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How to Convert Word Document to PowerPoint

PowerPoint is the presentation application of the Microsoft Office suite. It is one of the foremost applications with which users can set up snazzy slideshows. Few other alternative apps can match the wealth of transition effect and multimedia content slideshow options PowerPoint provides for its users. MS Word users can also convert their documents to PowerPoint’s file format so they can make the most of that application’s great presentation features.

As MS Word and PowerPoint are both a part of the same Microsoft Office suite, those applications are neatly integrated. Therefore, those applications include options to transfer Word documents into PowerPoint slideshows one way or another. This seamless integration between Word and PowerPoint enables users to quickly and easily convert Word docs into PPT slideshows in a few different ways.

There are also a wide variety of file conversion utilities, both online and off. Some of those conversion tools enable users to convert Word documents into PowerPoint’s PPT file format. Then users can open the converted PPT files in PowerPoint instead.

However you choose to convert a Word document to PowerPoint slideshow, you’ll be able to view the text info from the original DOC file in a PP presentation. Then you can show off your presentation to other users. This is how to convert Word documents to PowerPoint slideshows with five alternative methods.

Method 1: Convert Word Document to PowerPoint using the Send to Microsoft PowerPoint Function

You can convert Word documents to PowerPoint slideshows by utilizing a “Send to Microsoft PowerPoint” option. However, in more recent Word versions, you’ll need to add that option to the Quick Access Toolbar. You can convert a Word file to PPT with that function as follows.

Step 1: First, click the File tab in MS Word.

Step 2: Press the “Options” button on the File tab.

Select Options in Word’s File tab

Step 3: Then select Quick Access Toolbar on the Word Options window shown directly below.

The Quick Access Toolbar tab in Word Option

Step 4: Select “All Commands” in the “Choose commands from” drop-down menu.

Step 5: Drag the “Send to Microsoft PowerPoint” option from the left box into the “Customize Quick Access Toolbar” box on the right side of the Word Options window.

Step 6: Click the “OK” button to save the new toolbar settings.

Step 7: Next, click the File tab and “Open” option. Then select a Word document you want to send to PowerPoint.

Step 8: Ensure the document you open has heading 1 formatting for slide titles and heading 2, 3, 4, or 5 for bulleted lists. Alternatively, add heading 1 titles above each passage of text with heading 2 formatting for the paragraphs like in the snapshot directly below. If all the text is left in a standard format, the “Send to Microsoft PowerPoint” option won’t convert it.

Document slideshow formatting in Word

Step 9: When you’ve formatted the article, click the “Send to Microsoft PowerPoint” button in the Quick Access Toolbar at the top left of Word’s window. Thereafter, PowerPoint will open with the text from the Word document in presentation slides.

The Send to Microsoft PowerPoint button in Word

Note that you can select a “Send to Microsoft PowerPoint” option in earlier versions of Word without needing to customize the Quick Access Toolbar. For example, in MS Word 2003 you can click “File” and a “Send to” option. Then you can select a “Microsoft Office PowerPoint” option on the submenu that opens.

Method 2: Import a Word Outline into PowerPoint

Alternatively, users can import formatted Word document outlines into PowerPoint. That involves setting up a document outline for a presentation and then importing it with PowerPoint’s “Insert Outline” option. To do that, follow the steps directly below.

Step 1: First, open MS Word.

Step 2: Next, click File and “Open” to select a document you want to import with PowerPoint.

Step 3: Select the View tab shown directly below.

Select The Outline option in Word

Step 4: Click the “Outline” option on that tab to view your document in the Outlining tab as in the shot below.

The Outlining tab in Word

Step 5: Select your slide’s headings and click the “Body Text” drop-down menu to select the “Level 1” option.

Step 6: Then select the slide body text, and click the “Level 2” option on the “Body Text” drop-down menu.

Body Text drop-down menu in Word

Step 7: Select the File tab, and click the “Save” option.

Step 8: Open a blank (empty) presentation in the PowerPoint application.

Step 9: Click the “New Slide” button on the Home tab in PowerPoint.

The New Slide button in PowerPoint

Step 10: Then select the “Slide from Outline” option.

Step 11: Select your saved Word outline document in the Insert Outline window.

Step 12: Press the “Insert” button. Thereafter, the original Word document’s content will appear within different slideshow slides.

Note that it’s not essential to apply the formatting via the Outlining tab as outlined above. Instead, you could just apply heading 1 formatting to slide titles and heading 2 style to paragraphs. Then the slideshow will incorporate the heading 2 paragraphs under each header 1 title within separate slides.

Method 3: Insert a Word Document as an Object into PowerPoint

If you only need to insert a Word document’s content within a single presentation slide, this is the method for you. You can add a full-text document to one slide with PowerPoint’s Insert Object feature. This is how you can insert a Word document within a PowerPoint slide.

