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How To Crack Or Hack ZIP File Password in 2024

It is impossible to decompress the file without password, and so if the password is lost, you have to hack password-protected ZIP files using specialized tools or methods.

The Zipped content usually has essential information or data stored in a compressed format with password protection. But do not worry if the password is forgotten, as while searching “how to crack ZIP file password?” over the internet, you get ample solutions that may resolve the problem.

A Zipped file is hard to decrypt without proper technical knowledge. Here is a brief description of how to crack encrypted ZIP files using some of the most reliable methods that can be applied as required.

Method 1. How To Hack ZIP File Password Using A ZIP Password Cracker

If you are stuck in a situation where you need to hack password-protected ZIP file, then PassFab for ZIP is an optimum software solution. It is a third-party ZIP password recovery tool that can be instantly installed over the computer system and gives quick results.

PassFab for ZIP guarantees to extract the ZIP password without damaging the original data and uses an Advanced Algorithm technology to speed-up the process. It has three powerful attack modes that can be applied as per the strength of the password. Read the given steps to know how to crack encrypted ZIP files using PassFab for ZIP.

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Step 1. Download and install Passfab For ZIP on your PC and launch the program.

click the add button to import the encrypted Excel file

Step 2. Click the “Add” button on the front panel of PassFab to import the encrypted ZIP file.

Step 3. Now choose one of the attack modes as needed according to the details you remember about the password.

  • Dictionary Attack Mode: If you have a particular list of passwords that you commonly use, you can directly upload that dictionary as a text file to the panel. Now PassFab will apply this attack mode to fetch the password from the standard password dictionary.
  • Brute Force with Mask Attack Mode: If you have a hint about the password, then use this mode to provide the details in the settings. It may include password length, character combinations, and prefix/ suffix.
  • Brute Force Attack Mode: When you do not remember anything about the password, then use this attack mode, which will take a bit longer time and try all the possible combinations to get the correct password.

Step 4. After choosing the attack mode, hit the “Start” button to begin the recovery process.

PassFab For ZIP cracks zip file password

Wait for some time as PassFab for ZIP will successfully hack password-protected ZIP file and provide you with the correct password. Read our PassFab for ZIP review here.

Method 2. How To Crack Encrypted ZIP File Using CMD

There are times when you are worried about how to hack the ZIP file password but do not wish to pay any charges. Here is a CMD method to apply with some technical procedure to fetch the ZIP file password. This procedure requires a specialized tool, “John the Ripper,” which is open-source software.

Before learning about how to crack a password-protected ZIP file using the CMD line tool, it is advised to have a data backup, as a minor mistake can severely damage the file content. CMD method takes a long time to crack the password and still does not guarantee success.

crack ZIP file password with John the Ripper

Step 1. Download the tool “John the Ripper” from the internet and install it on your PC.

Step 2. Open the folder that is recently prompted to get saved, and click on the “RUN” folder.

Step 3. Create a new folder in the “RUN” folder and rename it as “crack.”

copy the zip file in crack folder

Step 4. Copy the locked ZIP file into the “crack” folder.

type the command and press enter to crack zip password

Step 5. Now close all the folders and open the command prompt to give the command, cd desktop/john/run followed by the “Enter” key.

type the command with zip file name to crack password

Step 6. In the next line, type the command ZIP2john.execrack/FILENAME.ZIP>crack/key.txt and press the Enter key to get the password hashes file. Here you have to replace the FILENAME with the name of the zip file.

Step 7. Now type another command john-format=ZIPcrack/key.txt

After some time, you can check if the CMD method works appropriately to crack the password.

Method 3. How To Hack Password Protected ZIP File With NSIS

While looking over the internet “how to crack encrypted ZIP file,” you may come across this free bypass ZIP password tool known as NSIS or Nullsoft Scriptable Installation System. To use this method, you have to download the NSIS tool, which is available for free over the internet.

The NSIS will hack password-protected ZIP file and converts it into a .exe extension, which results in the ZIP files extraction directly without the password. There is a low success rate with this method and the risk of data damage. Read the process given below to follow how-to crack encrypted ZIP file.

Step 1. Install the NSIS tool on your computer, and launch it.

hack password-protected zip file with NSIS

Step 2. Click the “Installer based on ZIP” option on the NSIS interface.

import the password-protected zip file

Step 3. Another window pops-up over the panel, where you have to click the “Open” button and import the encrypted ZIP file on the software.

Step 4. Hit the “Generate” button given below, and later close the window when the generation process completes.

Step 5. Now go to the folder where the ZIP file is saved; you will get a .exe file with the same name as your locked file and having NSIS logo.

install the exe file and crack zip file password

Step 6. Click on the .exe file to install it, which will extract the ZIP content.

In a few minutes, you can check the same location for all the extracted ZIP files.

Method 4. How To Hack Or Crack ZIP File Online (Not Recommended)

Apart from system installed tools to crack ZIP file passwords, a few online solutions also claim to resolve the problem. The Online Hash Crack is one of the online tools popularly used to hack password-protected ZIP file. All it needs is to upload the file over the website to initiate the recovery process.

Although it looks simple to use, the Online Hash Crack tool is not a recommended tool. The software only provides a list of possible combinations that have to be tried individually to open the ZIP file.

The Online Hash Crack uses the algorithm of some open-source tools like “John the Ripper,” which are not very reliable regarding data security and success rate. The panel can upload only 200 MB of a ZIP file. Follow the steps below to know how to hack ZIP file password.

hack crack zip file password online

Step 1. Open the official website of Online Hash Crack and click the “Browse” button to upload the ZIP file.

Step 2. Provide your email address in the given column, and hit the “Submit” button.

In a few minutes, a list of the password will show up on the panel, which you can try one by one to find out if any of them works correctly.


You might come across multiple solutions against the lost password issue while searching about how to crack encrypted ZIP file. Some free to use tools can be employed with a specific procedure to resolve the problem and access the files but have a low success rate with a risk of data loss.

To ease the password recovery problem, many users can also opt for an instant online solution, but it works only in some cases with weak password recovery. According to the user ratings, PassFab for ZIP is the most efficient and secure software to hack password-protected ZIP files that is easy to use and guarantees 100% password recovery.

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