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PCUnlocker Review

Quick Summary of PCUnlocker Review

Setting up a password to protect your Windows account is a security measure to prevent unwanted users from accessing the computer. But what happens when you forget the password yourself? It’s impossible to access the PC, and the steps for Microsoft password retrieval don’t always work. The only solution is to use a professional Windows password recovery tool, and that’s where PCUnlocker comes into play.

The tool made by Top Password has a huge compatibility, and you can use it standard and Windows Server versions. You can reset passwords using CDs, DVDs, or USB flash drives, and the entire process takes only several minutes. Our PCUnlocker review covers everything you should know about this premium software, so keep reading!

What Is PCUnlocker?

PCUnlocker is a convenient utility that severs to reset user passwords on Windows computers. The software is compatible with all versions of Windows from NT to Win 10, and you can also use it on Windows Server 2003 or newer.

Everything works via CD, DVD, USB, or PXE, which implies you’ll need to download and set up the tool on another device. The program loads once you run the computer and before entering Windows. It allows you to reset, remove, or bypass local and Microsoft user passwords in a couple of clicks, which makes it extremely convenient.

Here is a quick overview of what PCUnlocker can do for you:

  • Capable of resetting, removing, and bypassing user and administrator passwords.
  • Enable accounts that are expired, disabled, or locked out.
  • Change permissions and make any user account an administrator.
  • Create new local administrator accounts.
  • Identify product keys for Windows, SQL Server, Office, etc.

PCUnlocker is a premium tool available in three different editions. The trial version only allows displaying user accounts but can’t reset their passwords. You’ll have to purchase the Standard, Professional, or Enterprise version to unlock all features.

What I Like (Pros)

  • It offers excellent compatibility with various Windows versions.
  • The software even supports Windows 8/10 PCs with UEFI secure boot.
  • A user-friendly interface ensures you are immediately comfortable with using the program.
  • You can reset the local administrator password but also create new admin accounts.
  • Apart from booting the utility from CDs, DVDs, and USB, you can use booting from a network via PXE.
  • Minor system requirements and easy to install.

What I Don’t Like (Cons)

  • The demo version doesn’t offer any actual functions.
  • You’ll need another PC and tool to burn this software to bootable media.

Is PCUnlocker Safe?

We conducted thorough checks and can answer your question, “is PCUnlocker safe?” with a resounding yes. For starters, we tested the downloaded software with multiple antiviruses. None of the scans discovered anything suspicious. It was expected because this tool has been around for years, and Top Password is famous as a reputable company.

Another thing worth noting is that purchasing via the official website is perfectly safe. The platform uses encrypted transactions and safety mechanisms that keep your details protected. As usual, we’d warn you to download the software only via the official site. That’s the best guarantee you’ll receive the original tool and won’t be a victim of scams.

Does PCUnlocker Work? Hands-On Testing

There’s nothing better when the testing confirms the developer’s promises for the software were true. PCUnlocker proved to be a user-friendly tool with advanced functions for Windows password resetting and removal.

Our test started with downloading the tool from the official website. The utility is in a zip file, which contains instructions and the .ISO package. That package allows you to burn this program to the desired media. PCUnlocker live CD, USB, and PXE options are available, although they depend on the version.

Now, here is the only trick with the burning process. You’ll need another tool – a burner that allows mounting this software to a bootable media. The developer recommends using ImgBurn or ISO2Disc since they are free, but feel free to pick any app that suits you.

Here is the screen you’ll get with ISO2Disc:

ISO2Disc – Burning PCUnlocker to CD or DVD

Other burners have similar options – you start by choosing the PCUnlocker ISO image and finish by selecting the target media. The actual burning process shouldn’t take more than a minute or two since the software takes around 200MB of room on the drive.

Once you have the media ready, insert it into your PC and start it. Some computers will boot it right away, but if that doesn’t happen, head to BIOS.

Windows BIOS Setup Boot Device Priority

In the Boot Priority settings, pick CD or USB (media you are using) as the first option. Restart the computer, and the program should start automatically.

How to Reset Windows Password with PC Unlocker

After launching the computer, PCUnlocker will start automatically, and you’ll see the following screen:

PCUnlocker – Reset Local User/Admin Password

Here are the steps available now:

  1. Select a recovery mode – most users will use the software to reset the passwords of their local user accounts. Alternatively, you can also pick Active Directory accounts, but only do this if you know what this option is.
  2. Choose the registry file – the program will ask for the SAM registry file on your PC.
  3. Pick the desired user account and actions – you can select an account and pick Reset Password. Alternatively, you can see additional options by selecting the icon in the lower-left corner.
  4. Set a new password – after clicking on the Reset Password, enter the desired new passcode.

