUs, cracking times vary between 3 minutes for simple and 30 minutes for complicated passcodes.
  • Multiple Payment Options Available: Whether you want to pay with a 1-month, 1-year, or Lifetime license, you’ll find that all options are available at a low price. Anyone who wants to use the license on more than one PC, choose the 1 Year Licence with the option of 5, 10, or a customized amount that fits your business needs.
  • Works on Windows Computers: PassFab for RAR currently only works on Windows operating systems 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, and XP as well as Windows Servers 2019/2016/2012/2011/2008, etc. Most RAR files (3/2/1.5/1.3) and WinRAR (4.2/4.1/4.0/3.9/3.8/3.7/3.6/3.5/2.9) files are supported.

With the help of PassFab for RAR powerful built-in GPU acceleration that boosts the decryption process, you’ll be able to access your RAR files in minutes.

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2.🥈 KRyLack RAR Password Recovery

Krylack rar password recovery

KRyLack RAR Password Recovery interface may look out of date – but don’t be fooled but its appearance. This RAR password cracker is one of the most advanced software available because it can recover passcodes with a .rar file name, including v3.x, v4.x, SFX, archives with encrypted filenames and will even support multi-volume RAR archives.

Compared to the other software on this list, you may be overwhelmed with the number of options, but they’re all self-explanatory and completely customizable. Select Browse in the upper left-hand corner to upload a file, then select if your password is likely alphanumeric, capitalized, has spaces, digits, other symbols, or a combination of all 5.

If you select them all because you’re entirely unsure of what the password could be, it will take longer to retrieve it. I experimented with the settings and found that shorter passwords with all Charsets on take just as much time to crack as long passwords with 1 or 2 Charsets. On average, KRyLack takes 5 – 40 minutes.

To make recovery faster, you can choose between 3 attack types: Brute-force, Mask, and Dictionary. Brute-force lets you input your perceived password length, Mask decreases the total number of passwords to verify, and Dictionary lets you select a Wordlist file you created with all your passcode guesses.

KRyLack’s free version can recover RAR passwords that are of 3 characters or less, but for an unlimited password length, you’ll need to purchase the full version for $19.95. One purchase gives you a lifetime license making it one of the cheapest RAR password cracker on our list.

  • Fully Customizable Interface: Not only does KRyLack allow you to upload custom skins of your choice, but the process of recovering RAR passwords is also fully customizable. Choose between multiple Charsets, the priority of the project, and recovery type to make the cracking process faster than ever.
  • Lightning Fast Recovery Speeds: Even if you’ve completely forgotten your password, this software will produce the correct passcode on your locked RAR file in under 40 minutes. Most of the time, I was able to recover my password in 5 minutes.
  • Autosave Sessions: If you need to close down the program because of an interruption or the program crashes, KRyLack has an autosave state that will save your progress during the RAR password cracking process. You can open the file again by selecting the Open tab at the top of the program to resume.
  • Compatible with Almost Everything: Software fully supports all Microsoft Windows operating systems from Windows XP to Windows 10, both 32-bit and 64-bit versions. It also supports all Windows Server editions. KRyLack also supports all RAR archive versions, including v3.0 and v4.0, SFX, encrypted Filenames, and Multi-volume RAR archives.

With the purchase of this fantastic RAR password recovery software, you’ll also receive unlimited free email support and frequent updates.

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3.🥉 iSunshare RAR Password Genius

isunshare rar password genius

iSunshare RAR Password Genius is a small program that packs a lot of punch. This powerful software can recover forgotten or lost passwords for RAR archives created by compression software like WinRAR. Regardless of how complex your passcode is or what encryption algorithm is locking your file, iSunshare will recover it.

RAR Password Genius has 4 recovery methods under the Type of Attack drop down menu on the upper right of the program. Under the Range tab, you’ll find Brute-force, which can narrow your options by selecting if the password has Latin characters, digits, capitals, special symbols, and spaces.

