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Best Word Password Recovery Software

Too busy to read? Here’s the best Word password recovery software you can get today:

  • PassFab for Word – PassFab for Word is a professional-grade Word password recovery software you can count on. You can use it to recover the password of a Microsoft Word document via different methods. Used and trusted by thousands of people worldwide, PassFab for Word combines the right set of features, high success rates, and best-in-class performance.

Despite the overwhelming popularity of online platforms like Google Docs, Microsoft Word is still popular for word processing. This software from Microsoft and the associated format — DOC/DOCX — have become familiar names in personal and commercial environments.

In its defense, Microsoft has updated this tool with impressive features over time. One of those big features is the ability to set a password for your Word document. This option can stop others from accessing the document. However, the problem begins when you forget the Word password.

If you have to handle hundreds of Word files daily, it is common to forget one of these passwords. And you cannot open a protected Word document without entering the password. This is precisely when you have to use a Word password recovery tool.

Word password recovery is professional software that can help you to recover/remove the password of a Microsoft Word document. You can use one of these tools to regain access to a protected Word file you don’t know the password.

Depending on how much you remember about the previously-set password, these tools may follow different recovery methods. Once the recovery process is done, you can access whatever is inside the document, as usual.

In this article, we have covered the 6 best Word password recovery software you can get in 2024.

Quick Summary The Best Word password recovery software in 2024

  • 1.🥇 PassFab for Word – Best overall Word password recovery software in 2024
  • 2.🥈 iSunshare Word Password Genius – For GPU-accelerated Word password recovery
  • 3.🥉 Passper for Word – Best Word password recovery tool with a high success rate
  • 4. Top-Password – Word Password Recovery – Designed for extended compatibility
  • 5. Word Password Recovery Master – Best for Unlocking Multiple Word files at once
  • 6. GuaWord – Best Command-line utility for Word password removal

1.🥇 PassFab for Word

PassFab for Word

We believe PassFab for Word is your best choice for recovering the password of a Word document without any hassle. Many people consider PassFab for Word as the all-in-one Word password recovery solution, especially because it combines the right set of features and performance.

The following features make the whole Word password recovery process more comfortable:

  • PassFab for Word supports both DOC and DOCX file formats of Microsoft Word. This means you can use this software to recover the password of old and new documents.
  • You can choose between three modes — Dictionary Attack, Brute-force with Mask Attack, and Brute-force Attack — to recover the password of a Word document.
  • This Word password recovery works with almost every version of Windows you can find today. It has support for systems running even Windows XP or Windows Server 2008.
  • Minimal software footprint means that Word password recovery works on any PC, regardless of the hardware capability.
  • Thanks to advanced compatibility, you can use PassFab for Word to recover passwords of new and old Microsoft Word versions alike — Word 2019 and Word 97.
  • The hardware-accelerated decryption process can be up to 40x faster than other decryption tools. It also comes with multi-core CPU acceleration and AMD and NVIDIA GPU acceleration support.
  • In-depth customization options can help you decrypt the Word file without taking a lot of time. You can always provide the hints you may have about the password.

Our Review: PassFab for Word gets everything right from the features and performance perspective. You don’t have to think about any other tools if you just want to decrypt the Word file. The customization options and valuable support from the developer also make things easier. You can also see that the User Interface of the program looks super-clean. Read our PassFab for Word Review here.

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2.🥈 iSunshare Word Password Genius

iSunshare Word Password Genius

If you are looking for a faster way to recover the password of a Word document, you should check out the iSunshare Word Password Genius. This program comes equipped with several features like smart algorithms and GPU acceleration to boost the decryption process. Compared to other tools on this list, you get a better set of customization options as well.

We think the following features of iSunshare Word Password Genius deserve special recognition:

  • A straightforward decryption process makes it easy for everyone to recover the password of a Word document.
  • iSunshare Word Password Genius offers more options for customization. For instance, you can state the possible length and range of the password.
  • The Auto-Save function makes it easy to manage lengthy decryption processes. The tool can save its progress at given intervals.
  • Different Priority Options allow you to decide how quickly you want to recover the password. In this case, iSunshare Word Password Genius will make the best use of hardware support.
  • Extensive compatibility means that you can run iSunshare Word Password Genius on even the oldest PCs, running Microsoft Windows 2000.
  • Smart Algorithms and Read-only Access to Word can improve the overall speed and security of the decryption process.
  • Free trial of iSunshare Word Password Genius can recover up to three digits of a Word document’s password, which is excellent to begin with.

Our Review: After looking at its features, we think iSunshare Word Password Genius is better suited for an advanced password recovery process. While the features like Smart Algorithms and Auto-Save give you more control over the decryption process, they also require extra care while managing. If you can take that effort and handle the rather complex UI, you should go ahead with this choice.

3.🥉 Passper for Word

Passper for Word

Passper for Word is a Word password recovery tool that boasts impressive recovery options and offers one of the highest success rates. Using multiple unlock methods and technologies can either help you find the password or remove the restrictions from a Word file. We also loved how simple the entire UI looks. It also has some of the best reviews among experts.

