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How to Get Out of Safe Mode in Windows 7

“How to get out of safe mode Windows 7? When I rebooted the PC, it immediately opened the Windows 7 safe mode. However, I don’t know how to exit safe mode in Windows 7. Is there any simple method available that can enable me to resume normal operations on my computer?”

Safe mode usually comes in handy when there is something wrong with your operating system or computer hardware. You can fix said issues using the utility. However, users with less technical know-how could find it difficult to navigate the useful diagnostic mode. In this article, we will disclose how to turn safe mode off Windows 7. Moreover, we will share what causes the system to initiate the safe mode automatically on a Windows PC in the first place.

Cause for Windows 7 to Stuck in Safe Mode

Generally, the safe mode is the built-in feature of Windows that assists you in identifying something wrong with the computer and fixing it. However, It is quite rare that the safe mode becomes the reason behind you being unable to access your system properly. Still, if you are stuck in safe mode, it is vital to understand the reasons that caused the problem before applying the solutions to rectify it.

1. Human Error

Accidents are the prime reasons why you aren’t able to get out of Windows 7 safe mode. You might have accidentally enabled it while accessing the System Configuration on your computer. You can fix this issue by following method 2 in our article.

2. System Issue

Suppose your operating system is redirecting the PC towards safe mode upon startup. In that case, there could be some issue with the PC’s hard drive. To fix it, you might have to bring the system to a local recovery center.

3. Less Technical Knowledge

The majority of the users do not know much about the workings of their Windows 7 operating system. It includes not understanding the protocols behind exiting safe mode. However, this reason isn’t significant, and some tutorials could help one exit the safe mode.

Method 1. Get Out Of Safe Mode in Windows 7 via Command Prompt

Command Prompt is the go-to utility available on all modern versions of Windows to resolve software-related problems. You can easily access Command Prompt from the safe mode and turn it off. The method is as follows:

Step 1. Launch the Command Prompt utility as an Administrator on your Windows 7 PC.

Step 2. Enter the following command to initiate turning off the current safe mode settings:

bcdedit /deletevalue {current} safeboot

open cmd on the Windows 7 to turn off safe mode

Step 3. Lastly, you need to reboot the system to truly exit the safe mode. For that, enter the command stated below:

shutdown /r

restart the Windows 7 to exit the safe mode

Method 2. Turn Off Safe Mode in Windows 7 via System Configuration

The System Configuration tool inside Windows lets you manage what you want your computer to do upon startup. You can enable or disable specific apps. Moreover, you can change boot options like preventing the PC from automatically redirecting you to the safe mode.

You can learn how to turn off safe mode Windows 7 using System Configuration by applying the following steps:

Step 1. Open the Run dialogue box by pressing the Windows+R keys at the same time.

Step 2. Enter MSConfig into the window to access the System Configuration wizard.

Apply MSConfig in Windows 7

Step 3. Click on the Boot tab, and head toward the Boot Options section.

Step 4. Uncheck the Safe boot option, and click on Apply to enable the changes to the system.

Step 5. Hit OK to exit System Configuration.

disable safe boot in Windows 7

Method 3. Restart Windows 7 Normally via Advanced Boot Options

If none of the solutions mentioned above works for you, you can access the Boot Menu to exit the safe mode in Windows 7 manually. Once you run this technique, you will be sure to resume normal operations on the Windows 7 system.

The step-by-step guide is listed below:

Step 1. Restart your Windows 7 PC and hit the F8 key from the keyboard to access Advanced Boot Options.

Step 2. Using the keyboard’s downward arrow key, select Start Windows Normally and press Enter.

Start Windows 7 normally using the Boot Menu

That’s it!

FAQs about Safe Mode in Windows 7

If you have any queries or remaining issues related to managing safe mode in Windows 7, check out this section. We have answered some commonly occurring questions related to safe mode.

1. What is safe mode in Windows 7?

Whenever your PC is running at low efficiency due to some factors, Windows presents the safe mode to minimize the damage to the system. It allows you to run the computer using a small amount drivers and system files.

The conventional safe mode does not let you access the internet or network drivers. However, you can enable the internet in the said environment by selecting the Safe Mode with Networking option.

2. How to manually access Safe Mode in Windows 7?

There are numerous ways you can access safe mode in any version of Windows. However, the simplest method is launching it using the Boot Menu upon startup. The guide is as follows:

  • Restart your computer, and press F8 upon startup consistently.
  • You will access the Windows Advanced Options Menu after applying step 1.
  • Select Safe Mode or the Safe Mode with Networking using the arrow keys and hit Enter.

3. What Windows versions support running the safe mode?

You can access safe mode in every Windows version, starting from Windows 95 to Windows 10. Until Windows 7, the safe mode is accessible through Windows Advanced Options Menu by pressing the F8 key at startup. However, from Windows 8, you can enter it by hitting the Shift+F8 key simultaneously.

4. What are the different safe mode options?

There are three different safe modes that you can enable from the Windows Advanced Options Menu. They are as follows:

  • Safe Mode: It will allow you to run Windows on the computer with a small number of drivers. Generally, you will not be able to access the internet using this option.
  • Safe Mode with Networking: This mode will allow you to access the system’s network drivers and navigate the internet.
  • Safe Mode with Command Prompt: If you are an IT professional and wish to explore the Windows OS’s back-end to learn about the issues your system is having, then this mode is the right choice.


Entering safe mode is not necessarily a bad thing. It lets you identify some issues with the PC that you had ignored or not specified in the past. However, remaining stuck in the said environment could get irritating, especially if you do not know how to get out of safe mode Windows 7. Now you know the best three solutions to turn off safe mode and manage it efficiently in the future.

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