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Best PDF Password Remover Software

Short on time? Here’s the best PDF Password Remover for Windows in 2024:

  • 🥇 PassFab for PDF — Outstanding PDF password remover tool with a user-friendly interface, three steady password attack methods, GPU acceleration, support for all versions of Adobe Acrobat & Windows along with affordable pricing.

Password protection is widely used nowadays to keep confidential files safe, especially while sending them over the internet. But what happens if you forget or lost the password to these PDFs? Is there any way to retrieve the important data on these encrypted PDF files?

The good news is, YES! You can. Owing to the advancement of technology, there are plenty of PDF password recovery tools available that can help you unlock the protected PDF. Using these tools, you can easily bypass the encryption and the restricted permissions on a PDF document with ease.

Today I will be reviewing the top 5 Best PDF Password Removers for Windows that you can use to regain access to your locked PDF documents. I have tested these software personally and evaluated them on various factors. Give this article reading to find the software that best suits your needs.

Summary of the Top 5 Best PDF Password Remover for Windows in 2024:

How I Rated the Best PDF Password Remover Software in 2024:

Following are some factors that I have taken into account while enlisting the best PDF password removers for Windows in 2024:

  • Compatibility: I have tested these PDF password remover software on different Windows OS versions, i.e., Windows 10, Vista, and even XP, along with Adobe Acrobat to check their compatibility. You can select any software and get started with decrypting your PDF file right away. All the mentioned software in this list offer full support for every Windows and Adobe Acrobat version.
  • Easy-of-use: A neat and interactive interface makes PDF password removal much easier by helping the user understand the tool. In this list, I have tested and jotted down the software that offer paramount ease of use. It will only take a few minutes for even a tech newbie to get familiar with the interface of the mentioned tools.
  • Security: Security is an important factor for me to consider while testing these tools. The encrypted PDFs often contain sensitive private information like bank account details and more, so it is important to look for a PDF password remover tool that keeps the data secured. I have only mentioned the most accurate yet secure password remover tools for PDFs in this list for you to get started without fret.
  • Cost: There are plenty of tools available for password removal from PDF in the market. Some of them are free, while others are paid. The free ones might get the job done, but they often seem to compromise on the privacy concerns. I have tested both paid and free tools and shortlisted those up to the mark in all areas. You can select the ones within your budget range and even test out the software that comes with free trials to make an informed decision.

1.🥇 PassFab for PDF — Best PDF Password Remover for Windows in 2024

PassFab for PDF - The best PDF password recovery

Out of all the tools that I used to remove the password from the PDF files, PassFab for PDF was hands down the best one, with exceptional performance and robust functionalities. I am truly excited to introduce this staggering tool to help you recover your forgotten or lost PDF passwords. In addition to this, PassFab for PDF can also help you with lifting the printing, copying, and editing restrictions from the PDF files.

While testing this tool, it took me no time to get familiar with the tool’s features as it comes with a user-friendly interface. It only takes four steps for PDF password removal. Furthermore, PassFab for PDF makes the password cracking process 40 times faster by using GPU acceleration and the multi-core processor. For me, it did the password removal within 30 mins with minimum effort.

I have enlisted below the significant features of PassFab:

  • Functions with all versions of Adobe Acrobat and Windows OS.
  • GPU and multi-core CPU technology for quick and exact results.
  • Exceptional user experience.
  • Works with up-to-date technology with outstanding results.
  • Prompts users within a small period.
  • Efficacious and cost-effective.
  • Free trials.

What I love most about PassFab for PDF is that it supports all versions of Adobe Acrobat and other PDF tools, so you can use it with almost any PDF. The tool provides three convenient PDF password recovery methods, including Dictionary Attack, Mask Attack, and Brute-Force Attack. Apart from these features, PassFab guarantees to keep your data intact and secure, which is a huge plus.

Our Review:

For me, PassFab for PDF is one of the best PDF password removers you can have in the market. This vigorous application takes care of the job quickly with exceptional efficiency and without damaging your data. With an intuitive interface, anyone can get started with the process of password removal instantly. I highly recommend you give PassFab for PDF a try, and I am sure you will not be disappointed.

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2.🥈 Wondershare PDF Password Remover — Decrypts more than 100 files at once

Wondershare PDF Password Remover

Second on the list is Wondershare PDF password remover, which in my opinion, works wonders. This PDF password remover software is one of the best software I have tested. A simple yet effective tool that helps in decrypting the password-protected PDF files.

