Ophcrack Review: How to Use Ophcrack for Windows 10/8/7

Reviewed Product: Ophcrack
Best Alternative 1: PassFab 4WinKey    Windows/macOS, $19.95+
Best Alternative 2: Passper WinSenior    Windows, $29.95+

Ophcrack is a popular freeware software application designed specifically for Windows password recovery. Unlikely to other software available online, this tool can proceed through different approaches. One of its methodologies is to install the software on the same computer, but if the machine is completely locked, the Ophcrack Windows 10/8/7 lets the user create a “Live CD” from a different computer.

Ophcrack is one such password recovery tool that is capable of recovering user account passwords for not just Windows OS, but other Operating Systems too like Mac, Linux/ Unix, etc. Talking about Windows Operating System, it is highly effective as Ophcrack Windows 7 password recovery software and performs better on older versions too, i.e. Windows Vista/XP. The success rate of recovering the password decreases slightly for Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10, as it is not updated regularly. Ophcrack is provided as an open-source tool on the internet, which is entirely free of cost.

We received a lot of queries from the home users who were enquiring “how to use Ophcrack Windows 10,” and many users who are still running older systems wanted to know how to use Ophcrack for Windows 7. We have brought forward this article for one fundamental reason that we wanted to give an independent review about what is Ophcrack, its pros & cons, how to use it. And with that, some better alternatives to this software, which are much more capable, reliable, and secure.

What is Ophcrack?

A common problem that a computer user can face is a sign-in blockage. The user accounts in Windows or any other Operating System are generally kept enabled with a password to protect from unwanted access. There is a vast number of quick fixes available online, which vary from a complete reset or applying specific commands over the OS, to taking assistance from a third-party source. While searching for a free solution to regain user account access, you may come across Ophcrack, which is amongst the oldest Windows password recovery tools available online to recover Windows password.

It is very reliable and can remove your Windows password very quickly. It runs on the “Rainbow tables” technology and has a graphical user interface. Rainbow tables are the computed tables which are used for reversing cryptographic functions that help recover credit card numbers and the Windows password. The best part of Ophcrack is that it is available free of cost, and works on an open-source technology, which means anyone can use this tool or make specific changes on the source code without any permission. Ophcrack does not compulsorily need installation on the system, which saves space on the computer.

The software supports Linux/ Unix, Mac, and Windows Operating Systems to recover the password, but it is much more popular as Ophcrack Windows 7 password recovery software. The users trying to opt it out as Ophcrack Windows 8 or Ophcrack Windows 10, may get disappointed to some extent as the success rate starts decreasing on higher versions.

What I Like (Pros)

  • It is entirely free software, which can be easily downloaded online.
  • Ophcrack gives a choice to the users to make a recovery CD known as Live CD, which works automatically to crack the forgotten password.
  • It does not require installation, that helps saves some space on the computer.
  • It is compatible to recover password on Windows, Mac and Linux Operating Systems.
  • Ophcrack runs on “Rainbow tables” technology, which makes it more accurate & efficient in recovering the Windows password.
  • The tool is capable of recovering the password from zero knowledge provided to it.

What I Don’t Like (Cons)

  • The user interface is quite complicated, from a non-technical person’s point of view.
  • Anti-virus software pre-loaded on a system may reject its working capacity, as it mostly gets detected out as virus attack on the network.
  • To recover the password one needs to download a large ISO image file of Ophcrack Windows 7, which hampers a lot of internet data.
  • The ISO image file burning over a USB or CD drive takes a lot of time.
  • Simple passwords are recovered soon, but alphanumeric passwords recovery is a very long process.
  • It is mostly observed that the tool fails to recover passwords longer than five characters.
  • It works comparatively better on lower versions up till Windows 7 but lacks its performance capacity to recover password in Windows 8/8.1/10.
  • The Ophcrack is open-source software, which makes it vulnerable to bad actors that can disturb the source code, and can turn it into a malware carrier if downloaded from an unknown source.
  • There is no customer support provided over the website.

Does Ophcrack Work? How to Use Ophcrack for Windows 10/8/7

Ophcrack tool works on the principle of “Rainbow tables” to recover the Windows password as discussed. It is a swift and reliable software, and the best part is that it is available free of cost online. The software can be installed over the system to unlock a parallel user account. But the majority of times users prefer to create a password recovery disc of Ophcrack, which can be used both ways to recover password of user accounts on the same and different computer systems.

The password recovery disc or popularly known as “Live CD,” can be created by downloading an ISO file which is a bit heavy in size, from the website, and burning it over a USB flash drive or a CD. This Live CD can later be used on any Windows computer to recover the original passwords. Once the process is initiated, the Ophcrack software starts to apply Brute-Force Attack Mode to recover the password.

With this exaggerated feature list, the tool has a lot of limitations too. The whole procedure to use Ophcrack Windows 7/8/10, as given on the official website is quite challenging to follow by an average computer user Downloading and burning the ISO image file is a tedious job, as downloading a large file itself is a lengthy process. The next is to burn the CD/USB, which if not done carefully, will not work for password recovery. The software has a risk of getting paused if the locked computer has a reliable anti-virus installed in it. The users having Windows 8/8.1/10 OS in their PC may also find it unsatisfactory.

