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How to Break or Crack Windows 10/11 Administrator Password

Security practices are vital when it comes to handling data in an organization. Users are given different privileges at different levels to access only the information and resources that they need. The Administrator account is one such level. It is different from the regular user account and has added authority to add, remove programs, update drivers, and access all the files on a computer. Besides, the administrator can configure other tasks.

Therefore, it is necessary for an administrator to safeguard all these data by enforcing a password to keep unauthorized users out of the picture. But human is to error, and you can easily forget your administrator password or want to gain access for other reasons. The leeway is to crack Windows 10 password by the available means. These 5 options are a must try to break the administrator password in Windows 10/11.

Method 1. Crack Windows 10/11 Admin Password with Microsoft Password Reset Page

If you have a Microsoft account with Windows 10, you will be advantaged to crack the Windows 10 admin password with Microsoft reset page.

  1. Start the crack process by going to the ‘Microsoft password reset page.’
  2. Type in your account email address that you used to register the Microsoft Account before.
  3. Next, select the ‘I forgot my password’ option located below the password text box.
  4. You’ll be redirected to the ‘Recover your account’ screen. Check the box labeled ‘Enter the characters you see.’ Key in those characters in the space above that box and click ‘Next.’
  5. A ‘Verify your identity’ screen will appear. Choose how to receive your security code – either via email or text message. You need to type the last four digits of your phone if you choose the ‘Via text’ option. Then click the ‘Send code’ button.
  6. Wait for a while for the ‘Code’ to be sent as a text or email message, depending on your previous option. Enter the code and then hit on the ‘Next’ button.
  7. You’ll be redirected to the ‘Reset your password’ screen. Here, create a new password and click ‘Next’ to effect the changes. Hit the ‘Next’ button once more to return to the ‘Sign-in’ screen.
  8. Finally, use this password to log into your Windows 10 computer.

crack Windows 10 password with Microsoft account

Method 2. Crack Windows 10/11 Admin Password with Password Reset Disk

The second method is to crack Windows 10 password with your Password Reset Disk. However, you ought to have created a ‘Windows 10 password reset disk’ before losing your password. If you already created a password reset disk, then you can set a new password to sign in to your Windows 10 administrator account.

Step 1. Go to the ‘Windows 10 login’ screen and select the ‘Administrator account.’ Then type in any password and attempt to log in. The system will automatically detect an invalid password and bring forth a ‘Reset password’ link.

Crack Windows admin password with reset password disk

Step 2. Click the ‘Reset password’ link, and Windows 10 will automatically begin the ‘Password Reset Wizard.’ Key in your ‘Password reset disk’ and click the ‘Next’ tab.

password reset wizard in Windows 10

Step 3. Choose which password reset disk contains the ‘userkey.psw’ file, then click on the ‘Next’ tab.

Step 4. Type in your ‘New Password’ and the ‘Password hint’ and then click on the ‘Next’ tab.

type new password for Windows 10

Step 5. Wait for a confirmation window that says, ‘You’ve successfully reset the password for this user account.’ Click on the ‘Finish’ tab to accomplish the breaking mission.

completing password reset wizard in Windows 10

NB: Remember, you should have created your password reset disk before actually losing your password. But if you lose your password prior, then it’s too late to create one. The better option is to use a third-party tool to crack it. This then takes us to our next option.

Method 3. Crack Windows 10/11 Admin Password with Windows Password Recovery Software

Our third method lets you learn how to crack administrator password in Windows 10 in simple steps. PassFab 4WinKey is a powerful Windows password recovery tool for all versions of Windows, such as Windows 7/8/8.1/10/Vista/XP. It also facilitates many types of hard drives like SATA/SCSI/RAID and supports numerous file systems like FAT16, NTFS, FAT32, and NTFS5. Besides, this program has no boundaries for novice users – no special skills are required for the set-up and recovery.

Worry no more how you log into your personal computer; this Windows 10 password reset tool will unlock your Windows securely. It quickly cracks passwords from Windows Hello Face, Windows Hallo PIN, Security key, Fingerprints, and many more. And in the event you didn’t create a bootable password reset disk early enough, PassFab 4WinKey lets you burn a new one in a few minutes. Easily create a bootable CD-ROM, burn a bootable password reset disk with ISO image file, or even make a bootable USB disk on your Windows or macOS devices.

So, whether you want to reset or remove your Windows 10 password, delete or create a new account, this tool offers you a quick a safe means. Check out these steps on how to crack Windows 10 administrator password with PassFab 4WinKey.

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Step 1. Create the Windows Password Reset Disk

Initially, download and install the PassFab 4WinKey to your computer, then launch it. Remember, it’s not your computer that is locked. Use a USB flash drive to create the password reset disk. Connect the flash drive to your computer. Once it is recognized, select the ‘USB Flash Drive’ option as your recovery device.