With such awesome features and a satisfying experience, there was a slight drawback that I noticed. Wondershare PDF password remover does not handle open passwords, and you can only remove permission passwords with this tool. Besides removing passwords, it also removes restrictions so that you can print, edit, and copy from PDF files. To view and open a protected PDF file, you will have to enter the correct password for that PDF.

The key features provided by this impressively flexible and compatible software are:

  • The decryption of password-protected files
  • Removal of restrictions on PDF files such as printing, editing, and copying
  • Fast and efficient decryption within 60 seconds
  • Versions for both Mac and Windows operating system
  • Simultaneous decryption of up to 200 files

This reliable and easy to use software lets you import up to 200 password-protected PDF files and allows you to decrypt them simultaneously. Wondershare PDF Password Remover gets the job done in just a couple of minutes with its fast decryption speed and saves a lot of time. Another big edge this software provides is that it is available for both Mac and Windows operating systems.

Wondershare PDF Password Remover offers a sleek and intuitive user interface for anyone to feel comfortable while using it. Its speed, flexibility, and accuracy make it one of the best PDF password remover tools for Windows and Mac. Furthermore, the software provides multi-language support, which sets it apart from the rest of the available password remover software.

Our Review:

I am quite impressed with Wondershare PDF Password Remover, given its remarkable functionality and performance. The ease of use and effectiveness of the software earned it the second spot on my list of the top 5 best PDF password removers. I would suggest you give this software a try to get rid of restrictions and decrypt your PDF files without exerting much effort.

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3.🥉 Passper for PDF — Expedite and safe document recovery

Passper for PDF - best PDF password remover software

If you want a PDF password remover with reliability and precision, Passper for PDF is for you. It is a simple and user-friendly software designed to help in the decryption of PDF files to make them editable and printable. This software, with its ingenious technology, has made the process of PDF password recovery a breeze.

This tool deals with a wide range of functionalities with swiftness. It is easy to understand and operate for all kinds of users. The Passper for PDF is regarded as a full solution that uses GPU and CPU acceleration boost for PDF password removal by utilizing four different strategies. The tool guarantees a 100% success rate in removing restrictions from the PDF.

Some of the main features of Passper for PDF are:

  • Helps easily remove printing restrictions of PDF files.
  • Decrypts complex and easiest passwords within a small amount of time.
  • Gives access to users for editing, deleting, and copying data from PDF files.
  • Assists users to add comments.
  • Works with every version of Windows OS and Adobe Acrobat.
  • Keeps data safe and secure.

An interesting feature of Passper is that the password recovery process can be paused at any time and resumed back as per the user’s ease. The software ensures to keep the data intact with zero information spillage of your PDF document.

Passper for PDF is designed by using a smart algorithm that empowers you to recover any form of password from all types of encrypted PDF files. With the highest success rate, blazing speed, and top-grade security, it is one of the best PDF password recovery software.

Our Review:

I particularly liked the efficiency and credibility offered by Passper for PDF. It eradicates all kinds of restrictions and keeps the data secured. This tool speeds up the process of PDF password recovery by utilizing the GPU & CPU acceleration for quick results. Give this software a try to unquestionably gain admittance to your encrypted PDF documents.

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4. iSunshare PDF Password Genius — High GPU and CPU acceleration

iSunshare PDF Password Genius

Next on the line, I have a tool with ingenious technology and unparalleled performance, iSunshare PDF Password Genius. It is one of the top-grade PDF password removing tools for Windows, you can bypass the encryption of PDF documents safely. iSunshare PDF Password Genius is packed with advanced algorithms for recovering passwords of PDFs and comes in two different paid versions: Standard and Professional.

This tool can be set up instantly and can recover your passwords in just a few steps. All you have to do is launch the software, specify the document’s location, and start the process. iSunshare will decrypt your PDF file instantly so that it can be opened, edited, or printed.

Here are some of the features that may benefit you:

  • High password recovery rate which is almost 100%
  • High-speed password recovery
  • You can resume from where you left anytime
  • Simple design and easily understandable user interface
  • Option to make changes in the PDF after restrictions are removed
  • Supports Adobe Acrobat versions as well

The straightforward interface of iSunshare PDF Password Genius makes it effortless to get along with the application’s functionalities. You do not have to be tech-savvy to get started with this user-friendly software. Its effective recovery methods and ease of use are the reasons that it is being downloaded by millions of people across the world for PDF password recovery and removal.