With only one attack mode applicable in the Ophcrack, the password recovery takes a longer time, and even if the user has some information, it cannot be used to fasten the process. Some professional users recommend deleting the unnecessary accounts on the PC because the software is programmed in a way to decode passwords for all the active accounts. This unwanted process makes it take much more time than required, and the Ophcrack will keep detecting the password till all the user-accounts are not resolved. The user should adequately search and download the Ophcrack Windows 7 software from a known link because open-source tools always have a risk of carrying malware attached files with it. The developers do not even provide a technical support team or proper guidelines to help using the tool. But for our readers who are eager to how to use Ophcrack for Windows 7 or 10 can follow the steps given below.

Download Ophcrack LiveCD

Step 1: Arrange a different computer and visit the official website of Ophcrack, and click on “Download Ophcrack Live CD” link, and choose the option as per the OS version.

Select The ISO File

Step 2: After the ISO file download finishes, install it into a USB/ CD drive by launching ISO2Disc. Now select the name of your USB drive from the option and select “MBR (for legacy BIOS/CSM boot)” and then click on “Start burn” option.

Burn ophcrack LiveCD

Step 3: Now insert the burned USB/ CD into the locked system and let it boot automatically with the Live CD you have created through the OphCrack method.

Step 4: On the home screen, you will see different graphic mode. You have to press the “Enter” key selecting the default “Ophcrack Graphic mode-automatic mode” option.

Boot From Ophcrack Disc In Automatic Mode

Step 5: Now, after few seconds Ophcrack tool will begin to execute some default commands.

Step 6: After executing the commands, the process of recovering the Windows password will start automatically, and it will display on the screen.

Ophcrack Recovering Windows 10/8/7Password

After the commands get executed, the process of recovering the Windows password will start automatically. Depending upon the strength of the password and OS, the Ophcrack Windows 10/8/7 will take its own time in decoding it. The list of active user accounts with their passwords will be displayed on the software panel, which you can copy down. Remove the USB and restart your PC to log-in to the locked account.

Where to Download Ophcrack?

The Ophcrack software can be downloaded directly from its official website or by looking out for the tool on a search engine. The leading site has provided the download link on the button, “Download Ophcrack Live CD.” When click over the link, the page changes and the new page has the software file pre-loaded over three different links for Windows XP or Windows 7 with specific tables. The users having a higher version of Windows OS can also download the same file to work as Ophcrack Windows 8 or Ophcrack Windows 10.

Alternatives to Ophcrack

The Ophcrack is old software and has successfully recovered passwords for many Windows systems. But with the Windows upgrade, it is seen that this tool has been a failure at many stages, especially on Windows 8/8.1/10 Operating Systems. Other than that the software has a lot of limitations & shortcomings, which makes it unfeasible, and challenging to use. There are many other advanced tools available online which are built on the latest technology and work amazingly well in Windows account password recovery. We have listed down the solutions which are recognized and preferred by users from all over the World, as a better alternate for Ophcrack Windows 7/8/10.

1. PassFab 4WinKey

PassFab 4Winkey is one of the most efficient and fast tools available online for removing Windows password. User can easily make USB flash drive and CD/DVD using PassFab 4Winkey and then can easily use for bypassing Windows password. This software works well with all versions of Windows including the latest version of Windows very effectively. The graphics of this tool are elementary, and users without technical knowledge can use this tool very easily.

PassFab 4WinKey - Best Ophcrack alternative

PassFab 4Winkey offers a free trial version to its users, and if you are not satisfied with the tool, there are 30 days cash-back guarantee also. However, trial versions of this tool do not have all the features contained in it hence for all the features you can buy its basic Standard version, while there are two more; Professional version, and Ultimate version. Learn more from our PassFab 4WinKey review here.

2. Passper WinSenior

Passper Winsenior is another excellent and straightforward tool to bypass Windows password. It is famous for its user-friendliness, and the success rate of this tool for removing Windows password. This tool is high-speed, and the user of this tool can remove the Windows password within minutes. It supports all the versions of Windows be it Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and all the other previous versions. This tool is recommended by most of the technical experts worldwide, and it is one of the most widely used tools for removing Windows password.

Passper WinSenior - No.2 Ophcrack alternative

Passper WinSenior provides a trial version for free; while the paid version is available for a Monthly, Yearly or Lifetime basis with 30 days cash back promise by the manufacturer of this tool. Read our full review of Passper WinSenior here.

3. Offline NT Password & Registry Editor

Offline NT Password and Registry Editor is another popular tool for Windows password bypass, and it is similar to Ophcrack Windows 7, as it is a freeware and available as an open-source tool. It supports the Windows version from Windows NT 3.5 to Windows 8.1 and even the Server versions 2003/2008/2012.

Offline NT Password & Registry Editor - Alternative of Ophcrack

One of the best parts of this tool is that it does not need any data connection to remove Windows password. But although this tool is free of cost, Offline NT Password is not much of use nowadays as the software is a bit difficult to use and it does not even support Windows 10 OS.


Forgetting or losing the Windows password is a widespread problem faced by most of us at any point in time. People usually end up this problem by giving their computer/laptop to the service centre and ultimately lose their data and files. Moreover, they spend lots of time and money also.

The developers of Ophcrack analyzed the issue years ago and came up with software that was capable enough to recover the Windows account password and unlock the computer. But with the advancement of technology, the Operating Systems are getting much more secure to repel these uncompetitive tools. The Ophcrack software has other restrictions too because of which the majority of users dislike it.

PassFab 4Winkey and Passper WinSenior stand out as the best alternate of Ophcrack Windows 10/8/7 which has quickly overcome with these glitches and delivered a successful & guaranteed solution. These tools are much more efficient, reliable, secure, and user-friendly. They are regularly upgraded with the advancement of technology, with a support team that makes sure to help each user in resolving the problem.

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