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How to Bypass Zip Password (2024 Updated)

Did you lose the password to your ZIP file? And now you are worried about it? Well, worry no more as we’ve got the solution to this.

It’s normal for everyone to encrypt their files, including ZIP, PDF, and Excel spreadsheet, with a password. And there could be just one reason for this- to prevent third parties from gaining access to the data or information stored in it. But there is an issue with protecting your files, which is forgetting the password. When this happens, you can’t access the data stored in the file anymore. So this is where the big question comes in- how to bypass ZIP password-protected files? Anyway, it’s pretty easy! Just sit back and learn the top 3 effective methods to bypass ZIP password without any hassles.

Method 1: Bypass ZIP Password Protected Files with ZIP Password Recovery

PassFab for ZIP is one of the most potent programs explicitly developed for decrypting password-protected ZIP/WinZIP/7ZIP/PKZIP archives. PassFab for ZIP can perform this operation using any of the three modes of password attack built in to bypass your ZIP password. The password recovery speed is higher than any ZIP password recovery you can find online because of the built-in CPU multicore processor.

1.1. How to Bypass ZIP Password Protected Files with PassFab for ZIP

Download and install a compatible version of PassFab for ZIP on your PC, then follow the guide below:

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Step 1: After the complete installation of PassFab for ZIP, launch the program. When you do this, the interface below will appear on your screen.

Bypass ZIP password with PassFab for ZIP

Step 2: Click on the blue Add button to upload an password-protected ZIP file that needs decryption from your hard drive.

Import the passwprd-protected ZIP file to PassFab for ZIP

Select your desired encrypted ZIP file and then hit the Open button to upload the file.

Select attack type to bypass ZIP password-protected file on PassFab for ZIP

Step 3: Next, select an appropriate mode of attack based on whether you can remember some password characters. Below is a detailed explanation of each attack mode:

Brute Force with Mask Attack: A brute-force with mask attack will try all possible combinations based on the instructions you provide about the characters set as passwords. To select the characters, you click on the Settings option beside the brute-force attack mode.

PassFab for ZIP - Brute force with mask attack

Brute Force Attack: Use this attack mode if you can’t remember any of the characters you used to set the password for your ZIP file. We recommend this attack mode because you don’t need to define any setting. Brute force tries all possible combinations by default.

Dictionary Attack: You should use this attack mode if you have a dictionary with a list of the common character combinations you set as passwords. To do this, click on Settings and then hit Add Dictionary to import a customized dictionary.

PassFab for ZIP - Dictionary attack settings

When you select the Dictionary Attack and then add a customized dictionary, the page below will pop up on your screen.

Upgrade the dictionary library on PassFab for ZIP

Step 4: Once an attack mode is set, click on the Start button to commence the ZIP password recovery process.

Start to bypass ZIP password with PassFab for ZIP

Wait for the process to complete, so you have the password used to encrypt your ZIP file. Use the password provided to access your ZIP file.

The ZIP password has been found successfully with PassFab for ZIP

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Method 2: Bypass ZIP Password Protected Files with Free NSIS

Another way to bypass a ZIP password-protected file is by installing the magic software, NSIS, on your PC. NSIS is a free program with multifunctional capability. It can be used to bypass ZIP passwords and also extract password-protected ZIP files without a password. The only challenge faced by end-users of this program is that it doesn’t work for all files. Download and install the NSIS program and follow the guide below to bypass ZIP password-protected files.

2.1. Step by Step Guide to Bypass ZIP Password with NSIS

Step 1: Launch NSIS and then click on the Installer based on the ZIP file option, as shown below.

Bypass ZIP password using NSIS

Step 2: The dialog below will pop up on your screen. Once it opens, click on the Open button to import the password-protected ZIP file and then hit the Generate button at the bottom right.

Import the password-protected ZIP file to NSIS

Step 3: Wait for the process to complete and then close the program.

Step 4: Locate your password-protected ZIP file on your PC. You will find a .exe file with the NSIS icon and the ZIP name. Run the .exe file and then follow the Setup to install it.

Install NSIS exe file to bypass ZIP password

When the installation is over, the ZIP file will be extracted without a password, and you can access it now.

Method 3: Bypass ZIP Password Protected Files Online

Aside from the free magic software, NSIS, and PassFab for ZIP, another great ZIP password cracker is the online program- LostMyPass. This is a handy program free to use when the password you use in encrypting your ZIP file is weak. When the password is strong, you can’t unlock the ZIP file freely- it does not work for all password-protected ZIP files. Also, the recovery speed is slow and requires a stable and robust internet connection to work perfectly.

3.1. How to Bypass ZIP Password with LostMyPass

Step 1: Visit the official website for LostMyPass by clicking on the link above, which will direct you there.

Bypass ZIP password online

Step 2: Import your password-protected ZIP file by clicking the Add File option or use the drag and drop feature that appears on the program page.

Step 3: Click on Start to begin the extraction of the password. Wait some minutes for the program to recover the password. Just write down the password and use it to access your ZIP file instantly.


So now, you can access your password-protected ZIP files without a password using any of the methods given above. Choosing an appropriate way shouldn’t be hard for you as you know each’s merits and demerits. We recommend using PassFab for ZIP to bypass ZIP password because of the simplicity and speed of recovery.

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