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Forgot RAR Password? How to Recover RAR/WinRAR Password

A few days ago, I forgot my RAR file password and could not open a RAR file because I created this file a few months back, and now I couldn’t remember what my password was. I kept searching for different methods to recover RAR passwords, but most of them were useless. I came up with this practical guide to help you recover RAR password. If you have also forgotten your RAR file password and are looking for an effective solution, then keep reading.

Method 1. Best Way to Recover Forgotten RAR Password

You can avoid all the hassle and use professional software to recover your RAR file password. You can securely open password-protected RAR archive files without any data loss with PassFab for RAR as it is one of the best RAR password recovery available in the market. You can use it for your office and home. You can recover your forgotten RAR password in a few minutes because PassFab for RAR has 40X more speed than other software. It is supported on Windows 7,8,8.1, 10, Vista, XP etc.

You can try any of its three powerful attack modes, which includes:

  • Brute-force Attack: If you can’t remember anything about the RAR password, this mode will try all the combinations of password
  • Brute-force with Mask Attack: If you remember the length and range of your password, then use this mode
  • Dictionary Attack: In this mode, the software uses its self created or built-in dictionary to recover the RAR password. You can also write all recently used passwords in a word file and import them in Passfab for RAR to better recover

Follow these easy steps to recover your forgotten RAR password:

Step 1: Download and install PassFab for RAR

Free Download PassFab for RAR Now

Open the website and click on the FREE TRIAL button. To install it on your computer, follow the on-screen instructions.

Step 2: Add encrypted RAR file

Open PassFab for RAR and click on the Add option.

add encrypted RAR file

Browse through your computer to select the RAR file whose password you forgot and click Open.

open encrypted RAR file

Step 3: Select an Attack mode

You can select from three powerful attack modes, including Dictionary Attack, Brute-force Attack, and Brute-force with Mask Attack, to recover your forgotten RAR file password.

select an attack mode to recover forgotten RAR password

Step 4: Start the password recovery process

Once you have selected the mode, click on the Start button to initiate the RAR file password recovery process.

Wait for a few minutes until the process is completed.

When the RAR password recovery is done, Passfab for RAR will display the password on the screen. Copy this password and use it to unlock the encrypted WinRAR file on your computer.

Recovered RAR password


  • It is easy to use
  • You can recover your RAR password in no time
  • There is no file size limit


  • Password won’t display without registration

Method 2. Recover Forgotten RAR Password with Notepad

A notepad is a simple tool accessible to everyone. You just have to enter a few commands in Notepad and run it. With this method, you will recover your RAR password free of cost, but it might take some time and effort. Moreover, this method doesn’t work for all RAR passwords and can only be used for numeric RAR passwords.

If you forgot your RAR password, then try using the following steps:

Step 1: Open encrypted RAR file

Right-click on the encrypted RAR file and click on Open with. Now click on Choose default program and select Notepad.

open encrypted RAR file with notepad

Step 2: Replace the strings

On your keyboard, press the keys CTRL + F. Find the string Ûtà, and replace it with 5³tà’. Once you are done with it, find another string ‘IžC0 and replace it with IžC0.

replace the strings to recover forgotten RAR password

Step 3: Save your file

Save your files after replacing these two strings. You will not be asked to enter a password when you reopen this RAR file.


  • You can use it without spending a penny


  • It is complicated to use
  • It requires more time

Method 3. Recover Forgotten RAR/WinRAR Password Online

Sometimes due to insufficient storage space, you are unable to install any software on your computer. You can use an online RAR password recovery tool in such a situation. Password Recovery Online is one of the most reliable software. Many software accessible on the internet are pricey and can take a lot of time to recover RAR password that uses special characters like #,*,@ etc. or is lengthy.

On the other hand, with Password Recovery Online, you can easily recover your forgotten WinRAR password. You have to pay a service cost of only 10 Euros if the decryption is successful.

By following these simple steps, you can recover your WinRAR password online:

Step 1: Open Password Recovery Online

Open the website password-online.com. Tick the checkbox to accept the Service and Confidential Agreement. Now click on Upload your encrypted file.

upload encrypted RAR file

Browse through your computer to select the file and click Open.

open encrypted RAR file in online password recovery tool

Step 2: Enter Valid Email address

After this, you will be required to enter a valid email address on a new screen. To confirm your email address, rewrite it. Click on Send.

enter valid email address to recover forgotten WinRAR password

Step 3: Pay and recover the RAR password

After activation through email, the decryption process will start. Wait until the Password Recovery Online tool recovers your RAR password.

recover the forgotten WinRAR password

Once your RAR password is unlocked, you can see it by paying a small amount.


  • No software installation is needed to use this tool


  • It requires more time to decrypt a RAR password
  • It doesn’t support large files
  • You can only see the password after paying service fees

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You can use any method used in this article to recover a forgotten RAR password. All of these methods are effective, but we recommend you to use PassFab for RAR because it has three powerful attack modes and can unlock any type and length of RAR password. PassFab for RAR has 40X more speed than other tools and can recover any RAR password in the blink of an eye.

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