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How to Unlock Asus Laptop Password If Locked Out

It is human nature to forget things; similarly, a person may forget his/her Asus laptop’s password. Asus laptops are widely used by individuals for business and personal purposes. Therefore, if a person forgets the Asus laptop password, he/she may get very anxious in such a situation as the Asus laptop may comprise some very important data. Well, here you will find five effective yet easy ways to unlock Asus laptops. Moreover, you will also learn how to reset the password on Asus laptops if locked out.

Method 1. Unlock Asus Laptop with Password Reset Disk

This method is an amazing solution for individuals who are completely unaware of how to unlock Asus laptop. Given below is a complete step-by-step guide along with pictures for your better understanding. But before you proceed, it must be known that you must have generated a password reset disk by your laptop before forgetting your Asus administrator password. If you have created one, then follow the steps below to unlock the Asus laptop using this method.

Step 1: Link the Reset Disk to your Asus laptop

Switch on your locked Asus laptop and let the screen display the administrator login page. Attach your password reset disk to your laptop. A “Reset Password” link will arise after entering the wrong password several times. Click on the link and follow the wizard to unlock the Asus computer.

reset password link in asus laptop

Step 2: Initiate the Password Reset Process

As soon as the password reset wizard emerges on your laptop screen, tap on the “Next” button, which can be seen at the bottom right corner of the screen, to begin the password reset process.

password reset wizard in asus laptop

Step 3: Select the Relevant Drive

The following screen will depict a list, go through the list carefully, and select the appropriate drive, consisting of your password reset disk. After choosing the right USB, click on the “Next” button, situated at the bottom right corner.

Step 4: Enter New Password

You will be asked to type your new password twice for verification purposes. This new password will replace your old password without amending your data. You will also be asked to type a password hint to help you recall your password if you can not think back to it. After inputting everything, tap on the “Next” button.

Create New Password for asus laptop

Step 5: Password Changed Successfully

You will be notified that you have successfully changed the login password to your user account. Now you can easily access your Asus laptop using this new password.

Method 2. Unlock Asus Laptop with A Windows Password Recovery

Unlock your Asus laptop effortlessly by getting your hands on an ultimate password recovery tool like PassFab 4WinKey, which is a safe and secure Windows Password Recovery Tool. You can promptly remove, edit, and reset local as well as admin passwords of Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP and Server 2019. Not only this, but you can also delete an old Windows account and, similarly, can create a new Windows account in just a blink of an eye. Lastly, this superlative software enables users to create a bootable CD-ROM, DVD-ROM disc, or USB disk on Windows and macOS.

Additionally, you can burn a bootable password reset disk with the default ISO image file without any trouble or complications by using this extremely user-friendly software. Follow the detailed guide below, pictures included, to discover how to use PassFab 4WinKey to unlock Asus laptop. Read our full PassFab 4WinKey review here.

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Step 1: Establish a Windows Password Reset Disk

Download and Launch the PassFab 4WinKey on any other PC or laptop available. On the home screen of the software, you will be asked to choose a boot media – CD/DVD or USB Flash Drive. It is recommended to select USB Flash Drive.

After selecting your desired boot media, tap on the “Next” button in the bottom right corner. A pop-up notification will appear to inform you that all your data on your USB, CD, or DVD will be erased during the burning process. Allow the software to erase the data by tapping on the “Next” button to proceed further. The burning process will be initiated, and progress could be seen at the bottom. You will be notified once your password reset disk has been burned successfully.

Select Boot Media to create a asus laptop password reset disk

Step 2: Boot Locked Asus Laptop from CD/DVD/USB

Insert the bootable CD/DVD/USB in your locked Asus laptop. Restart the laptop and click the “F12” or “ESC” button on the keyboard to enter the “Boot Menu”.

Different laptops have distinct boot keys. For Asus laptops, the boot key is “ESC”. After you have entered the boot menu, look out for your inserted disk and click on it as soon as you identify your inserted disk. Use your keyboard to move to the desired option and hit “Enter” to select it. Press the “F10” button on your keyboard to save and exit the boot menu.

BIOS Setup Utility – Pick First Boot Device

BIOS Setup Utility – Boot Device Priority

Step 3: Resetting Forgotten Password on Asus laptop

After exiting the boot menu, your laptop will restart again. Select the Windows system for which you need to reset the password. Choose the account you want to operate; local guest account, administrator account, or Microsoft account. Then choose the feature you want to use, i.e., “Reset Account Password” in this case.

After tapping on the “Next” button, a pop-up would appear where you will be required to type your new password. After inputting your new password, click on the “Reset” button. Lastly, tap on the “Reboot” button on your screen to restart the Asus laptop and discard the boot disk. Now you can easily log in to your Asus laptop using the new password that you just created.