We think the following features matter the most in the Passper for Word package:

  • Passper for Word offers two routes: one to recover the lost/forgotten password and the second one to remove restrictions from the Word document.
  • Ultra-simple User Interface that anyone can use to get the job done. iMyFone has done an excellent job of organizing the elements.
  • It supports four unlocking methods — Dictionary Attack, Combination Attack, Mask Attack, and Brute-force Attack, offering the best success rates.
  • One-click Restriction Remover is quite useful when you want to unlock multiple Word files without the hassle of remembering and entering passwords.
  • CPU and GPU Acceleration for enhanced speeds in the decryption procedure. The extra performance also increases your chances of removing the lock.
  • Supports various formats, such as .DOCX, .DOC, .DOCM, .DOT, .DOTM, and .DOTX. You also have support for MS Office 97 and Windows XP.

Our Review: Passper for Word is really confident about the success rates it can offer. This is why you can avail of a 30-day money-back guarantee if the program doesn’t do the job you bought it for. It is also great that you get lifetime free upgrades and excellent customer support while purchasing the premium plan from the developer.

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4. Top-Password – Word Password Recovery

Top Password Word password recovery

Next on this list is a Word password recovery tool from one of the most popular developers in this industry. If extended compatibility is your priority and you want to recover the password of even the oldest MS Word files you have, Top-Password – Word Password Recovery is a suitable choice. You can use this program to remove read-only restrictions from your Word document as well.

Some of the noteworthy aspects of Top-Password – Word Password Recovery are:

  • An intuitive User Interface means that even the ultimate newbies can use this software to remove various kinds of restrictions from a Word document.
  • Top-Password – Word Password Recovery supports Word documents created in almost all MS Office versions, including MS Office 2019 and MS Office 97.
  • You can choose between three unlocking methods to increase the chance of recovering a password — and reduce the time you may spend on the process.
  • The Instant Modify Tool allows you to open a read-only Word document and make changes without waiting for even a second.
  • Automatic recognition and activation of hardware acceleration if you have a compatible GPU from NVIDIA or AMD.

Our Review: Even if we keep its extended compatibility aside, Top-Password – Word Password Recovery is an efficient way to recover Word passwords. The simple User Interface makes it a fantastic choice for beginners and pros alike. Because it’s a product from Top-Password, you don’t have to worry about the after-sale service and tech support, either.

5. Word Password Recovery Master

Word password recovery master

Word Password Recovery Master is a universal password unlocker tool that can help you to regain access to a variety of Word documents. We recommend this option if you want to remove password restrictions from multiple documents simultaneously. Another impressive thing about this software is that it can unlock legacy files.

Other features that make Word Password Recovery Master impressive are:

  • You can recover the password of documents created using even the oldest versions of Word — regardless of its file format.
  • It comes with an intuitive workflow that makes password management more convenient. For instance, the program would instantly copy all recovered passwords to the clipboard.
  • The support for managing multiple Word documents in bulk can save you time and effort. It can perform all these actions in the background.
  • Compared to other tools we have covered, Word Password Recovery Master supports the recovery of advanced passwords like VBA project passwords and modify passwords.
  • Although limited to some versions and password types, the instant password removal feature can save a lot of time.
  • Word Password Recovery Master can automatically choose the proper method to recover passwords. This means you don’t have to provide any input.

Our Review: Sure, the Word Password Recovery Master looks rather rudimentary. Nevertheless, it performs on par with the other Word password recovery software we have covered above. Because there aren’t any options for customization, you can sit back and relax. One thing that we didn’t find completely okay is that the program does not support documents made using Microsoft Office 2019.

6. GuaWord


Compared to the Word password recovery utilities we have covered so far, GuaWord is a little different. It is a command-line utility that doesn’t come with a Graphical User Interface. At the same time, it won’t force you to compromise performance. With basic computer knowledge, you can use GuaWord to access virtually any locked Word file.

However, there are a few things that you should know about GuaWord:

  • While most of the tools mentioned above restrict their support to Word 97, GuaWord can help you crack the passwords of Word files made before 97.
  • The command-line utility does not recover the password for you. Instead, it can remove any protection the Word file had.
  • The problem is that GuaWord may take several hours or days to decrypt the file. But, when you want to access a necessary file from an old PC, it is worth waiting.
  • Last but not least, GuaWord is available for both Windows and Linux. However, you may be unable to run it on PCs running Windows 8 or later.

Our Review: We believe GuaWord is not the best Word password remover for everyone. At the same time, it makes a great companion for those who want to access old Word documents that come with protection. It’s impressive that this simple command-line utility can decrypt almost all types of restrictions on a Word without even needing you to remember passwords.

