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How to Insert A Word Document into PowerPoint

Microsoft Office apps tend to work together quite well, and PowerPoint and Word are no different. If you want to insert a Word document into PowerPoint, you can do it with ease. And there are multiple ways to do it.

While the PowerPoint itself has text functionality, at times, you may want to insert a part of or a whole Word document into PowerPoint.

Fortunately, Microsoft offers options for adding a Word document to your presentation. In this article, we explore the two ways to insert a Word doc into PowerPoint.

Import Word File as an Object in PowerPoint

Almost all the Office apps offer the Insert feature. It allows you to add documents and media as an object and other ways. You can use the Insert feature in PowerPoint to add a Word document to your presentation. This is the easiest way to do it and works on all the versions of PowerPoint.

Here’s how to import word files as an object in PowerPoint.

Step 1: Make sure the Word doc you want to insert is closed, else the integration is not possible.

Step 2: Launch the PowerPoint app and click on the Insert tab from the menu.

Insert Object in PowerPoint

Step 3: Click on Objects in the Text section. You will see an Insert Object window pop-up.

Insert Object Window in PowerPoint

Step 4: Select the Create from file option. It will display a browse option.

Click the Browse button and navigate to the location where your Word document is saved.

Step 5: Select the Word document and click on Open.

Select the Word document in Insert Object Window

After selecting the file, check the Display as icon box in the top-right corner. Doing so will add a Word document icon, and the users can click on it to open the file in the Word editor.

To show the Word document text in the presentation, check the Link box near the Browse button and click OK.

show the Word document text in the presentation

Now your Word document will appear in the presentation. Select the presentation and adjust the size as per your requirement. Use the Slide Show tab to preview the documents.

Insert a Portion of a Word Document into PowerPoint Presentation

Following the first methods to embed a Word document in PowerPoint is easy. However, the drawback is you have to add the entire document. What if you want to insert a portion of a Word document?

Microsoft PowerPoint has a built-in option to paste Word document text Using the Paste Special feature. Here’s how to do it.

Step 1: Open the Word file from which you want to insert a part of the document and copy the text that you want to add.

Copy text that you want to insert into PowerPoint

Step 2: Open PowerPoint on your PC. Next, select the slide where you would like to insert the Word document text.

Step 3: Click on the small down-arrow under the Paste option.

Click the Paste option in PowerPoint

Step 4: Select Paste Special from the Paste options.

Select Paste Special in PowerPoint

Step 5: In the Paste Special window, select Microsoft Word Document Object and click OK.

Paste as Microsoft Word Document Object in PowerPoint

Pasted text will appear on your PowerPoint slide. Repeat the steps to add more parts of the Word document to the presentation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to merge PPT. Slide into Word document?

To merge ppt. slide into Word document, open the document you want to merge.

Next, open PowerPoint and open the presentation that you want to merge with the Word file. Open the View field and then click on Slide Shorter. Select the slide that you want to merge with the Word. Press Ctrl + C to copy the slides.

Next, go to the Word app, click the small drop-down arrow icon to expand the Clipboard option. Then, select your slide and choose As Microsoft Office PowerPoint Object.

How do you insert a multipage document in PowerPoint?

To insert a multipage document as a PDF, open the slide you want to add your document in. Next, open the Insert tab and click on Object. Select Create from File, and select the PDF to insert. Check the Display as icon option and click OK.


Knowing how to insert Word documents into PowerPoint can come in handy when you have part of the presentation content in Word. Instead of converting the documents or copying and pasting the text, you can directly show the Word doc using the import object feature. If you want to show a portion of the document, you can copy and paste the text into ppt slides.

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