Click Next For Asus laptop Password unlock

Enter The Password you want to reset

Click Reboot After Asus laptop unlock

Method 3. Unlock Asus Laptop from Advanced Boot Options

Command Prompt is a very well-known method to bypass a locked Asus laptop as it is completely favored and supported by old and the latest Asus laptops. Follow the step by step tutorial below to conveniently unlock the Asus laptop using this technique.

Step 1: Get Access to Advanced Boot Options Menu

Turn your locked Asus laptop on and let it display your account login screen. Press down the “Shift” button and at the same time click on the “Power” icon followed by pressing the “Restart” option as shown in the picture below.

open advanced boot options from logon screen to unlock Asus laptop

Step 2: Select Command Prompt

Advanced Boot Options window would be displayed on your laptop screen. Select the option of “Advanced Options” after clicking on the “Troubleshoot” from the screen. Lastly, scroll and tap on the “Command Prompt” option to continue.

Command prompt on Advanced Option Menu

Step 3: Enter Commands

Input commands in the same way and in the same order as listed below. Refrain from modifying or amending any command.

cd Windows
cd System32
ren Utilman.exe Utilman.exe.old
copy cmd.exe Utilman.exe

utilman command

Step 4: Restart your laptop to activate Command Prompt

Restart your Asus laptop and wait for the login screen to be displayed. Press the “Utility” icon to activate the Command Prompt on your screen. Input the last command line to successfully unlock Asus Laptop.

The last command line is:

net user Administrator Welcome@123

net user command line to reset the password

In the above command line, the administrator depicts the username of the account you want to gain access to, while Welcome@123 indicates the new password which can be used to log in to your Asus laptop administrator account. Lastly, restart your laptop and log in to your Windows using the newly created password.

Method 4. Unlock Asus Laptop with Trinity Rescue Kit

Trinity Rescue Kit (TRK), also known as Winpass, is a reputable password recovery tool. You can effortlessly remove the login password from any Windows computer using this method. This technique is ideal for individuals with their hands-on old Windows versions, like Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP. The TRK software is not compatible with the latest Windows 10 and 64-bit computers. However, this method is perfect for newbies, as the interface is much simpler and easier. Follow the steps below to unlock your Asus laptop and gain access to it by resetting the password.

Step 1: Download and burn the Trinity Rescue Kit ISO file

First, download the Trinity Rescue Kit ISO file of the utility on the accessible laptop or computer. Use a free “ISO burner” to burn the TRK ISO file in a vacant USB flash drive, CD, or DVD. The up-to-date Windows consists of an inbuilt burner, but if you have an outdated Windows version, you must download “ImgBurn” to conduct this step.

Step 2: Insert the loaded disk into a locked Asus laptop

Put in the loaded disk and restart the Asus laptop. Your laptop will boot your reset disk rather than the local hard drive. Your screen will show up something like below.

booting reset disk in asus laptop

Step 3: Reset the Asus laptop password

Numerous options will be exhibited on your laptop screen. Find the “Windows Password Resetting” option by using the arrows on the keyboard and hit the “Enter” button to proceed on. From the next screen, select the “Winpass prompts for username first” and enter the name of the account which is locked. Let the software collect OS details. Now, hit “1” from the keyboard to destroy the password of the account mentioned before. Once the process is successful, you will be notified.

Method 5. Unlock Asus Laptop by Factory Reset

Factory Reset is the easiest way to unlock your Asus laptop, but it must be understood that by using this method, you will lose all your data, folders, and files. If you have no problem with sacrificing your data or if all your important data is stored elsewhere, then follow the step-by-step guidelines below.

Step 1: Restart your Asus laptop

Switch on your locked Asus laptop and wait for the login screen to appear. Now, click on the “Power” button and tap on “Restart.” At the same time, hold on the “Shift” key from the keyboard.

Step 2: Reset your PC

A blue screen with a heading of “Choose an option” would appear. From the choices given, select the “Troubleshoot” option to continue. From the Troubleshoot menu, tap on the “Reset your PC” option. A pop-up would appear with an option of “Keep my files” and “Remove everything.”

choose an option troubleshoot

Reset your Asus laptop in troubleshoot

Step 3: Reset Complete

After clicking on “Remove everything,” the Asus laptop will restart automatically. Once restarted, press the “Reset” option to head on to the factory reset setting of your Asus laptop.

keep or remove evething


After going through this article, you now know five different yet practical ways to unlock the Asus laptop. You can now choose any one way which you think is perfect and least complicated for you.

However, PassFab 4WinKey is so far the ultimate solution you can find. It is a safe, secure, and quick tool that is extremely user-friendly with a simple interface as possible. The features of this software are incredible and hence is gaining attention from a large number of audience worldwide. You will find solutions to all your problems here no matter if you want to change, remove, or reset your password, as well as you can create or delete your Windows account without any hassle. Thus, choose the method wisely and get back access to your Asus laptop.

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