You can then enter customized characters with Mask, which is located beside the Brute-force options. From there, select Length and choose between a minimal and maximum password length. Finally, the Dictionary tab allows you to upload a file path that you’ll fill with likely words or phrases that may be in your forgotten RAR password.

Thanks to its interface, you’ll find that RAR Password Genius performs spectacularly, is fully-customizable, and can autosave sessions. This software is also optimized for multi-core CPU and multiprocessor systems. Thanks to that inclusion, I was able to recover simple passwords in 3 minutes and complicated passcodes in 30 minutes.

For free, iSunshare RAR Password Genius will crack passwords with 3 characters or less, but to recover more complicated passcodes, you’ll have to purchase the Standard version for $19.95 or the Professional version. The Professional version allows you to recover RAR passwords with one or more computers at once to recover more passcodes faster.

  • 4 Attack Types and Incredible Customization: By selecting its 4 recovery methods and choosing the 5 tabs in the middle of the software, you can customize your password search by selecting from Brute-force, Mask, Password Length, and Dictionary. Choose a combination of all attack types to improve your chances of cracking your RAR passphrase.
  • Fast and Effective: Complicated passwords were no problem for iSunshare RAR Password Genius as the software was able to crack them in 30 minutes on average. Simple passwords were incredibly fast as well; I often didn’t wait longer than 6 minutes.
  • 100% Safe From Malicious Viruses: All of iSunshares’ products have won multiple awards, including Editors Choice, Satisfaction Guarantees, and is often a top pick for various tech websites. It isn’t hard to see why this software is guaranteed safe and supported by an incredible customer service team.
  • System Requirements: RAR Password Genius supports Windows OS 2000, 2003, 2008, 2012, 2016, XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10 for both 32 and 64 bit. This software also supports all versions of RAR, WinRAR, and other archive software that can create these files.

For almost 15 years, iSunshare RAR Password Genius has managed to stand out amongst its competition for its fast speeds, the 3-step recovery process, and fully customizable interface.

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4. Passper for RAR

best passper for rar

Super easy to use with an incredibly user-friendly interface, Passper for RAR makes cracking your lost password simple. Using 3 high-tech technologies, including advanced algorithms, multicore CPU, and NVIDIA G80+ GPU to accelerate the process, you’ll notice that simple and complicated RAR passwords will become unencrypted in less than an hour.

Passper for RAR cuts right to the chase by asking you to select a .rar file you wish to crack and then presenting you with the recovery method of your choice. There’s no flipping through a bunch of tabs – just select from the 4 attack methods Combination, Dictionary, Mask, and Brute Force to get started. Each attack method is briefly explained from the main menu.

Unfortunately, the explanations on the main menu can be confusing. At first glance, Combination Attack appears to include all three attack methods based on its name, but it actually lets you customize based on information like password length, uppercase, lowercase, and numbers.

Brute Force attack is the longest recovery method and should only be used if you can’t recall anything about the password and Mask searches based on password hints you partially remember. The only well-labeled recovery method is Dictionary. Although you can get a full explanation on the website, it would have been better for the developers to explain the method attack fully on the software if they’re going to mention them at all.

After you select the recovery type, everything is accessible from there. However, you can’t recover a password unless you buy the 1-month plan for $19.95 a month. Yearly and Lifetime Plans are also available.

  • Variety in Attack Methods: Passper’s innovatively designed 4 attack methods help aid you in recovering your RAR password quickly. Choose from Combination Attack, Mask Attack, Dictionary Attack, and Brute Force Attack from the list.
  • User-Friendly Interface: While the explanations of the attack methods aren’t as straightforward as I had hoped they would be on the software, the program is incredibly easy to navigate. Just upload the RAR file and select from the attack types, click Recover and wait approximately 5 – 40 minutes depending on how complicated your password is.
  • Use Autosave to Return to Projects: At any time during the recovery process, you can create a save state that will pause the process. This is especially helpful during a power surge or an accidental closure of the program.
  • Impressive Tech Specs: Passper for RAR is compatible with Windows Vista and higher and supports all RAR and WinRAR versions. There is currently no macOS equivalent.

