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How to Factory Reset Gateway Desktop/Laptop without Password

Just like most computer brands, Gateway laptops may need factory resetting to achieve optimal performance. In other words, you’ll be restoring the system to the state it was when the computer was still brand new. Factory resetting is also common if you want to transfer ownership of the computer for good. But what happens if you lost the admin password? Fret not because this guide will teach you how to factory reset Gateway desktop without password.

Method 1. Factory Reset Gateway Laptop/Desktop without Password from Startup

This method is pretty similar to what you usually do with your slow tablet or smartphone. That’s because you don’t need a recovery disc to make the operating system look brand new. But before anything else, make sure your PC battery is fully-charged or plug it in a power source. Also, unplug any CD or USB stick inserted into your computer.

Now follow these steps on how to reset a Gateway laptop without password:

Step 1. Reboot your computer by pressing the Power button, then press the Shift key when you see the Gateway logo.

Step 2. Next, you’ll see a blue screen with several startup options. Select Troubleshoot.

select troubleshoot in Gateway laptop

Step 3. On the Troubleshoot window, choose the Reset this PC option, then click Reset.

Click Reset your PC in Toshiba laptop

Step 4. Proceed to click Remove Everything, then complete one of the following actions:

Keep my files or remove everything in Toshiba laptop

  • Click “Just remove my files” and then tap Reset on the next screen. This will give you a fresh start by clearing all files in your computer storage. However, this procedure doesn’t completely delete data or modify disc sectors. As such, it’s possible to recover data files with a data recovery tool after the cleanup process.
  • Press “Remove files and clean the drive” if you want to clean up your computer’s drives thoroughly. Although this method may take longer, it’s the most secure option and recommended by experts. The erased data is non-retrievable, though.

Step 5. Regardless of which action you choose, press Next if the system warns you that you can’t undo the process or go back to the prior OS version.

Step 6. Last but not least, press Reset, and Windows will begin resetting itself. Remember that the process could take several minutes.

Step 7. Your Gateway laptop will restart automatically after a successful cleanup process. You can now set a different password and save it somewhere.

Method 2. Factory Reset Gateway Laptop/Desktop without Password from Logging in

Another simple method on how to reset Gateway computer to factory settings without a password is by cracking the locked computer password. After that, you can reset the computer from the system settings. Well, that’s where a third-party software such as PassFab 4WinKey comes in. With this Windows password recovery software, you can reset local or admin passwords in a heartbeat. Just create a password reset disc using a USB or optical disc, then use it to recover passwords for your locked Windows accounts. This app can also delete user accounts.

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2.1. Unlock Gateway Laptop Password

Step 1. Install and run PassFab 4WinKey on a Mac or Windows computer, then insert your blank CD, DVD, or USB stick.

Create a password reset disk for Gateway laptop

Step 2. Choose your recovery disc, then press Next to start creating a password recovery disc.

Step 3. Unplug the burned password recovery disc, then insert it into your locked Gateway computer.

Step 4. Now restart the computer, then press F12 to open the Boot menu.

Step 5. Select your password recovery disc, then click Enter on your keyboard. Finish up by saving and closing the Boot window.

Boot Gateway laptop from password reset disk

Step 6. You’ll see the password recovery disc interface. Choose your Windows OS, then press Next.

Step 7. In the following window, choose your user account, then click the Reset Account Password button.

Reset account password for Gateway laptop

Step 8. Enter a new password, then reboot your computer. Remember to remove the recovery disc before restarting the computer. Failure to unplug may land you in the system recovery disc window after rebooting the computer.

2.2. Reset Gateway Computer to Factory Settings after Logging in

Step 1. Assuming your Gateway laptop is running on Windows 10, click the Start menu, then tap the Settings icon.

Settings icon in Gateway laptop Windows 10

Step 2. Click the Updates and Security button, then hit the Recovery tab.

Updates and Security tab in Gateway laptop Windows 10

Step 3. Next, hit the Get Started button under the Reset this PC option.

Get started to factory reset Gateway laptop Windows 10

Step 4. Now choose whether you want to Remove Everything or Keep my files. If you choose the former, you’ll remove all data in your computer storage and start afresh. With the Keep my files option, you will reset the computer to default mode while keeping your vital data intact. In this case, click Remove Everything and then select whether to reinstall the OS from a local disc or the cloud.

Keep my files or remove everything in Toshiba laptop

Step 4. Choose the Just remove my files option or Remove files and clean the drive.

Step 5. Press Next before clicking the Reset button.

Step 6. Finally, press Continue if prompted. Your Gateway computer will start resetting itself.

Method 3. Factory Reset Gateway Laptop/Desktop without Password using System Recovery Tool

Let’s sum it up by learning how to restore Gateway laptop to factory settings without password using system recovery. Although this solution is a bit technical, it’s sure to work in your favor. But as said before, plug your computer into a power source to avoid interrupting the process.

Step 1. Reboot your Gateway laptop or desktop and then continuously press the F8 key until the Boot menu appears.

Step 2. Use the keyboard’s arrow keys to select the Repair Your Computer option before pressing the Enter key.

Repair your computer in Gateway laptop

Step 3. A pop-up System Recovery Options window will appear. Here, you can choose a language and a keyboard input method you’ll use during the Gateway laptop factory resetting process.

system recovery options in Gateway laptop

Step 4. Click the Next button, then choose Recovery on the Gateway Recovery Center window.

Step 5. Select the “Completely Restore System to Factory Defaults” option or choose the “Restore Operating System and Retain User Data” option.

Factory system recovery in Gateway recovery center

Step 6. Now grab a cup of tea as you wait for the system to finish factory resetting itself. Click the Finish button to close the process and restart the computer. It’s that easy!

Recovery is complete in Gateway laptop

Note: If you already have the computer password, click Start > All Programs > Gateway Recovery Center > System Recover to factory reset the computer with the system recovery tool.


Hope that you can now factory reset a Gateway desktop without a password quickly and easily. However, it’s best to unlock your Gateway laptop first before factory resetting it. This will make your work more straightforward and guarantees 100% success. Even better, it offers you ample time to back up your vital data before resetting the laptop.

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