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How to Break RAR File Password

WinRAR is a versatile archive manager for creating and decompressing RAR, ZIP, and other zipped files. When creating a RAR file with WinRAR, you can also add a password to protect the RAR file from unauthorized access. But what happens if you forget a RAR file password? Don’t fret because this article will show how to break RAR file password quickly and without damaging the original data.

Method 1. Break RAR File Password with a RAR Password Cracker

PassFab for RAR is the most straightforward and effective method of breaking a RAR password. This powerful RAR password cracker is fast, simple to use, and can recover passwords from any encrypted RAR archive without damaging data. It runs smoothly on Windows 10/8/7 and supports all RAR versions. Plus, you can enjoy the trial version first, although you’ll have to purchase the affordable plan to unlock RAR passwords.

Here are the steps of how to break a RAR password-protected file with PassFab for RAR:

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Step 1. Download, install, and launch PassFab for RAR on your PC.

Step 2. After that, click the Add button to open File Explorer and upload your password-protected RAR file.

Upload password-protected RAR file to break password

Step 3. Now choose the type of password-recovery method you’d like to use. You’ll see the following options:

Choose the attack type to break RAR file password

  • Brute Force Attack – Choosing this option lets you try all password combinations in a set range. It’s the best method for recovering short passwords.
  • Brute Force with Mask Attack – This method is super-effective if you have a slight clue about your forgotten password. Here, you can use symbols, characters, numbers, and so on. Brute Force with Mask Attack delivers faster results than Brute Force Attack.
  • Dictionary Attack – This is the most recommended password recovery attack method of the trio. It scans the inbuilt dictionary to find the forgotten password. Also, Dictionary Attack is best if the forgotten password is a keyword.

Step 4. Lastly, click the Start button to begin breaking your password-protected RAR file. Remember, the recovery process may take a while, depending on the complexity of the password.

Breaking RAR password in PassFab for RAR

Method 2. Break RAR File Password with Commonly-Used Passwords

This is arguably the simplest method of how to break the password of a RAR file, albeit with little success. In this method, users don’t need to install anything on their computers. You can guess the password based on the combination frequently used on your phone, computer, email, and so on. That can be the name of your teacher, mother, father, pet, your birth year, and more.

Step 1. Double-click your password-protected RAR file to open it on WinRAR.

Step 2. Click the Extract To tab on the menu bar, then select a destination path before clicking Ok.

Step 3. Enter the RAR file password that you can remember.

break the password of RAR file by guess

Method 3. Break the Password of RAR File with Notepad

Did you know you can break a RAR password by merely creating a batch processing file on Notepad? This free Windows program lets you do that in seconds by copying and pasting some codes, as we’ll discuss later on. However, the method is a bit complicated if you’re not a tech-savvy person. So, if you get lost in the middle of the process, use Method 1 instead.

Below are the steps on how to break RAR password-protected file with Notepad and CMD:

Step 1. Launch Notepad on your PC. To do that, type Notepad on the Search bar, then open the app.

Step 2. Now create a .bat file by copy-pasting the code below on Notepad.

@echo off
title RAR Password Breaker
copy "C:\Program Files\WinRAR\Unrar.exe"
SET TMP=TempFold
SET/P "NAME=File Name : "
IF "%NAME%"=="" goto ProblemDetected
goto GPATH
echo You can't leave this blank.
goto RAR
SET/P "PATH=Enter Full Path (eg: C:\Users\Admin\Desktop) : "
IF "%PATH%"=="" goto PERROR
goto NEXT
echo You can't leave this blank.
goto RAR
goto PATH
echo File couldn't be found. Make sure you include the (.RAR) extension at the end of the file's name.
goto RAR
echo Breaking Password...
title Processing...
RD %TMP% /Q /S
Del "Unrar.exe"
title 1 Password Found
echo File = %NAME%
echo Stable Password= %PASS%
echo Press any key to exit.

Step 3. Save the Notepad file with a .bat filename extension. To do that, click File, choose Save As, then select All Files under Save as type menu. You can also set a folder path to make it easier to locate the batch file. Click the Save button to finish creating the .bat file.

Creat a bat file to break RAR password protected file

Step 4. Next, locate and run the .bat file. You’ll see Command Prompt launch automatically.

Step 5. Enter the RAR file name, then click Enter. After that, enter its full destination path.

Enter the file name and destination path of the RAR file

Step 6. Lastly, hit Enter to begin cracking the locked RAR file. Wait for CMD to finish breaking the password and use the new password to unlock the RAR file.

Breaking RAR file password with Notepad

Method 4. How to Break RAR Password-Protected File Online

If you’re not comfortable with the RAR password recovery methods mentioned above, use an online app such as LostMyPass. Using this online tool is so straightforward, as you only need an internet-enabled device. Unfortunately, the chances of breaking your lost RAR file password with this method is around 22% if you’re using the free version. Nevertheless, you can still give it a shot.

Break a RAR password protected file online

Step 1. Launch LostMyPass on your favorite web browser.

Step 2. Click the Upload icon to add your locked RAR file. Alternatively, drag-and-drop the password-protected RAR file on the website. Remember, the maximum upload file size is 100MB.

Step 3. Press the Unlock File button, and then the app will begin unlocking your RAR file.

Step 4. Download your unlocked RAR file and save it using a password that you can easily remember.

The Sum Up

These are the best methods for breaking a RAR file password without damaging the overall data quality. But if you want to enjoy 100% password-recovery success, use PassFab for RAR. The RAR password breaker is perfect for both beginners and pros and offers a super-fast password-unlock process. But there is no harm in trying the other methods as well. Good luck!

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