How to Recover Forgotten Word Document Password (.doc or .docx)

Some people encrypt confidential word documents with a password to ensure that no other person opens the documents except the designated persons. But, many things may happen, and you may lose/forget the password to a word document. This article details how you can recover forgotten word document password. The processes for this action are straightforward and intuitive; it won’t take you much time to successfully recover word document password following this guide.

Method 1. Recover Forgotten Word Document Password with iSunshare Word Password Genius

iSunshare Word Password Genius remains the best and most comprehensive software for recovering forgotten word doc password. This software program has a user-friendly interface that intuitively details all the features of the program, as well as offers different recovery modes. iSunshare Word Password Genius supports up to four unique modes for recovering word document password efficiently.

Also, there a bunch of configurable parameters available on this program. Plus, it can recover word passwords of any length (only the pro version). With more features supported by this program, plus the ease-of-use, iSunshare Word Password Genius is the best word password recovery you can trust. Whether your word document is saved as .doc or .docx, this software will run it swiftly and get you the password to access the contents.

How to Recover Word Password with iSunshare Word Password Genius

Before discussing how to recover word password with iSunshare Word Password Genius, you have to download the program and install it on your PC first. This software is only 7MB in size; it is a lightweight utility, specially designed for speed. Also, the installation process is a breeze and doesn’t take up to a minute to complete. iSunshare Word Password Genius is compatible with all Windows OS versions down to Win97.

Get iSunshare Word Password Genius

Step 1. After installing this program to your PC, double-click on the desktop icon and launch the program. You’ll be greeted by an all-inclusive yet easy-to-understand interface. Simply click on the “Open” button to import your encrypted word document into the software. Interestingly, this software supports both doc and docx word document formats.

recover Word document password with iSunshare word password genius

Step 2. There are four modes supported by this program for recovering a forgotten password of word documents. You have to identify a Recover Type to continue. Here, you will choose between “Normal,” “Mask,” “Dictionary,” and “Smart.”

Select a recover type to recover forgotten word password

  • Normal mode is used when you don’t know the password or do not remember any character included in the password.
  • Mask mode is when you remember the beginning character or characters; here, you will identify the beginning characters and represent the unknown letters/characters with asterisks (*).
  • Dictionary mode works perfectly when the password of the doc file is a dictionary word, such as “keyboard,” “computer,” and the likes. This program comes with an inbuilt dictionary for running this mode; however, you can still use a custom dictionary if available.
  • Smart recovery mode takes more time to run because it tries all possible characters to get the word file password.

Now, you can choose a recovery type to crack the password used to encrypt any doc or docx file. Also, the recovery mode you choose and how you configure the needed parameters will determine if this software would recover the forgotten word password fast or faster.

word password range

You have to set the Range and Length parameters, which instruct the software of the minimum/maximum password length and the range of letters it should search in-between.

word password auto save

You have to set a time-interval for iSunshare Word Password Genius to auto-save the password recovery process (this can be very important).

word password options tab

Furthermore, on the “Options” tab, you can define the priority options for your word password recovery process, as well as choose a folder for log files.

Step 3. After you have identified a recovery mode, and equally set the important parameters, next is to trigger the recovery process by clicking on the “Start” button.

Wait for iSunshare Word Password Genius to completely crack and recover the password for your locked word document. The password would be shown in a pop-up window with a “Copy” button beside; click on the Copy button to copy the password. Now, you can go and access the Word document file expressly by using the password to unlock it when you see the password prompt.

iSunshare Word Password Genius works in just three simple steps: import, choose a recovery type and crack. The interface is such that everyone could understand very well. Plus, it functions faster than other Word Password Recovery software.

Method 2: Recover Forgotten Word Document Password Online (Not Recommended)

It is very much possible to recover forgotten word password using some online tools. However, this method is NOT RECOMMENDED because it exposes your private/sensitive data to 3rd parties. When you use an online tool, and the website successfully cracks your doc file’s password, it means the guys behind the site can virtually access the file, which makes your sensitive unsafe in the wrong hands.

Also, most of these online tools may never be able to recover a forgotten word password, but they’ll still claim they can do it. Trying to use an online tool is never recommended for the sake of your safety and sensitive data that may be contained in the word document.

How to Recover Forgotten Word Password Online

  1. Open a web browser and go to
  2. Click on the Upload button and add the encrypted word document
  3. Enter your email address in the next window
  4. Log in to your email and follow the link sent to you
  5. The decryption process will start immediately, and you’ll also get another email when the process is completed
  6. Follow the new email to download your Word document; you can now access the file expressly.


iSunshare Word Password Genius is very much efficient to recover your forgotten word document password, and it does that quite very fast. The program is stocked with a bunch of flexible parameters to help for its purpose. Everybody can use iSunshare Word Password Genius because of its intuitiveness; also, it is our only recommended method for this action.

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