How to Crack Windows 10/8.1/8/7 Password

Crack Windows password in Windows 7, 8, 10 or earlier is very simple, today a friend called me anguished because he went on a trip and no longer remembered the password of his Windows 7 computer when he returned. That’s very frustrating, particularly for those who stored a lot of important information.

Do you sometimes forget the password of your Windows account and have no choice but to reinstall the system? Before making any decision that you possibly regret, we invite you to read this tutorial as we will show you 4 ways to crack password from Windows 10/8.1/8/7, XP or Vista. You can select the most appropriate method for your situation.

Method 1. Use the reset disk to reset (For local and administrator account)

If you have prepared the reset disk to reset before, then congratulations, crack Windows password will be a very easy task for you, all you need to do is insert the disk in your computer and follow the instructions shown on the screen to unlock the password step by step.

However, most of us do not come up with this reset disk until we have forgotten the password.

Method 2. Crack password with another account with administrator privileges (For local and administrator account)

If you share your computer with other people, you may have created another account that has administrator privileges. If so, you can ask them to change their account password for you.

Method 3. Crack Windows password via Microsoft account (On behalf of Microsoft)

If you are sure that you are entering the correct password, but still can not log in to Windows, your account may be compromised. To crack your Windows password, please send request to recover password to Microsoft account.

Method 4. Crack Windows password with iSunshare Windows Password Genius

If you are very urgent to enter the Windows account as soon as possible and do not want to wait that long or you can not solve the problem through any of the solutions mentioned, iSunshare Windows Password Genius is your best option.

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More information about iSunshare Windows Password Genius – Quick access to Windows without password

  • For the local account, you can crack Windows password with 4 easy steps. The entire process only takes 5 minutes without losing or damaging data
  • For the Microsoft account, iSunshare Windows Password Genius can convert it into a local account in a few minutes to facilitate the next process.
  • If you do not wish to make any changes to the account by the methods mentioned above, you can also create an administrator account with iSunshare Windows Password Genius, which is one of the Best Windows Password Recovery Tool.
  • Supports Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8/7 / XP / Vista / 2000.

Step 1: Start the program and create a bootable USB / CD.

Now, iSunshare Windows Password Genius is compatible with Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP/2000 and supports resetting or recovering password from the local account and the Microsoft account.

Connect a USB memory to your PC, better a CD or DVD, to create a boot device.

Step 2: Connect the boot device to the PC.

First insert the USB / CD drive into your PC, second, change the boot order of the locked PC in the BIOS. If the optical drive is not in the first place in the boot order, the PC will turn on “normally” and it will not check the disk drive. Therefore, you must restart the locked PC and press and hold the shortcut key to enter the BIOS menu.
After changing the boot order, save the change by pressing F10 and restart your PC.

Step 3: Select a destination account, and then recover your Windows password.

Select an account you want to access, and then click on “Clear Password”. Fecilities! You can enter the system without an original password after restarting the computer.

Step 4: Eject the boot device and restart the PC.

Now the original password has been successfully deleted, simply enter the operating system without having to enter the password or log in with the new account.

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