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Best Password Generators for Encrypted RAR Files in 2024

RAR is an archive file format some users compress files with. Although ZIP is more widely utilized, some users prefer to compress file groups to smaller sizes with RAR archives. That’s not surprising given the fact RAR is a more efficient archive format than ZIP with a superior compression method.

Aside from file compression, RAR archives can also come in handy for data encryption. Users can add passwords to RAR files to protect their contents. RAR archives have advanced AES 256-bit encryption, which is among the best encryption algorithms.

WinRAR is the default software for creating RAR archives and extracting them. You can also add passwords to RAR files with the WinRAR compression utility. However, WinRAR doesn’t include a password generator tool. So, you’ll need to manually come up with suitable passwords for your RAR files.

Alternatively, you could find a good password generator for encrypted RAR files. There are various password generator tools you can utilize in browsers and download that automatically generate random character passwords for users. The list below includes some of the best RAR password generators.

Why do People Need RAR Password Generators?

The fact is that weak passwords aren’t entirely secure. Yet, many users will often come up with weak passwords for accounts and RAR files. For that reason, some laptops and mobile devices include alternative iris and fingerprint reader login methods for users to utilize.

Also, you can only password protect your RAR archives. The most secure way to do so is to utilize a good password generator to provide you with more full-proof passwords. A decent password generator can generate long passwords that include lower and upper case letters, numbers, and special characters (such as &, !, %, and #). While users typically create passwords that are easy to remember words, passwords provided by generator software are usually random characters.

Of course, the downside is that passwords provided by generators aren’t usually especially easy to remember. Therefore, some users might also need password management apps, some of which include built-in generators, to store generated passwords. Then users only need to remember one master password for their vaults.

Top 8 Best Password Generators for RAR Files

1. LastPass Password Generator

LastPass Password Generator

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to get a secure RAR archive password, look no further than LastPass Password Generator. That’s a freely available web app you can generate passwords with. The LastPass password manager software, available with free and premium versions, also includes a password generator feature.

The LastPass generator can provide passwords up to 50 characters long. Users can select the “All characters” options to establish passwords that include uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special symbols. Or you can select “Easy to say” and “Easy to read” options for RAR passwords.

For password management, you can check out the LastPass app for Windows, iOS, and Android platforms. With that app, you can store passwords and back up and sync LastPass accounts across devices. The Lastpass app incorporates strong AES-256 bit encryption and multi-factor authentication for accounts.

2. Dashlane Password Generator

The Dashlane password generator

The Dashlane password generator is another good web app for generating passwords that’s pretty similar to the LastPass alternative. You can drag its slider to the right to generate passwords up to 40 characters. This web app also includes configuration options for including letters, digits, and symbols in passwords.

There’s also a Dashlane – Password Manager Google Chrome extension and Android/iOS app with which you can set up passwords for RAR files and accounts. You can utilize that Dashlane extension to store the generated passwords. That app’s auto-fill tool also comes in handy for logging in to websites.

3. Password Generator powered by NordPass

The NordPass password generator

Nordpass is a password manager and generator you can utilize within browsers or with its downloadable apps for Windows, iOS, MacOS, Linux, and Android platforms. You can generate and save unlimited passwords for one active device with the free Nordpass version. The premium version enables you to save passwords for six active devices and has additional features.

The Nordpass website includes a password generator that lets you choose how strong a password is and configure it with upper/lowercase, digit, and symbol settings. Unlike the Lastpass generator, this generator tells you how strong the password provided is. Its users can also select an “Avoid ambiguous characters” option.

The NordPass password management vault is protected with the modern XChaCha20 encryption algorithm. Users can also secure their accounts with biometrics and two-factor authentication. So, NordPass is undoubtedly among the most secure password manager and generator apps.

4. Norton Password Generator

Norton Password Generator

The Norton Password Generator web app is a handy addition to the NortonLifeLock website. With it, you can generate passwords up to 64 characters long, which eclipses the maximum lengths of the Dashline and Lastpass generators.

That generator’s page includes download links for the Norton Password Manager app and extension. Norton Password Manager incorporates a built-in password generator. In addition, you can utilize Norton Password Manager to store RAR file passwords, card info, bank numbers, addresses, and notes within an encrypted vault.

5. Strong Password Generator

Strong Password Generator

Strong Password Generator is an excellent web app that can generate passwords of any specified length for RAR files. So, you can make your RAR passwords as long as you like with this tool. SPG also enables its users to configure passwords to include or exclude upper and lower case letters, numbers, or symbols.

What sets Strong Password Generator apart from some of the others, however, is that it enables you to import generated passwords to other devices. The generator’s page includes a QR code for passwords that you can scan with your mobile devices. There’s also a separate Import Password to Phone page for importing passwords on tablets or smartphones.

6. MSD SERVICES Random Password Generator

MSD’s random password generator web app

MSD’s random password generator web app includes the same character settings for small and upper case letters, numbers, and symbols as other alternatives. Users can also enter any maximum length value in RPG’s Max Password Length box.

Unlike some alternative generators, MSD’s generator includes a Num Passwords box for users to specify how many passwords it generates. If you need different passwords for 10 RAR archives, you can simply enter 10 in the Num Passwords box.

This random password generator also incorporates a unique “Pronounceable” algorithm setting alongside the “Random” option. When you select that setting, RPG will provide passwords in a more pronounceable form instead of completely random strings of letters and numbers. That’s a good option; more alternative generators should include.

7. TECHZOOM Password Generator

TECHZOOM Password Generator

TECHZOOM Password Generator is one of the most comprehensive and flexible web apps for creating RAR archive passwords. Its users can configure the number of passwords it generates, password length (up to 80 characters), and even alternative credit card and standard output settings.

TECHZOOM Password Generator has the same upper/lower case, number, and character settings as others. However, its users can also configure the generator to exclude certain letters and numbers from passwords. Furthermore, TECHZOOM generator users can enter additional unique characters to include within generated passwords. So, this generator app is more flexible than most alternatives.

8. PwCrack Password Generator

The Password Crackers password generator

This password generator on the Password Crackers website includes all the essential configuration options for generating strong passwords. Its users can enter values for password quantity and length up to 64 characters. There are also options for including letters, numbers, mixed-case letters, and special characters. Plus, users can select an option for excluding repeating characters, which isn’t a setting alternative password generators include.


Those are some of the best password generators for encrypted RAR files. With those web apps and software, you can generate much more full-proof passwords for your encrypted RAR archives. If you can’t remember all your generated RAR archive passwords, check out some of the additional password manager tools available for download on some of those generator’s websites.

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