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First thing first. WinCope is an online portal that writes genuine first-hand reviews about data recovery and password resetting tools, PC cleanup and optimization applications, OS recovery programs, etc. In addition, WinCope has a dedicated section consisting of several How-To guides to help you resolve issues related to your PCs and iOS and Android devices.

Coming back to the point, be it your computer or smartphone, it runs on an operating system and has your data. To protect your digital information from intruders, programmers work tirelessly to make the OS securer with every new release. In this process, they are compelled to write complex codes that make it almost impossible for unauthorized people to bypass security barriers and access your phone/PC.

However, with complex codes comes more complications. As a result:

  • You may experience sluggish behavior from your device over time
  • Your computer/smartphone may stop functioning altogether, and you might lose all your data in the process of bringing it back to life

Apart from the above, you may even forget your password, and as a result, the operating system wouldn’t allow you to access your data.

Your phone/computer and/or data may become unavailable in any of these situations.

Your Tools to Reset Password, Recover Data, and Repair OS

Now that you know what could go wrong when using your computer or smartphone, you are likely to become more curious about the programs that you must keep in handy to fix the problem should it occurs out of the blue.

Fortunately, WinCope has everything you need.

Be it about your forgotten password, lost data, or corrupt operating system, here you get all the relevant tools with a single mouse click or tap of your finger. To add icing on the cake, all the programs WinCope lists (and recommends) have been handpicked after thorough testing in the lab and real-world scenarios and thus can be counted on.

You can find the best PC and mobile apps for almost every situation by following the links suggested in the following sections.

Best Windows Password Reset Tools

If you’re using a Windows computer, you are in luck, as resetting a Windows password in the operating system is comparatively easy. This works for both home users and PCs used in production environments. Although you can use Windows installation media or built-in solutions to reset a lost or forgotten password, you can get the job done in merely a few mouse clicks using the tools designed and developed specifically for the purpose.

You can find the best programs to reset a Windows password here.

Best iPhone Unlocker Tools

Many iPhone users tend to forget their passcode and run out of attempts because they enter the wrong one more than the number of times to unlock the iPhone. This puts their iPhone into lockout mode, thus becoming unavailable.

If you’re one among those, an efficient iPhone unlocker tool can help you bypass this obstruction by allowing you to install a fresh instance of iOS. As long as you remember your Apple ID, the entire takes a couple of minutes to complete.

However, choosing an iPhone unlocker tool could be daunting, especially if you come from a non-technical background. If so, you can find some of the best iPhone unlocking programs handpicked by our team.

Best iPhone Data Recovery Tools

Data recovery programs are smart enough to detect the missing entries of the files in the master file table and re-establish the links between them. Although iPhones have a complex architecture and even the iOS is almost impenetrable, some organizations still decided not to give up, and as a result, they came up with some efficient data recovery tools for the operating system.

You can find some best data recovery apps for iPhones here.

Best Android Data Recovery Programs

Even Android devices tend to lose data, sometimes due to accidental deletion and occasionally because of corrupt storage or the operating system. However, the good news is that more data recovery tools are available for Android in the market than for iPhones. This gives you more options to choose the one that suits your needs.

You can find some of the best data recovery apps for your Android smart devices here.

Best Windows Data Recovery Programs

One of the widely used PC operating systems, Windows offers an intuitive interface allowing users to perform even the most complex tasks conveniently. Due to the commonly used file systems like FAT32 and NTFS (exFAT in recent years) that the OS uses, the programs can easily detect and establish links between the missing files and their entries in the master file table, thus making the whole data recovery process quick and almost seamless.

You can find some of the best data recovery tools for Windows here.

Best Mac Data Recovery Programs

Although file systems in Mac have a different architecture, the basic principle behind recovering lost or deleted data remains the same. The only difference is the compatibility of the apps. For macOS, you must have a *.dmg file to install the corresponding data recovery tool to get back your missing files.

The best data recovery apps for Mac computers are listed here.

Best iOS System Recovery Programs

Apart from the missing data, your iPhone may get corrupted and fail to function normally. Although Apple recommends using iTunes on Windows and the Finder app on macOS to fix any such issue, if you are uncomfortable handling those technicalities, you can always use an efficient third-party tool to simplify your process.

If you erase everything from your iPhone and install a clean instance of iOS, you’ll lose all your data. In such a case, you must restore your files from the iTunes or iCloud backup. If you still can’t recover everything, you can try a data recovery tool for iOS, as explained earlier.

Nevertheless, you can find some of the best iOS system recovery programs here.

How We Tested and Picked These Tools

We have specific and strict criteria for picking apps for users. A few aspects we thoroughly check include the following:


Be it a system repair tool, data recovery program, or password resetting application, any glitch in the performance may cause irreparable damage to your information and sometimes even to your device. Therefore, before adding any such program to our list, we check its efficiency and mark it as ‘acceptable’ only after experiencing its smooth functioning.

Completion Speed

Because your time is valuable, there’s no point in having a sluggish application on your device. That’s why we assess the time each of the listed apps takes to complete the given task. If we notice a tool is significantly slow, we mark it as ‘inappropriate’, skip it, and move to the next program.

Limitations and Restrictions

We also check what the listed apps CANNOT do. This gives you a clear picture of each program, thus helping you take calculative decisions conveniently. With this approach, you can rest assured that any tool you download from our page is eligible enough to serve the purpose well.


Your data is important to you, and you are important to us. This is the chain we cannot afford to break. That’s why we take utmost care while picking a program from a security perspective. All the tools you download from our page are clean from malicious scripts or viruses. Therefore, they are harmless to your device and data.

Ease of Use

We ensure that the interface of each of the listed apps is pretty intuitive so that even non-techies can use them without any prior experience or going through any training. If they still have trouble understanding the UI, they can always refer to the Help file of the program for support.


To sum up, on WinCope, you will get all the tools according to your needs. The programs we suggest are safe, efficient, reliable, and perform pretty well. Furthermore, for your convenience, we have categorized the apps according to compatible devices, platforms, and operating systems so you can find the right tool almost instantaneously.