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Forgot iTunes Encrypted Backup Password? 3 Ways to Recover

Many users set password protection to safeguard their backups in iTunes. As a matter of fact, when what’s contained in your iPhone or iPod is of substance, encrypting your backups is an outstanding thought. iTunes makes it tranquil for you to use password protection to deter unauthorized personnel from accessing your contents.

And it doesn’t end there!

Encrypting backups lets you have overall control of your confidential data. So, if your iPhone gets lost or gets its way into the wrong hands, your data remains locked and secured with the set password. Likewise, you become off the wings from other life-changing crimes like identity theft and cyber-crimes.

However, the worst may happen if you forget encrypt iPhone backup password. You have to explore possible ways to recover the password. Let’s uncover the possible ways to recover the encrypted iTunes backup password.

Method 1. Best Way to Recover Encrypted iTunes Backup Password

The first method is probably the best way to curb such a menace after forgetting iPhone backup password. PassFab iPhone Backup Unlocker works sophisticatedly to retrieve iTunes backup password and remove backup encryption.

Furthermore, this iPhone Backup Unlocker has the GPU acceleration technique mechanism that speeds up your decryption rate up to 40X. You only need to install NVIDIA in hardware. And it supports both Windows and macOS devices. So, when you forgot iTunes password, follow these steps to recover it. But first, download the appropriate version for Windows or macOS.

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Step 1. Launch PassFab iPhone Backup Unlocker

Run the program on your computer then connect your iOS device using a USB cable. Wait for the computer to detect your device. Next, click the ‘Retrieve iTunes backup password’ tab to start the process of getting back your forgotten iTunes backup password.

iTunes backup password recovery

Step 2. Select recovery mode

The system will populate your backup files from the computer. Select your target iTunes backup and then choose the recovery mode. PassFab has 3 password attack modes.

The Dictionary Attack option will automatically try numerous possible password combinations from its integrated dictionary. You can also opt to add your dictionary library by hitting the ‘Settings’ button.

recover encrypted itunes backup password using dictionary attack

The Brute-force with Mast Attack option lets you define your password. If you remember parts of the password like the character set and length, this is the ideal option. Likewise, you can define the frequently used letters and numbers to help you accurately recover the password.

The Brute-force Attack is suitable when you forgot your password completely. Use it to try all possible characters, symbols, or number combinations.

recover encrypted itunes backup password using brute force attack

Step 3. Retrieve password

Ensure you have settled on the right choice of password attack mode, then click the ‘Start’ button. The software will retrieve your iTunes backup password. A pop-up message will shortly display the retrieved password. However, the length of the process will be determined by the complexity of the iTunes backup password. Once the password is successfully retrieved, copy, and use it to unlock your backup files.

Successfully retrieved iTunes backup password

Method 2. Forgot iPhone Backup Password? Check the macOS Keychain

Keychain Access Utility is a built-in application on Mac devices that’s used to recover iPhone backup password.

If you configured your device to remember the password in your keychain, then you are good to go with this method. You ought to would have clicked the ‘Remember this password in my keychain.’ However, if you didn’t enable this option, then the password can’t be remembered in your keychain. Use the first option if you didn’t, but if so, proceed with these steps.

  • First, open the ‘Application’ option on your Mac. Then click the ‘Utilities’ and go to the ‘Keychain Access’ option.
    recover encrypted itunes backup password with keychain
  • Choose the ‘All Items’ option. A search field will be available in the upper-right part of the screen. Enter ‘iPhone’ and search for a keychain item ‘iPhone Backup’.
    iPhone backup in Keychain access
  • Once you find iPhone Backup, double-click on it, wait for a new window to open, and then tick the ‘Show password’ checkbox. The system will prompt you to enter your keychain password. Just input the password, then click the ‘Allow’ button.

    show the forgotten iTunes backup password
    Alt name: show the forgotten iTunes backup password
  • Finally, click the ‘Show Password’ box. Your iPhone Backup password will be displayed in the window shortly.

Method 3. Forgot iTunes Backup Password? How to Reset iPhone Backup

If you forgot iTunes backup password and the previous options haven’t worked yet, you could opt to reset your iPhone Backup. But remember to make a new encrypted backup to replace the old one as the previous backups will be lost. To reset your iPhone Backup;

  • Launch your iPhone and go to the ‘Settings’ > ‘General’ > ‘Reset’ options.

    Reset iPhone if forgot iTunes backup password
  • Then choose the ‘Reset All Settings’ category. Next, enter your iPhone password and click the ‘Reset All Settings’ once more to confirm the action. Your device settings including the backup password will be reset. However, the data on your device won’t be erased. You can still gain access.
  • Once reset, connect your iPhone to iTunes to create a new backup and new password protection. Then verify your set password and click the ‘Set password’ button to get a new iTunes backup password. Use it to access encrypted iTunes backup.

    set a password for new iTunes baclkup


You need to set up a password when backing up your iOS device in an encrypted format. It is unfortunate when you forgot iTunes backup password. But that worry has come to an end, and you can now breathe a sigh of relief given the 3 solutions for recovery in this article. You can reset your iPhone backup and make a new one.

Likewise, you can still be lucky if you saved your password with the Keychain on your Mac and settle on the second method. But what happens if you didn’t save it? You can be all smiles with PassFab iPhone Backup Unlocker. This tool features 3 recovery modes, giving it a high success rate. It works in only three steps to recover encrypted iTunes backup password, abolishing backup encryption settings.

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