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Forgot PDF File Password? How to Open PDF Forgot Password

“I forgot the password to my PDF document. I am unable to open my file, and I need it urgently. How to open PDF forgot password easily because I don’t have much computer knowledge.”

Everyone wants to keep their files and documents protected, but it is not easy to record all these passwords. Most of the time, we end up forgetting or losing our PDF passwords. It is not easy to break the encryption of password-protected PDF files. If you have forgotten your PDF file password, then don’t worry. Keep reading this article, as we have mentioned some very effective methods to open PDF forgot password in this article.

Problems with opening a PDF file might be caused by corruption of the PDF document. With the help of PDF repair software, you can restore damaged documents and avoid losing data.

Method 1. How to Open PDF Forgot Password with a PDF Password Recovery

If you want to open a PDF file without a password, you can use a third-party PDF password recovery tool. It is easy and safe to use a professional tool like PassFab for PDF to recover a forgotten PDF password. PassFab for PDF has a phenomenal password recovery speed because it is equipped with many unique features. The software has a very user-friendly interface, and you can recover your lost PDF password in just three easy steps.

PassFab for PDF has super fast speed, and it can search your password 40 times faster than other software. You can use PassFab for PDF to print, copy, or edit your PDF document without any restriction. PassFab for PDF has three powerful attacks: brute force with mask attack, brute force attack, and dictionary attack. It has multiple language support and is compatible with XP, Vista, and Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7. Here are a few easy steps which you can use to open your PDF file without password quickly:

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Step 1: Download PassFab for PDF

Download PassFab for PDF. Install PassFab for PDF on your computer by following the on-screen instructions. Finish the installation process and launch PassFab for PDF.

Step 2: Add PDF file

Click on Add to add PDF file whose password you want to recover.

add PDF file in PassFab for PDF

Browse through your computer to select a PDF file and click Open.

select and open pdf file in PassFab for PDF

Step 3: Recover Lost PDF password

There are three attack modes in PassFab for PDF to open PDF forgot password. These modes include brute force with mask attack, dictionary attack, and brute force attack.

If you want to find your PDF password from a built-in dictionary in this tool, you can use a dictionary attack. Use a brute force attack if you don’t remember anything, as this mode will use all combinations of passwords to open your PDF file. Use brute force with mask attack if you remember the length or range of your password.

select attack mode to open PDF forgot password

Select the attack mode and click on Start.

Wait for a few minutes. A new window will appear with your recovered password. Use this password to open your PDF file.

PassFab for PDF find PDF password

Pros of PassFab for PDF

  • It has a 40 times faster password recovery rate.
  • It is available in multiple languages.
  • It is secure and easy to use.

Cons of PassFab for PDF

  • You have to register to view the password.

Method 2. How to Open PDF Forgot Password using Google Drive

Despite using password recovery software, you can also use Google Drive to recover a forgotten PDF password. This method is free and easy to use. You only need a Google account to open a PDF with forgot password. If you are searching for how to open PDF forgot password, then follow these easy steps to recover a lost PDF password:

Step 1: Upload PDF file

Open your Google account and log in. To upload the PDF file, click on New. You can also upload your PDF file by clicking on My Drive.

upload pdf file in google Drive

Step 2: Convert uploaded files

After you upload the PDF files, click on the gear option located on the top right side. Click on Settings.

open settings in google drive

Now a pop window will open. Click on the checkbox in Convert uploads to enable this option.

convert uploaded PDF file in Google drive

Step 3: Open file with Google docs

Now open this file with Google docs by right-clicking on it.

open PDF file with google docs

Step 4: Download

Click on the File option at the top left corner. Click on Download and select Microsoft Word. Your PDF file will be downloaded as a Word file, and you will be able to open it without any password.

download as word file

Pros of using the Google Drive method

  • You can use this method free of cost.

Cons of using Google Drive method

  • It has a low success rate of password recovery.
  • This method can change the formatting of the document.

Method 3. Forgot PDF Password? Open It with Online PDF Password Remover

If you forgot the password to your PDF document and want to unlock it online, you can use an open PDF tool. You can use it without any registration.

Step 1: Open Unlock PDF

Go to smallpdf.com/unlock-pdf and click on Choose File. You can also drop your PDF files by dragging them in the pink toolbox.

open PDF file in unlock pdf

Step 2: Unlock PDF file

After uploading the file, select the checkbox and click on Unlock PDF.

unlock pdf file

Step 3: Download

Wait for a few minutes. Now click on Download to save this unlocked PDF file on your computer.

download unlocked PDF file

Pros of Unlock PDF

  • You can use it without any download.

Cons of Unlock PDF

  • It is not a very safe method as you have to upload the file on the cloud server.
  • You can’t use Unlock PDF without internet access.
  • It doesn’t support multiple languages.


It could be very frustrating to open a PDF file if you forgot its password. There are so many methods to open a protected PDF file, but not all are safe or user friendly. If you want to recover your lost PDF password quickly and without any hassle, PassFab for PDF is the best option. We suggest you use this tool because it is very secure and has the fastest password recovery rate.

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