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How to Reset Samsung Laptop Password If Locked Out

Like most Laptops, Samsung Laptops run on Windows Operating System, meaning resetting the Samsung Laptop Password remains the same as resetting the Windows Password. Nevertheless, some users might struggle to follow the universal guide to removing Windows passwords. That is why we bring you this dedicated guide discussing how to unlock your Samsung Laptop Password.

You will discover three ways to bypass the Password on Samsung Laptops: all work without requiring any Password and let you enter the Windows OS while keeping your data intact.

Method 1. Best Way to Reset Samsung Laptop Password

While there are two more ways to reset the Samsung Laptop Password, PassFab 4Winkey is the most reliable, safe, and secure way to unlock Samsung Laptop Password. The reason is that the software has the highest success rate in recovering Windows passwords. Also, the program is simple to use, allowing even the least tech-literates to change the password successfully.

Note: For this method, you will need another Windows computer and a formatted USB flash drive.

Follow these simple steps to learn how to reset Samsung Laptop without a Password:

Step 1. Download and Install PassFab 4WinKey on another computer.

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  • After installation, Open the PassFab 4WinKey application.
  • Insert the USB drive into the computer you have installed the application.
  • From the main interface, choose USB Flash Drive.
  • Click on Next to initiate the burning process.
PassFab 4Winkey -  the option to reset Samsung Laptop password

Wait a few seconds to complete the burning process, and then Eject the USB flash drive successfully.

Step 2. Insert the USB flash drive into the locked Samsung Laptop.

  • Start or Restart the Samsung Laptop and press F2 when you see the Samsung logo on the start screen. This will open the BIOS menu options.
  • From there, use the arrow keys to move and access the boot menu to see the list of all drives.
  • Highlight the inserted USB flash drive, and move the USB drive to the top of the list to make it a priority. (Changing Boot Order is critical because the Laptop will boot via the inserted drive, not the Hard drive on which the OS is installed).
  • After prioritizing the inserted USB flash drive, Save and Exit the BIOS menu.
The BIOS menu on Samsung Laptop highlighting the inserted USB flash drive

Step 3. The Samsung Laptop will restart once you Save and Exit the BIOS menu settings.

  • Upon restarting, you will see the interface of PassFab 4WinKey showing you the installed OS on your computer.
  • Choose the Installed Windows OS and click on Next to proceed.
PassFab 4Winkey showing the Windows System installed on the Samsung Laptop

Step 4. On the next interface, choose the desired User Account (the one created on the Samsung Laptop).

  • Then on the same tab, choose Remove Account Password.
  • And then click on Next.
PassFab highlighting the options to Remove Account Password from the Samsung Laptop Password

As soon as you click on the Next toggle, PassFab 4WinKey will show you the progress bar of the Password removal. Once the removal completes, you will see the Reboot option.

Click on Reboot.

PassFab interface highlighting the option to reset the Samsung Laptop Password

Once you opt for Reboot, the Samsung laptop will restart. And Windows will not ask you for any password at the time of login for the selected User Account.

There you go! You will discover the next two methods are not much more complex to follow. So it is best to utilize PassFab 4Winkey instead and access the Samsung Laptop with all your data and settings intact. Nevertheless, if you do not want to use any third-party tools for the Samsung Laptop Password reset process, the following methods will assist you.

Method 2. Reset Samsung Laptop Password Using a Password Reset Disk

If you pre-created a Password Reset Disk, you could use it to Reset the Samsung Laptop Password. However, notice the word — pre-created — meaning this method works only if you have chosen to create the Password Reset Disk.

Note: Password Reset Disk works only for the user that created it, meaning you can’t employ someone else’s.

If you have created a Password Reset Disk beforehand, follow along to Unlock your Samsung Laptop Password:

Step 1. Switch on the Samsung Laptop. And insert the Password Reset Disk.

  • On the sign-in screen, attempt to enter the password.
  • Choose the Reset Password option accessible under the password command.
  • You will see the Password Reset Wizard box.
  • Select the inserted USB flash drive or CD from the list of options.
  • And click on Next.
The Password Reset Wizard highlighting the Password Reset Disk

Step 2. Reset the Samsung Laptop Password

  • On the next screen, type in the new password.
  • Confirm the password.
  • Type in a hint
  • Click on Next.
  • Then select Finish on the next screen to save the changes successfully.
Password Reset Wizard highlighting how to reset Samsung Laptop Password

Yes, the process is more modest than the earlier method. But as mentioned, you must have a Password Reset Disk for this method to work. Moreover, it must be created from the same Samsung laptop you want to unlock.