Step 1: Launch your PowerPoint software.

Step 2: To open a slideshow, click the File tab. Then click “Open,” and select the presentation you want to include your Word document in.

Step 3: Select a slide you want to include the Word document within on the left side of PowerPoint’s window.

Step 4: Next, click the Insert tab.

Step 5: Click the “Insert Object” button circled below to bring up that feature’s window.

The Insert Object button in PowerPoint

Step 6: Select the “Create from file” radio button.

Step 7: Press the “Browse” button.

Step 8: Select the Word document you want to incorporate within the slide.

Step 9: Then click “OK” to add the Word document’s text to the slide as in the shot directly below.

Word document text in PowerPoint

You can also add a Word document shortcut to a PowerPoint slide instead. To do that, you’ll need to select a Word document within the Insert Object window and click the “Display as icon” checkbox. Your presentation’s slide will then include an MS Word document shortcut. You can click that shortcut to bring up the file.

A Microsoft Word document shortcut in PowerPoint

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Method 4: Convert Word Document to PowerPoint Online

If you just want to do a straight Word DOC to PowerPoint PPT file conversion, check out the Convertio web app. That’s a Word to PPT converter with which you can convert DOC files up to 100 MB. You can convert Word to PPT with Convertio as follows.

Step 1: Open the Convertio web app in your browser.

Step 2: Click the “Choose Files” button in Convertio to bring up an Open window.

The Choose Files button in DOC to PPT converter

Step 3: Select a Word file to convert, and click the “Open” option.

Step 4: Thereafter, click the “Convert” button.

The Convert button in DOC to PPT converter

Step 5: When Convertio has converted the file, click the “Download” button.

Step 6: Select a folder to download to, and select the “Save” option.

Thereafter, you can open the converted PPT file within PowerPoint. Bear in mind that the converted PPT file will include slides for each page of your document. So, organize the text content you want each slide to include into different document pages before converting.

Method 5: Export Word Documents to PowerPoint (MS Word Web App)

This final convert Word to PowerPoint method is a new one that’s only applicable for the MS Word web app. That browser app includes a handy Export feature with which you can convert text-only documents into PowerPoint slideshows. This is how to convert Word documents to PowerPoint slideshows with that Export feature.

Step 1: First, open the MS Word app in a compatible browser (it doesn’t support Internet Explorer and Safari). You’ll also need to sign in to your Microsoft account if you’re not already.

Step 2: Click “File” in the Word web app.

Step 3: Select the “Open” option, and choose a file you want to export.

Step 4: Click “File” again, and select “Export” on the left sidebar.

The Export option in MS Word web app

Step 5: Select the “Export to PowerPoint presentation (preview)” option to open a theme selection window.

The Export button to convert to presentation in MS word web app

Step 6: Then, choose one of the design themes for your PowerPoint slideshow.

Step 7: Press the “Export” button.

Step 8: Thereafter, click the “Open Presentation” button.

The Open Presentation button in MS word web app

Step 9: When your new slideshow has opened in the PowerPoint web app, add images and other media to it from there.

FAQs About Convert Word to PowerPoint

What Word and PowerPoint versions do the above methods apply to?

The above methods primarily apply to more recent MS Word/PowerPoint 2016 to ‘19 versions. The fifth method is only for the Word web app.

Can I make slideshow presentations with MS Word?

Not exactly, no, as MS Word doesn’t include any kind of slideshow wizard or slide options. However, you can set up outlines for presentations in Word, as covered within method two.

Can I convert PowerPoint presentations to Word document formats?

Yes, you can utilize the Export feature within PowerPoint to convert presentations into Word files. To do this, click File > “Export” > “Create Handouts” and then select formatting options. You can also utilize the PPT to DOC Covertio tool for direct file conversion.

Is there a way I can copy selected text passages from Word documents into PowerPoint slides?

Sure, just select the text you want to copy into a PowerPoint presentation and press the Ctrl + C hotkey. Then you can paste that text into a PowerPoint presentation’s slides by pressing the Ctrl + V keyboard shortcut.

How new is the Word web app’s PowerPoint Export feature?

Microsoft added that feature to the MS Word web app in spring 2021. So, it’s still probably not a finished tool at the moment. With some enhancements, it could become the best Word to PPT converter. The big M might also add that feature to the MS Office Windows software.


Those are five relatively straightforward methods for converting Word documents to PowerPoint presentations. Of those, the second method for importing document outlines is perhaps the most widely utilized one at the moment. However, the Word web app’s Export feature is a good alternative method for users who utilize the Office cloud apps. Method three is best for users who only need to include document content within single slides. The Convertio web app is also ideal for users who want to directly convert DOC files to the PPT format. Choose whatever method best matches your conversion requirements.

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