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How to Remove Password from PowerPoint Document

“How to remove password from Powerpoint document? I had set a password to encrypt my PPT file, but now I can’t seem to remember. Is there any PPTx password remover available online that can decrypt the file without compromising the integrity of the content?”

Since the Pandemic, the trend of online file sharing, such as PPT and PDF, has risen drastically. Before sending such documents, it is recommended to encrypt them, which prevents the files from falling into the wrong hands. However, in the heat of the moment, it is natural that you would forget the password to access the PowerPoint file.

Nevertheless, there’s no need to panic. You can use apply various techniques, including using a PPT password remover to decrypt the document. Here, we will show you how to remove password from Powerpoint instantly.

Part 1. Encryption Options for PowerPoint Document

Before jumping to the part where PPT password removal techniques are discussed, it is vital to understand how we can encrypt a Powerpoint file. Following are two options for encrypting the Powerpoint document:

1. Adding Password to Open the PPT File

This method of password protection will prevent any user without the encryption key from opening the PPT document. You can refer to Part 2 of our post to remedy this issue.

2. Adding Password to Modify the PPT File

With this way of password protection, the other user will be able to read the contents of the Powerpoint presentation. However, it will not allow them to edit the file unless they enter the password. If you wish to modify the presentation, then jump straight to Part 3 of this article.

Part 2. How to Remove Password to Open PowerPoint Document?

Here, we have shared how to remove passwords from PowerPoint using three reliable methods!

2.1. Remove Password from PowerPoint Using A PPT Password Remover (No Password Required)

If you wish to avoid any technical aspect of removing password from your Powerpoint file, then we recommend using PassFab for PPT. The tool will automatically recover the password from the PPT document in a matter of minutes. You can enable three different modes with the software, depending on the severity of the password protection. Moreover, the tool works on every modern version of Windows.

You can utilize the following features while using the PassFab for PPT tool on Windows PC:

  • It supports both PPT and PPTx formats.
  • The password search speed is 40 times faster than other third-party apps.
  • PassFab for PPT can recover open passwords from all versions of MS Powerpoint.

Follow the step-by-step guide to remove password from PowerPoint document after installing PassFab for PPT.

Step 1: Run PassFab for PPT on Your Computer

Firstly, launch the tool, and click on Add to import the encrypted PPT file onto the interface.

Upload password protected document to PassFab for PPT

Step 2: Select Attack Mode

Once the document is uploaded, review the complexity of the encryption and select one of the following modes.

  • Dictionary Attack: Create a text file with a list of passwords you have frequently used before. After that, click on Settings and then Add Dictionary tab to insert the text into the software. From there on, the Dictionary Mode will compile the correct password of the PPT file.
  • Brute Force with Mask Attack: If your encryption key contains a combination of Upper case/lower case characters, numbers, or symbols, or you remember bits and pieces of your password, then pick this mode. You can provide the minimum or maximum length of the password. Moreover, you can specify the Prefix and Suffix.
  • Brute Force Attack: If you do not remember anything at all about the presentation’s password, then use this attack sequence, which will surely do the job.

Select the suited attack type to remove PPT password

Step 3: Start Password Recovery

Click on Start to initiate the password recovery process. The software will notify you while displaying the correct password to open the PPT document.

Recover the password of the presentation

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2.2. Remove Password from Online (No Password Required)

You can also resort to using online services, such as Password-Find, to remove from the PPT file without entering any encryption key. The tool works on all modern browsers.

Here is how you can remove password from PowerPoint document:

Step 1. Open Password-Find from your web browser.

Step 2. Click on the Choose File tab to upload the password protected presentation to the web interface.

Step 3. Press the Next Step button, and select the Remove Password option to start the proceedings.

Step 4. Download the file to your PC.

Remove password from PPT online

2.3. Remove Password from PowerPoint Using the General Option (Password Required)

You need to know the password beforehand to utilize this technique to remove the password from the Powerpoint document.

The steps are as follows:

  1. Launch the PPT file on your PC. Enter the password!
  2. Click on the File tab on the top-left corner of MS Powerpoint.
  3. Select Save As, which will open a new dialogue box.
  4. Right next to the Save button, click on Tools, and select General Options.
  5. Do not enter any password and click on OK to remove the encryption.
  6. Hit Save to finalize the settings.

Use the General Options to remove the password from PPT

2.4. Remove Password from PowerPoint Using the Inbuilt Decryption (Password Required)

Microsoft Powerpoint offers a built-in feature to decrypt a password of the presentation file. If you do not know how to remove a password from Powerpoint, then check out the list of instructions mentioned below:

  1. After opening the PPT document, click on the File button.
  2. From there, click on Info, and select the Protect Presentation option.
  3. Once you see the drop-down menu, click on Encrypt with Password.
  4. A new dialogue box will open. Remove the password, and press OK to decrypt the presentation.

Use the built-in Decrypt facility to remove PPT password

Part 3. How to Remove Password to Modify PowerPoint Document?

If you have access to the Powerpoint file, which only allows you to read, not edit, the document, then follow the methods shared in this section. By the end of it, you will freely add or remove any content from the presentation.

3.1. Remove Password from PowerPoint Using A PowerPoint Restriction Remover

Passper for PowerPoint offers to remove the read-only restrictions from the PPT file at an excellent speed. The software works on every recent Windows OS version, starting from Windows Vista.

The steps to use the Passper tool to remove restrictions are as follows:

Step 1. Run the program on your desktop and click on the Remove Restrictions tab.

Select remove restrictions in Passper for PowerPoint!

Step 2. Click on Remove to initiate the read-only mode removal process.

That’s it!

Remove restrictions from PPT using Passper for PowerPoint

3.2. Remove Password from PowerPoint Using File Extension

You can remove read-only restrictions from the presentation by changing the PPT or PPTx format to ZIP. This method is not 100% effective. Moreover, we recommend it those users who understand the technicalities of the Windows operating system.

Here are the steps:

Step 1. Rename the presentation’s format to ZIP from Windows Explorer.

Step 2. Access the newly established ZIP file.

Step 3. From there, locate the XML file, and copy it to another folder.

Step 4. Now, open the XML file using a text editor.

Step 5. Inside the editor, click CTRL+F and type Modify.

Remove the Tag with Modify inside the XML file

Step 6. Once you find the Modify tag, please select it and delete the entire element.

Step 7. Lastly, copy the new version of the XML file to the ZIP folder, and rename the format to PPT/PPTx.

Rename the file extension from ZIP to PPT


Forgetting the password to any document, not just PPT, is not an unnatural endeavor. However, it could cause some discomfort as you will not be able to access the file immediately. Still, you can apply the methods stated in this article and learn how to remove password from Powerpoint document in no time. In the end, PassFab for PPT is the best choice as it takes matters from your hands and removes encryption from the PPT file within a few minutes!

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