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How to Get Into A Locked Windows 7 Computer

“I changed my Windows password yesterday. Today, when I try to open my account, it says the password is invalid. I may have forgotten my Windows password. There are many important files inside my computer that I need urgently. Is there a way I can get back into my locked Windows 7 computer?” – A User Question on the Internet

Have you encountered the same issue as the user above and locked out of Windows 7? Are you wondering how to get into a locked computer with Windows 7? Don’t worry. We have straightforward solutions for your problem!

People get locked out of their laptop Windows 7 and feel that it is the end of the world, and nothing can fix it. But that’s not the case. Our priority would be to get you out of your locked Windows 7 using the easy methods in this article.

Method 1. Get Into A Locked Computer Windows 7 with A Password Reset Disk

Whenever you are locked out of a computer Windows 7, the first and foremost method to regain access is using a password reset disk. However, a solid limitation of this method is that it requires you to have a password reset disk in advance. You can only create one when you are logged into your computer.

Follow the below steps to reset your password in Windows 7 using the password reset disk:

STEP 1. Restart Your Computer.

STEP 2. Insert your Password Reset Disk.

STEP 3. Wait for the Password Login Screen to Appear.

STEP 4. Enter an Invalid Password and Click on Reset Password Option.

Windows 7 Login Interface Screen

A password reset wizard will appear. Click the Next button to proceed.

Windows 7 Password Reset Wizard

STEP 5. Select your Password Reset Disk Drive.

Selecting the Password Reset Disk Drive from Password Reset Wizard

STEP 6. Enter your New Password Details.

After selecting the reset disk drive, click on the Next button and enter the new password details.

Entering the new password details in Password Reset Wizard

STEP 7. Restart and log in with your New Password.

Voila! Now you can access your locked Windows 7 computer with the new password.

Note: If you did not have the password reset disk refer to the other two methods.

Method 2. Get Into A Locked Computer Windows 7 Through A Software

If you are disappointed that you could not unlock your Windows 7 computer because you did not create a password reset disk when you had the chance. Well, you can reset your Windows 7 password without disk. But how?

PassFab 4Winkey is an excellent Windows password recovery software. Whether you want to recover your forgotten password, reset it, or even remove it, PassFab 4Winkey has got your back.

Using PassFab 4Winkey, we will help you get into your locked computer Windows 7. To begin, follow the below steps:

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STEP 1. Launch PassFab 4Winkey.

Download the software and launch it from another system you are not locked out.

PassFab 4WinKey

STEP 2. Connect a USB drive or Insert a CD/DVD.

STEP 3. Select Boot Media and Click Next.

Here, you can select CD/DVD or USB Flash Drive, depending on what you possess. For this tutorial, a USB Flash Drive will be used. After selecting the USB Flash Drive, click Next.

PassFab 4Winkey Selecting the USB Flash Drive

STEP 3. Wait for the Software to Complete Burning Bootable Disk.

PassFab 4Winkey Burning Bootable Disk for Windows 7

STEP 4. Insert the USB Drive into Your Locked Computer Windows 7.

After the software burn disk is complete, turn on your locked computer Windows 7. Make sure to plug the USB drive in before turning it on and press the F12 or ESC option to access the Boot menu.

Note: If these keys did not give you access to the Boot menu, please check for the Boot startup keys for your laptop model.

STEP 5. Select USB from the Boot Menu of BIOS Setup.

Select the Boot menu in the BIOS settings, then select boot device priority settings. After accessing the settings, make your booted USB drive a priority. Once selected, press F10, and the system will restart.

Selecting Boot Device Priority

Selecting Boot Device Priority on Windows 7

STEP 6. Select Windows 7 OS from Interface Screen.

After restarting, the system will boot the PassFab 4Winkey interface. Select the Windows 7 OS through which you are locked out.

PassFab 4WinKey select Windows 7 OS

STEP 7. Remove Your Windows User Account Password.

Choose your user account from which you are locked out and remove its password. You can remove the password by selecting the “Remove Account Password” feature and then click the Next button.

PassFab 4WinKey Windows 7 password remove Option

STEP 8. Click the Reboot Button and Access Your System.

Once the password removal process is complete, restart your system. Remove the bootable USB drive before continuing, and your system will load with Windows 7 OS now. You will no longer be locked out, and no login password is required this time.

Method 3. Get Into A Locked Computer Windows 7 by Factory Reset

We have another way if the above two methods do not work for you. This method will tell you how to factory reset your Windows 7 computer using the system restore option.

A drawback of using this method is that you lose data. It restores the last working point of your system. Restoring that working point means losing all the changes and updates of file and system settings made after that point. While losing those updates, it can also restore removed viruses into the system, causing further damage.

Follow the below steps to get into your locked Windows 7 computer by factory reset:

STEP 1. Turn on your computer and Press F8 to Access Advanced Boot Options.

STEP 2. From the Advanced Boot Options List, Choose Repair Your Computer Option.

Opening Repair Your Computer from Advanced Boot Options

STEP 3. Select your Preferred Keyboard Layout and Click Next.

STEP 4. Choose the System Restore option from System Recovery Options.

System Restore selection through System Recovery Options

STEP 5. Select “Choose a different restore point” and press Next.

Choosing a different restore point option in the System Restore interface screen

STEP 6. Choose the restoring point from the list and click Next.

STEP 7. Confirm the selection by pressing the Yes button.

STEP 8. Wait for the procedure to complete.

Following the steps, you can restore your system to an earlier option. It will help you get to the point where you are not locked out from your Windows 7 computer.


Coming towards the end, we know that there is always a possibility that you can forget your computer’s password due to any reason. Hence it can result in you being locked out of your computer.

For a Windows 7 user, we hope you can access your locked system through the methods explained. It’s always better to have a password reset disk in advance and easily unlock the computer through the first method. Otherwise, you may have to factory reset your Windows 7 computer or use external software.

The best method to unlock your Windows 7 computer is PassFab 4Winkey. It is easy to use for a user of any expertise because it guarantees to unlock your Windows 7 computer system.

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