Comparison of the Best Word Password Recovery Tools in 2024

Word Password RecoveryDocument Type SupportWord Version SupportGPU and Hardware AccelerationInstant Password RemovalPassword Recovery Modes
PassFab for WordDOC/DOCXMS Word 97 to Word 2019YesYesDictionary, Brute-force, and Brute-force with mask
iSunshare Word Password GeniusDOC/DOCXMS Word 97 to Office 2019Yes, CPU and GPUNoDictionary, Brute-force, Brute-force with mask, and Smart
Passper for Word.DOCX, .DOC, .DOCM, .DOT, .DOTM, and .DOTXMS Word 97 to Word 2019Yes, CPU and GPUYesDictionary, Combination, Brute-force, and Brute-force with mask
Top-Password - Word Password RecoveryDOC/DOCXMS Word 97 to Word 2019YesYesDictionary, Brute-force, and Brute-force with mask
Word Password Recovery MasterDOC/DOCXMS Word 97 to Word 2013NoNoNot Specified
GuaWordDOCBefore 97, 97 to Word 2003NoYesRemoval only

Other Word Password Recovery Software that Didn’t Make the Cut

These are the MS Word password recovery tools that were part of our primary consideration. However, after a thorough competition with others, they didn’t make it to the top.

  • Word Password Recovery Lastic is a dedicated solution to recover a Word document’s password with no hassle. This product from PasswordLastic is noted for its simple User Interface and increased chances of success. While you get advanced features like bulk password reset, the tool does not support newer versions of Microsoft Word.
  • eSoftTools Word Password Recovery is another product we considered while listing the best password remover utilities for Word documents. In this case, you have an intuitive workflow that can simplify the password recovery process. There are fewer password-cracking options, and the results may not be up to the mark.
  • Passware Word Key was another product that didn’t make the cut. In contrast with the other tools, it has been designed for commercial needs. According to the developers, agencies like NASA and the Department of Homeland Security have used this tool to crack password-protected Word files. Still, it has an intuitive UI. The problem is that it is quite expensive.

Despite the shortcomings, they are good options indeed. However, we picked only the best ones.

How We Rated & Selected the Best Tools to Recover Word Password

Below are the factors we used to pick the best 6 Word password recovery software from a list of 2024.

  • Effectiveness: We wanted the best Word password recovery to be as close to 100% effective. This means users should be able to remove/recover the password of almost any Word file, regardless of the password type being used.
  • Ease of Use: Removing passwords from a protected Word file shouldn’t be rocket science. Because of this reason, we have selected products that employ an intuitive workflow. Even a toddler can operate most of the tools on the list!
  • Compatibility: We also checked if the Word password recovery could remove passwords from documents created in different versions of Microsoft Word. While most tools support files from Word 97 to 2019, some tools can deal with documents made using versions before 97.
  • Decryption Speed: You don’t want to spend hours in front of your computer to recover the password of a single Word file, right? We don’t either, and we have chosen products that offer the best speed in town, often with the help of CPU and GPU acceleration.
  • Decryption Methods: More decryption methods mean you can recover the Word password better. So, we have prioritized Word password removers that support more than one way of decryption, such as brute-force, dictionary, and mask brute-force.
  • Instant Password Remover: Instant password remover allows you to remove the encryption entirely instead of finding the password. This feature can save a lot of time for most people. That is why most tools on our list have this option.
  • Additional Features: Some password recovery utilities come with extra features such as bulk Word file processing. You may need these features if you have to handle hundreds of Word files for your job.
  • Pricing: Last but not least, we have included products in various price brackets. So, you’d not have to spend hundreds of dollars to unlock a few Word files. We have also checked if the tools have a cost-effective pricing plan.

Here are the common doubts about Word password recovery and recovery software answered.

1. Are Word password recovery software safe to use?

Yes, especially while using the best password recovery tools we selected. These tools open a Word document in read-only mode. It means nothing would affect the file as such. These software also take extra precautions to improve the overall security of the file, such as sandboxing.

It depends on why you are using the recovery utility in the first place. For instance, if you use the software to recover the password of a personal Word file, it’s 100% legal. On the other hand, using it to decrypt a file owned by someone else would be illegal in most regions.

3. Are Word password recovery utilities expensive?

When you look at the bigger picture, these tools are very cost-effective. For instance, a professional recovery service provider would charge you an expensive amount to recover/remove the password of a single file. But if you purchase one of these tools, you are set for the future.

4. Why not use online Word password removers?

In most cases, these tools are safe, but we cannot take the risk. To use one of these online solutions, you have to upload the Word file to a third-party server. It is not ideal when you deal with sensitive files. However, when it comes to the recovery software, the decryption process takes place on your system itself.

5. Are there any free Word password recovery tools?

Most tools that we have covered on this list offer a free version. However, the free version can recover the password with a limited character count. So, if the Word file has a longer password, this free version wouldn’t be so useful.

Our Final Thoughts

We believe you can find the most appropriate Word password recovery utility from the list of options we’ve given above. Before you make the final purchase, ensure that the recovery tool works with the version of Word and OS that you are running. This way, you can keep the risk of incompatibility aside. We also suggest the lifetime plan if you have to handle hundreds of files a month. While doing so, though, you’ve to take the legality to account as well.

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