Method 3. How to Reset Samsung Laptop Without Password using Installation Disk

Another method to unlock Samsung Laptop Password is via the Installation disk. Yes, you need an installation disk for this method to work. But unlike the Password Reset Disk — the installation disk can be created on another computer, meaning you can create the installation disk even if you haven’t already.

Follow these simple instructions to learn how to reset Samsung Laptop Password using the installation media:

Step 1. Insert the Installation media on the Samsung Laptop that is locked out.

  • Restart the Samsung Laptop boot via the installation disk.
  • Press F2 to enter the BIOS menu options when you see the Samsung logo.
  • Save and Exit, then restart the Samsung laptop.

Step 2. When you start, you will see a blue screen (the Windows Setup) instead of the usual Windows login screen. Once you see the blue screen (do not enter anything)  — press Shift+F10 to access the Command Prompt.

The Windows Setup screen showing the instructions to access Command Prompt

Type in the following command:

move d:\windows\system32\utilman.exe d:\windows\system32\utilman.exe.bak

Press Enter. You will see the confirmation saying: 1 file(s) moved.

Step 3. After you see the confirmation, type in this command:

copy d:\windows\system32\cmd.exe d:\windows\system32\utilman.exe

Press Enter. Again, you will see the confirmation message: 1 file(s) copied.

Command Prompt showing the commands to move the Ease of Access with cmd on the lock screen

Step 4. After the above two confirmations, type in the following command to reboot the Samsung device:

wpeutil reboot

At the time of reboot, ensure to remove the installation media when the screen of the Samsung Laptop goes dark. This is crucial because the BIOS menu will direct the computer to Boot via the same installation disk again.

Step 5. Click on the Ease of Access center from the lock screen to open the Command Prompt window. (The above-two commands were to replace the Utility Center with the CMD window).

Lock screen highlighting that the Utility Center is replaced with the Command Prompt

In the command prompt, type in the following command:

Note: Replace ‘USERNAME’ with the name of the user account that is locked out on Samsung Laptop. While replacing the PASSWORD with the new password of your choice.

Step 7. Press Enter.

Once the command is executed correctly, you will see a message: The command completed successfully.

Close the Command Prompt. And enter the new password to reaccess the locked Samsung laptop password.

So, there you have it. Quite complex, but it works! And you can change the Samsung Laptop Password using this method.

Note: Leave the Command prompt at the Utility Center on the lock screen. Or you can restore the Ease of Access menu by following the subsequent methods:  
1. Insert the installation disk.
2. Boot via the installation media.
3. Press the Shift+10 key on the installation setup screen.
4. Type in the following command in cmd:   move d:\utilman.exe d:\Windows\system32\utilman.exe  
5. Press Enter.
6. Cmd will ask permission to overwrite; type Yes.
7. Close the Cmd once you see: 1 file(s) moved message.
8. Remove the installation disk.
9. Restart the computer.  


1.  Can I reset the Samsung Laptop Password by formatting and resetting it?

Yes. But unlike any of these methods, formatting the Samsung laptop will come with data loss. And while you can restore the data on Windows 10 even after formatting the drive, the trouble is not worth going through — given that PassFab 4WinKey will unlock the Samsung laptop conveniently.

2.  Can I bypass Samsung Laptop (running Windows 10, 8, 7) admin password?

Yes, you can bypass the Samsung Laptop admin password even if you have forgotten it. You can follow this guide to bypass the admin password depending on the scenario suitable to your needs.


As you have seen, this guide caters to users of all skills to unlock Samsung Laptop Password conveniently. And hopefully, you must have reset the password successfully if you are here. If not, follow the above methods and reset the device quickly. As mentioned earlier, the first method — Reset via PassFab 4WinKey — is the most straightforward method for the Samsung Laptop Password reset process. Still, you can utilize the second method — Password Reset Disk — if you have created it earlier. And the third method caters to users having the installation disk.

Need faster recovery? PassFab 4WinKey is the way to go!

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