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How to Remove Sign-in Option in Windows 10

By default, when logging into Windows 10, you’re greeted with a sign-in screen. This is the barrier to entry into all of the options that the Windows 10 operating system provides. It’s a great security tool to have to prevent unwanted access. However, it can also be a mode of inconvenience.

Sometimes a user just wants to boot up their PC and have instant access to their apps and programs. Those not concerned with prohibiting others from access, or simply refuse to remember a lengthy password, will want to know how to remove Sign in option in Windows 10.

Multiple Sign-in Options in Windows 10

Windows 10 offers six different options for security access, all of which possess different login methods. The first three methods are only available to those with access to the Windows Hello setup. The latter three are generic sign-in options available to all Windows 10 users. We will explore them all and how you can disable them.

Each sign-in option will require the same three steps to start:

1. Press Win + I to head directly to your Windows 10 Settings window. If keyboard shortcuts are disabled, you can navigate to Settings by opening the Windows menu and clicking the cog icon.

Windows 10 Settings window

2. From the Settings window, select Accounts.

select Accounts in Windows setting

3. In the left side panel, click Sign-in options.

click Sign-in options in Windows setting

After getting to this point, you can follow the instructions in each section moving forward.

How To Remove Windows Hello Face Sign-in Option in Windows 10

Windows Hello Face Sign-in uses biometric facial recognition that is more secure than a typical password. It’s one of the sign-in options that must be set up before it can be used. The setup requires a compatible camera and a PIN. So, if you have not yet set up Hello Face, you can skip this walkthrough. However, if you have set it up already, here are the instructions on how to remove Sign in Windows 10.

1. In the main panel, click Windows Hello Face.

choose Windows Hello Face

2. Click Remove.

How To Remove Windows Sign-in Hello Fingerprint Option in Windows 10

The Hello Fingerprint option locks access to Windows 10 behind a fingerprint scan. Similar to Hello Face, this option will require separate equipment and a PIN. Users who have this option already set up can follow these instructions.

1. In the main panel, click Windows Hello Fingerprint.

choose Windows Hello Fingerprint

2. Click Remove.

How To Disable Windows Hello PIN Sign-in Option in Windows 10

Both of the previous sign-in options –Hello Face and Hello Fingerprint– cannot be set up without a PIN. This means that if both of the other two are currently set up, removing the PIN will disable all three sign-in options in one fell swoop. Here is how to disable Sign in on Windows 10:

1. In the main panel, click Windows Hello PIN.

click Windows Hello PIN

2. To remove the PIN, click Remove.

click Remove to remove the PIN

3. Click Remove one more time and enter your account password when prompted. This will remove the Windows Hello PIN from sign-in.

How To Remove Security Key Sign-in Option in Windows 10

The Security Key option is a physical login that requires a PIN. Users can usually purchase a Security Key from computer accessory retailers. A security key USB is often used in conjunction with a fingerprint scanner. So, even if someone manages to get their hands on your Security Key, it will be virtually useless without your fingerprint and PIN.

1. In the main panel, click Security Key.

click Security Key

2. Click Manage.

Click Manage

3. You’ll then be prompted to insert your Security Key into an open USB port.

insert your Security Key into an open USB port

4. Once verified, click Reset, then Close.

How To Remove Local Password Sign-in Option in Windows 10

The most common way to access Windows 10 is through a password. However, if you’d like to skip the process completely, follow these instructions.

1. In the main panel, click Password.

click Password in Sign-in options

2. Click Change.

Click Change to disable sign in on Windows 10

3. Enter your current password, and click Next.

enter password and click Next to remove sign in option

4. In the next window, leave all fields blank, and press Next.

leave all fields blank in Windows

5. Click Finish in the last window to no longer require a password at sign-in.

How To Remove Picture Password Sign-in Option in Windows 10

The final sign-in option on Windows 10 is Picture Password. As it sounds, it replaces the need for a typed-out password, using a picture, and some gestures, in its place. Users can use their favorite image to sign in to Windows, as well as apps and services.

This is another option that will need to be set up before it can be disabled.

To disable this sign-in option on Windows 10, click Remove.

click Remove to remove picture password


Q1. Why Would You Ever Consider Removing Sign-in Options?

There aren’t many reasons to remove sign-in options from Windows 10 aside from convenience. The Windows 10 sign-in options play an important role in securing your Windows system. It is not recommended to remove these options if possible.

Q2. How Do The Sign-in Options Play An Important Role in Securing Your Windows System?

Very similar to an online account, you’ll want to ensure that your privacy is protected. The sign-in options in Windows 10 are a preventative measure from allowing third-person and malicious intrusions into your system. Removal of these options lowers your system’s defenses, putting all of your critical data at stake by making your computer more vulnerable to external attacks.

Q3. How Expensive Are Windows Security Keys?

A security key can run you anywhere from $20 to $80 USD. They come in various designs with their pros and cons. The prices vary depending on the retailer, make, and model.


It’s not the best security practice to remove the sign-in option in Windows 10. However, for easy accessibility to your system, you should now know how to easily remove the sign-in option in Windows 10.

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