PCUnlocker – Enter a New Password

Once you adjust everything and pick the reset function, click on Restart, and the system will reboot. However, don’t forget to take out the PCUnlocker because you now want to access Windows. In our testing, the tool had a 100% success rate, and we accessed the PC effortlessly after using the utility.

Other Functions

What if you don’t want to change your password for some reason but still need PC access? Perhaps it’s urgent, and you wrote it down on a paper you are keeping in the office. In those situations, you can use the Bypass Password option offered by the PCUnlocker.

The function is in the Options menu in the lower-left section of the utility’s home screen.

PCUnlocker – Bypass Windows Password

You will receive information about how this feature works.

PCUnlocker – Bypass Password Confirmation

The crucial thing to note is it doesn’t change the SAM registry but rather disables the authentication system. PCUnlocker will confirm that you can now reboot the system.

PCUnlocker – Bypass Password Success

It’s vital to note this will only work once. The next time you launch the computer, it will still ask you for a password. If you want to continue bypassing it, it’s necessary to run PCUnlocker every time before entering Windows.

The tool also offers other functions, including:

  • Loading RAID/SATA/SCSI/IDE drivers
  • Mounting a virtual drive
  • Launching the command prompt
  • Finding product keys for Office, SQL Servers, etc.
  • Backing up Windows Registry

These are all useful functions that increase the software’s value for money and make it an even better investment.

Where to Download PCUnlocker?

You can download PCUnlocker via the official Top Password website. The demo version is free to download, and you can see the tool’s interface. So, if you are wondering how to use PCUnlocker on Windows 7 or another version, download the demo and check the home screen. You’ll see the list of admin accounts, which confirms the tool can detect them. The difference is you won’t be able to execute password reset, removal, or bypass commands.

If you want to use full PCUnlocker features, you’ll need to download the premium versions. Users can pick from the following three editions:

  • Standard – it’s the basic version that costs $19.95. You can burn a CD or DVD to reset local and Microsoft accounts or bypass them without changing the passcode. Additionally, you can upgrade standard accounts to the admin status and unlock expired or disabled users.
  • Professional – apart from the features mentioned above, you can use a burn to USB option. Once you enter the software, you can make a new administrator account. This version also supports Windows Server. You’ll need to pay $29.95 to purchase this version.
  • Enterprise – this edition allows resetting Windows domain user and admin passwords and unlocking Active Directory accounts. You can also use it to CD and USB bootable media to access a UEFI-based PC. The price tag for the Enterprise version is $49.95.

Alternatives to PCUnlocker

1. PassFab 4WinKey

PassFab 4WinKey – Best PCUnlocker alternative

PassFab 4WinKey is the company’s flagship product, and it’s understandable why. The tool offers a simple interface suitable for beginners but also advanced functions for veterans. You can burn the software to a CD or USB flash drive with a single click.

Once you run the software, the functions will depend on the version you bought. The Ultimate version might be a bit expensive, but it allows total user management. That includes removing, resetting, and deleting accounts on Windows and Win Domains. PassFab 4WinKey supports all versions of Windows from Win 2000 and Windows Server 2011 and newer editions. Read our PassFab 4WinKey Review here.

2. iSunshare Windows Password Genius

iSunshare Windows Password Genius – Best PCUnlocker alternative

The thing that sets iSunshare Windows Password Genius apart from other users is its modern design. It’s noticeable the developers tried hard with the graphics. Not only it’s easy to adjust everything, but all settings are on a single screen, which is convenient.

Windows Password Genius offers local user management in the basic version and Windows Domain account control in advanced editions. The software supports IDE, SCSI, SATA hard disks, and RAID, which is impressive. The success rate is very high for this type of program. Learn more from iSunshare Windows Password Genius Review here.

3. Passper WinSenior

Passper WinSenior – Best PCUnlocker alternative

Passper WinSenior comes with minimal system requirements set at 1GHz CPU and 256MB RAM. The program allows managing Windows accounts without any risk to your system. It has a high success rate, and it’s compatible with all versions from Windows Vista to Win 10.

WinSenior is a reliable choice for home users, but it lacks support for Windows Server. You can try it via the free version or purchase a lifetime plan and secure a permanent solution for resetting Windows passwords. Read Passper WinSenior Review here.


Our PCUnlocker review confirms that this tool is among the most reliable options to use for resetting and managing Windows passwords. The decision is up to you, but the balance between ease of use and functionality is impressive. You can burn the software to a bootable media in a couple of minutes, and the simple interface will make it easy to work with the program.

PCUnlocker has a flawless success rate and impressive compatibility for various Windows versions. Whichever reason for losing your password was, this tool has your back. That makes it a smart long-term investment, especially if you plan on using Microsoft Windows in the future.

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