Our Review:

In my opinion, a competent and masterful software like iSunshare PDF Password Genius providing such features in pocket-friendly pricing is a blessing. I have experienced how easy it can be to use it for recovering PDF files instantly. It took me a few seconds to decrypt my encoded PDF document. With an easy-to-understand user interface and swift performance, iSunshare deserves to be on the list of best PDF password recovery tools for Windows.

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5. Ahead PDF Password Remover — Mass file decryption

Ahead PDF Password Remover

Last yet not least on my rundown is Ahead PDF Password Remover. It must have occurred to you at some point that upon downloading PDF documents, they appear to be not editable, password-protected, or not printable.

It even gets difficult when there is a batch of such documents. Running the password removal process on every document is time-consuming and a hefty task. This is where Ahead PDF password remover steps in. Ahead password remover makes PDF files reusable and removes the proprietary password, making it available for editing, printing, or copying. It is a Windows PDF password remover, which has a simple yet intuitive design.

Ahead PDF password remover incorporates the following features:

  • Makes files available for modification.
  • Unlocks user and owner passwords.
  • Compatible with all versions of Windows OS.
  • Standalone software package.
  • Mass PDF files decryption.
  • Takes away all sorts of restrictions.

The tool offers a free trial along with a paid version. I used the free trial version for testing. For advanced functionalities, Ahead PDF password remover can be purchased as a single user or multi-user license. Ahead guarantees a 100% success rate for password removal from documents within few clicks. In addition to this, you don’t need to install Adobe Acrobat with Ahead PDF password R remover as it is a standalone tool.

Our Review:

If you have forgotten or lost the password due to any reason, you can instantly take assistance from Ahead PDF password remover. This software works marvel in the paid version, and it is capable of unlocking and decrypting the password from any secured PDF file or document.

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Comparison of the Best PDF Password Remover Software:

PDF Password Remover SoftwareMac or Windows
Password Attack typesGPU AccelerationPricing
PassFab for PDFWindowsThreeYesAt $15.95 per month
Wondershare PDF Password RemoverBothThreeNoStarts from $29.95
(Personal) to 152.95$ (Academic) for lifetime
Passper for PDFWindowsFour YesStarts from $19.95 per month to $49.95 for a lifetime plan
iSunshare PDF Password GeniusWindowsFour YesAt $19.95
Ahead PDF Password RemoverWindowsNoneNoAt $25.95 for a single-user license

What is a PDF Password Remover?

A PDF password remover is a tool that allows you to remove the passwords from a protected PDF file. These tools also help with getting rid of any printing, editing, and copying restrictions on the PDF file. By using these software you can bypass the encryption on any PDF while keeping the data secured.

Are PDF Password Remover tools safe to use?

Yes, absolutely! Good PDF password removers are designed by keeping all the high-level security protocols in mind. These tools do not read or store your passwords or data. It all boils down to the right choice of software, if you have selected a well-reputed PDF password remover, there is nothing to worry about.

What is the difference between PDF restriction and PDF protection?

When it comes to securing a PDF, you can either restrict permissions or protect the PDF completely. PDF restrictions allow you to obstruct someone from viewing, copying, editing, and printing the content of the PDF, while PDF protection involves everything from the restrictions to even opening the PDF. A protected PDF requires a password set by the owner to view its contents.

How long will it take a PDF Password Remover tool to unlock a pdf?

The process of password removal or recovery usually takes time, even hours, to complete. However, there are PDF password remover available with GPU & CPU acceleration that can remove or recover the passwords from protected PDF in minutes. Some of the top-grade PDF password remover software you can use to get the results in a short period are PassFab for PDF, Passper for PDF, and iSunshare PDF Password Genius.

Final Thoughts

I have curated the above-mentioned list of best PDF password removers in 2024 by researching these tools. If you have forgotten the password to your PDF files, you can use these tools to recover the exact password. These powerful tools can also help you in removing other PDF restrictions as well.

By taking these thoughts into account, there’s a better chance that you end up with the right PDF password remover. All the mentioned tools in this list are compatible with Windows, and most of them come with a free trial for you to test out. Let me know in the comments which one of these tools you liked the most.

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