Crack Windows 10 password with PassFab 4WinKey

Then click the ‘Burn’ button and click the ‘Yes’ option. Wait for the burning process to halt, and then click the ‘OK’ button to finish the burning process. Click the ‘Next’ button and head on to boot Windows.

Step 2. Boot Windows from the Reset Disk

To boot Windows, connect the USB Flash Disk to your Windows 10 computer and tap the ‘F12’ for it to enter the ‘Boot’ menu. Next, click on the USB and hit the ‘Enter’ button.

Boot Windows 10 from the reset disk

Step 3. Reset Windows Login Password

Here, choose your Windows OS version, then click on the ‘Next’ button.

Just choose from PassFab 4Winkey 4 features. The ‘Windows Password Remove’ feature will remove the Windows 10 Administrator password and other guest user passwords.

Remove Windows 10 Admin Account Password

Remember, the account password is automatically removed. Then press the ‘Reboot’ button at the bottom-left of your computer screen. This action will prompt for a ‘Restart’ of your computer. Just click the ‘Restart Now’ option. It will automatically restart and let you log in to the Windows 10 system without password.

Click Reboot After Windows 10 Password Crack

Method 4. Crack Windows 10/11 Administrator Password via CMD

If you are a pro, then this option will work better for you. You can use the command prompt that embeds in the ‘Windows DVD installation disk’ to crack Windows 10 password. Follow these steps to use this command-based method.

  1. You first need a Windows 10 DVD installation disk. And ensure that you have set your computer to boot from the DVD. The ‘Secure Boot’ and the ‘UEFI’ should also be disabled. Once you confirm these, insert the disk to your Windows 10 computer and boot. Your computer should boot from the DVD.
    Windows 10 DVD installation setup
  2. The installation process will begin. Ensure you press ‘SHIFT + F10’ to open a command prompt once Windows enter the installation interface. This will allow you to replace the ‘Sticky Keys’ application (utilman.exe) with the command (cmd.exe). Just execute the below command;
    move d: \ Windows \ system32 \ utilman.exe d: \ Windows \ system32 \ utilman.exe.bak
    copy d: \ Windows \ system32 \ cmd.exe d: \ Windows \ system32 \ utilman.exe
  3. Once the ‘utilman.exe’ is successfully replaced, execute the ‘wpeutil’ command. This will restart your Windows 10 computer.
    crack Windows 10 admin password with command
  4. Once you reboot your computer, the ‘Utility Manage’ icon will then appear on the Windows 10 sign-in screen. Click the ‘Utility Manage’ icon to launch the command prompt window.
  5. Next, reset the Windows 10 password. Use this new command as below.
    net user {username} {password}
  6. Then click the screen to enable the ‘Sign-in page’ to appear. The new account that you added earlier will show up.
  7. Change back the utilman.exe and replace it with a new command as below.
  8. Then close the ‘Command Prompt’ window and restart your PC. You can now use your newly created password to log in to Windows 10.

Method 5. Crack Windows 10/11 Administrator Password by Factory Reset (Data Loss)

You can also factory reset your Windows 10 to return it to its original state. Remember, it will lose all data, including the password, and allow you to create a new account and password.

Step 1. To begin to crack Windows 10 password, go to the bottom-right corner of your log-in screen. Check for options to change your network settings. Here, you can access the Windows accessibility options.

Step 2. Then hold down the ‘Shift Key’ on your keyboard as you press the ‘Restart’ option beneath the power menu to begin resetting your PC.

restart Windows 10

Step 3. This will reboot Windows 10, and you’ll automatically be presented with the ‘Boot options’ menu. Click the ‘Troubleshoot’ option, then chose the ‘Reset this PC’ option to carry on.

troubleshoot in Windows 10

reset this pc in Windows 10

Step 4. If you didn’t initially back up your data, you could choose to save your files. Click the ‘Keep my files’ option. Otherwise, if you already backed up data, just reset Windows 10 and remove all files and settings by clicking the ‘Remove everything’ option.

keep or remove files in Windows 10

Step 5. The deal is done. Your Windows 10 is reset, and you can now set it up with a new user account. It will just bypass the previous admin password to allow for a new entry.


We have tackled how to break Windows 10 administrator password using five available modes. It doesn’t matter whether you are a novice user who is comfortable using the Microsoft password reset page or a pro who can crack it via command prompt. The options are at bay. And when you face likely constraints that require creating a password reset disk before losing the password, PassFab 4WinKey is the quick rescuer. It easily removes or reset the Windows 10 admin password in few minutes. You only need one click, and your Windows password reset disk is created, ready to crack that much-wanted password. Try it on your Windows 10 for a 100% success password crack rate.

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