Passper for RAR, despite its confusing recovery method descriptions, is a fast, effective, and 100% secure software that will crack your RAR password without data loss.

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5. RAR Password Unlocker

best rar password unlocker

RAR Password Unlocker is a helpful tool that recovers your forgotten RAR/WinRAR password. This software will allow you to crack your RAR archives with impressively high speeds. What makes this program unique is its ability to allocate more CPU power to RAR Password Unlocker to make recovery more efficient.

The user interface for RAR Password Unlocker isn’t like the other software on this list, but it’s easy to use and understand. You have two options: RAR Password Recovery and Search Encrypted Files. The latter option scans your computer for encrypted files, whereas RAR Password Recovery will open another window so you can find the file yourself.

After uploading the file, RAR Password Unlocker will give you a rundown on the protection type, complexity, and whether the software has located a password. Then, select from 3 password attack options: Brute-Force, Brute-Force with Mask, and Dictionary. Brute-Force with Mask is the fastest option as long as you know something about the password.

Overall, RAR Password Unlocker was surprisingly quick with short and simple passwords at an average of 5 – 10 minutes. Complicated passwords or passwords you’ve completely forgotten can take upwards of 40 minutes. If you’re looking to sample the software before purchasing, the trial version can only recover up to the first three characters of the password and can only check 1000 combinations in the dictionary.

For longer, more complicated passwords, purchase the full version for $19.95. RAR Password Unlocker offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on this product, so if you aren’t satisfied or need help navigating the program, contact customer support via email.

  • Choose Between Uploading or Scanning: You can search your entire computer for encrypted RAR files via the Search Encrypted Files option, or you can upload the file yourself. With 3 attack options (Brute-Force, Brute-Force with Mask, and Dictionary), you can customize how the program encrypts your complicated or straightforward passcodes.
  • Recover Fast with Advanced SSE Technology: Recover RAR passwords at high speeds thanks to the impressive search algorithm and SSE technology. You can also accelerate recovery with NVIDIA CUDA GPUs, Multi-core CPs, and ATI OpenCL GPUs.
  • Loaded with Features: Along with being a powerful password recovery tool, RAR Password Unlocker allows you to save the password recovery process automatically and shuts down the computer after recovery completes, so you won’t have to do it manually.
  • Works with All RAR Files: Although the website states it works up to Windows 7, I installed the program on Windows 10 without complication successfully. RAR Password Unlocker can unlock all WinRAR/RAR encrypted passwords.

RAR Password Unlocker’s 3-step retrieval method will recover your RAR password quickly and safely without any data damage or loss.

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Comparison of the Best RAR File Password Crackers in 2024

RAR Password CrackerWindows CompatibilityEasy of UsePriceRAR/WinRAR File CompatibilityMultiple Attack Methods
PassFab for RARXP and Higher, Includes ServersVery-Easy$15.95All3 Attack Methods
KRyLack RAR Password RecoveryXP and Higher, Includes ServersMedium$19.95All3 Attack Methods
iSunshare RAR Password GeniusXP and Higher, Includes ServersEasy$19.95All4 Attack Methods
Passper for RARVista and HigherVery-Easy$19.95All4 Attack Methods
RAR Password UnlockerXP and Higher, Includes ServersEasy$19.95All3 Attack Methods

How We Tested and Picked the Best RAR File Password Crackers in 2024

Password unlocking is the process that tries to guess all possible candidate password combinations based on letters, numbers, and special symbols. Since there is an endless amount of password combinations, no program can ensure a 100% recovery rate, but many of them can achieve percentages close to 95%.

The more professional unlocker tools are, the better the recovery rate. Although a high recovery rate is important, many of my tests weren’t based entirely on a better outcome because I am unable to come up with every distinct password possibility that may or may not be decrypted. Instead, I paid attention to other vital factors.

