How to Remove Watermark from Word Document

Removing Watermark from Word is just as simple as inserting a Watermark in the Word document. In fact, the option, as you will discover, to remove the Watermark from Word Windows & Mac (any edition) is present on the same tab from which you have created in the first place. But rest easy, even if you do not know about the option, as this guide describes everything related to erasing the Watermark from the Word document.

How to Remove Watermark from Word Document

Read on to find how to remove Watermark from Word documents. The method is applicable on all Word versions, i.e., Word 2007, Word 2011, Word 2016, Word 2019, Word for Office 365, Word Online, and Word for Mac and Word for Mac 2011.

Part 1. How to Remove Watermark in Word Document on Windows

You can effortlessly remove the Watermark in Word by locating the Design tab from the ribbon. Here’s how to remove Watermark in Word on Windows:

Step 1. Open the Word document from which you want to remove the Watermark. (Assuming the Word doc is unlocked — you will see the default screen as shown below).

Step 2. Choose the Design tab and select Watermark (within the Page Background section).

Note: The Design tab is not obtainable on Word 2016, 2016, and Word Online, and Word on Office 365. On the older versions, i.e., Word 2010 & Word 2007 — the Page Background is accessible under the Page Layout tab instead.

Click on Remove Watermark (from the bottom).

Word 2016 showing how to remove Watermark from Word document on Windows

Note: This will remove the Watermark even from the header section. In case you still notice the Watermark in the header section, it means that Word has anchored the Watermark. Still, you can double-click in the header section and remove it manually.

Part 2. How to Remove Watermark in Word Document on Mac

The method to remove Watermark in Word document on Mac is pretty much similar to the above Windows methods. Still, to spoonfeed you — here’s how to remove Watermark in Word for Mac:

Step 1. Open the desired Word document on Mac. (In case it is password protected, you can click on this link and learn to unlock it).

Step 2. Click on the Design tab.

Note: If you are using Word for Mac 2011 edition — choose Page Layout and then follow the subsequent steps.

And from the Page Background options (right-most corner) — select Watermark to view the Insert Watermark options.

Choose No Watermark.

Word for Mac highlighting the option to remove Watermark on Word for Mac

There you go! You have now learned how to remove Watermark in Word for Mac.

FAQs About Watermark in Word Document

1. How to Remove Draft Watermark in Word?

You can follow the above methods to remove the draft watermark in Word that. Follow Part 1 in this guide to remove watermark from Word on Windows, whereas Mac users can remove draft via Part 2.

2. How can I insert a new watermark after removing Watermark from the Word document?

Follow these simple steps to create a new watermark in a Word document:

  • Select Design.
  • Choose Watermark from the Page Background section.
  • Select the desired Watermark (available ones) or choose the Custom Watermark to create one yourself.

You can learn how to insert a new text or picture Watermark from Word.

3. How can I remove pictures from Word documents?

Follow these simple steps to remove pictures from a Word document:

  • Open the Word document.
  • Press Ctrl+H.
  • Type in ^G in the Find: section.
  • Click Replace All (to remove all the graphics at once).

You can learn more about removing pictures from Word documents here.

4. How can I remove a blank page from a Word document?

Follow these simple steps to learn how to remove blank pages from a Word document:

  • Navigate to the blank page in the Word document.
  • Put your cursor on the outer edge and press the backspace or delete button on the keyboard. Doing so will remove the blank page from a Word document successfully.


Now that you have learned how to remove watermarks from a Word document, you can simply easily remove them from any word document. This guide includes all the ways to remove the Watermark from Word for Windows or Word for Mac (all editions), so follow one that suits your needs.

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