During my tests, I ensured that the RAR password cracker I used maintained fast recovery speeds, were compatible with multiple Windows OS and servers, were simple and straightforward to use, could be bought at a cost-effective price, and didn’t incur any data loss during the process. Let’s look at a more extensive breakdown of my testing process:

  • Fast Recovery Speeds: One of the most difficult metrics to test, other than the recovery rate, was how fast recovery speeds were. It’s possible that incredibly complicated passwords with multiple symbols, letters, capitals, and spaces would take days to crack. However, most people prefer simplistic passphrases that don’t require writing down. Therefore, I tested both short and long passwords below 12 characters and consisted of full phrases and some numbers. With this being the case, most passwords were crackable in under an hour.
  • Impressive Compatibility: The best RAR password crackers need to be compatible with all RAR archive versions, WinRAR file types and have to be available on newer Windows OS systems and servers. If a software isn’t compatible with the latest operating systems or file formats, it will limit how many passwords you’re able to crack. Even worse, you may not be able to install the program at all.
  • Easy-To-Use: As a customer, I don’t want to read through an entire booklet of text while also needing programming skills to crack a RAR password. Password recovery is often associated with hackers because of the intense computer knowledge required to recover complicated passcodes. However, easy-to-use software like the ones on our list are capable of recovering the most complicated passwords with minimal computing knowledge.
  • Cost-Effective: Although free programs are tempting, they often come with fewer features, are less likely to receive updates, lack a customer service portion, and could be riddled with viruses. It’s better to purchase a license to take advantage of better features. All software on this list are affordable, with most costing as little as $19.99.
  • Secure with No Data Loss: It would be a shame to unlock a RAR file only for the contents inside to be corrupted or deleted by the program you downloaded. I ensured that all the software on this list not only kept your data intact after decryption, but I also made sure that data wasn’t stolen or used by an unauthorized source.

🖥️ Will my lost RAR password always be recovered?

While most of the passcodes I tested were cracked by the programs used on this list, it’s likely that there would be a password complicated enough that it can’t be cracked, or the software would need months or years to do so.

Although there isn’t a 100% success rate, your RAR password will likely be recovered if it’s short and doesn’t contain too many numbers and letters that don’t spell out a word, name, or place. Your password is likely a phrase, word, a recognizable sentence, or string of numbers that will be crackable with all the software on this list with a 95% success rate.

🔒 Will RAR file password crackers delete my data?

While it’s possible that some RAR unlocker software will delete your data once your password has been recovered, all of the programs I’ve tested, including many that didn’t make this list, didn’t delete data that was within the .rar file. I imagine that a program that deletes your data isn’t popular; otherwise, why would you use it in the first place? It would cost less money just to delete the file outright rather than crack the RAR file only to delete it anyway.

❓ Can you recover a password from two documents at once?

Yes, there are RAR password crackers that can recover passcodes from multiple RAR files at once. For example, Passper for RAR does have an option to process files in batches, but you need to contact them directly for further details. Since recovering passwords takes a lot of CPU power, it may be better to process them individually unless your computer is incredibly powerful.

⌛ How long will it take to recover my RAR password?

It isn’t easy to truly pin down how fast or how slow any software will recover a password. Even if we focus on one program at a time, it would be impossible for me to test every possible combination of numbers, letters, special characters, and spaces. For the purpose of this article, I stuck to simple passwords and phrases and complicated passcodes with a maximum of 12 characters with varying numbers and letters.

I found that most programs will recover a simple password (3-7 numbers and letters) in 3-10 minutes. Complex passcodes with 12 characters may take 30-40 minutes. Incredibly long passwords (13-18+ characters) could take hours to crack, but it isn’t typical for users to encrypt a RAR file with a passcode that needs to be written down or is easily forgettable.

Final Thoughts

Forgetting your password for any file is a massive inconvenience to you and your team, especially if those documents contain important legal information. However, with the help of the 5 best RAR password crackers on this list, you’ll be able to enter back into those important RAR files in under an hour without any data loss or file corruption.

All of the programs on our list are fast, safe, cost-effective, compatible with all RAR/WinRAR files, and are simple to use. If you’re struggling to get back into your files, try out one of the programs’ free trials to take a look at their features, but we can guarantee you’ll want to purchase them because of how incredibly helpful and useful they are!

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