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How to Unsecure PDF File Without Password

PDF (Portable Document Format), a file format that is used to present documents. PDF file format is popular because it can show a consistent document format to anyone regardless of any technology barrier.

But why you need to unsecure a PDF? A PDF file can be secured with a password by its creator. In addition, a secured PDF file can have restrictions for printing, editing, or copying the contents of a PDF.

So, how to unsecure PDF files? Is it possible? To be specific, YES, it is possible. Here, we will tell you three quick and simple ways which you can use to unsecure a PDF file without a password.

Let’s begin and make sure you follow the below methods step-by-step.

Unsecure PDF File without Password Using Google Chrome

The first method that we will discuss is using Google Chrome to unsecure PDF files. The majority of the users have Google Chrome, and the best thing about Google Chrome is that it comes with its built-in PDF reader and writer. For this method to work, you must know the current-set password of your PDF file.

To unsecure PDF file using Google Chrome, follow the below steps:

STEP 1: Open your secured PDF file with Google Chrome

Go to your PDF file, right-click on it, and select Open with >> Google Chrome from the menu.

Opening secured PDF file through Google Chrome

STEP 2: Right-click anywhere in the opened PDF document and choose “Print”

After entering the current password of the secured PDF file, right-click anywhere and select the “Print” option.

Entering current password of secured PDF file inside Google Chrome

Choosing the print option in Google Chrome

STEP 3: Choose Microsoft Print to PDF option and press the Print button

Choosing Microsoft Print to PDF option and then clicking on the Print button

STEP 4: Save your file on your desired location

After clicking on the Print button, a pop-up will come. You need to select where you want to save your unsecured PDF file and then click the Save button. Your PDF file will be kept in that location without any password.

Choosing the location to save the unsecured PDF file

Unsecure PDF File without Password Using Software

There can be a case where you forgot your secured PDF file password. You must be thinking that it is impossible to unsecure the PDF file in such a scenario. But, as we have told you earlier, we are here to help you with any case.

In this method, we will use PassFab for PDF software that allows you to unsecure PDF files that are password protected in an automated way. PassFab for PDF uses various encryption algorithms to unlock your PDF documents. It is fast, reliable, and gives 100% password decryption for your secured PDF file.

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To use PassFab for PDF to unsecure your PDF file, follow the below steps:

STEP 1: Download and then Install PassFab for PDF Software

You can easily download it from its official website. PassFab for PDF is currently available for all Windows versions. After downloading, install the software using default settings.

Get PassFab for PDF Now

STEP 2: Launch PassFab for PDF software

Once it is downloaded and installed on your Windows computer, launch it by double-clicking on its icon.

STEP 3: Add your secure PDF file in the PassFab for PDF software

You can add your PDF file to the software by clicking on the Add button on the main interface screen of PassFab for PDF software. After clicking on the Add button, a file selection prompt will appear. Using the prompt, find and locate your secured PDF file and click on the Open button.

PassFab for PDF main interface screen

Choosing secured PDF file to add in PassFab for PDF software

STEP 4: Once the secured PDF file has been added, select the password attack type

PassFab for PDF software offers three different types of password attack types:

  • Dictionary Attack – This attack works by applying a list of frequently used passwords. You can even provide a list of your own frequently used passwords or even use the in-built dictionary. Only use this method when you are sure that your secured PDF file has a commonly used password. You can choose the dictionary by clicking on the small settings icon in front of this option.
  • Brute Force with Mask Attack – If you remember hints about your passwords such as your password lengths, number of characters, or the upper or lower case letters. You can go for this option. To set the Mask settings, click the small settings icon in front of this option.
  • Brute Force Attack – This is the third and the last option for password recovery. It tries out all the possible combinations there can be for a password. It can be time-consuming and slow, depending upon your password.

select attack mode to unsecure PDF forgot password

STEP 5: After selecting the attack option, click on the Start button

Once the Start button is pressed, the password recovery process will begin. You can stop the recovery process if needed.

STEP 6: After the recovery process is complete, a new pop-up window will appear with your password

Now you can see the recovered password. You can click on the Copy button and use the password to unlock your secured PDF file.

PassFab for PDF recovered password display screen

STEP 6: Unsecure your PDF file

Now you have the recovered password. You can use Google Chrome (first method), Adobe Acrobat, or even the Soda PDF tool (third method) to unsecure your PDF file.

Unsecure A Secured PDF File Online

Most users prefer doing things online. If you are one of them and wonder if an automated online tool can unsecure your PDF file without much hassle, this method is a perfect match for you. However, you need to know your current-set PDF password to use this method.

In this method, we will use Soda PDF to unsecure a PDF file. It is a simple method, and you can quickly work your way around it. Just follow our step-by-step guide for it:

STEP 1: Open Soda PDF website by visiting https://www.sodapdf.com/unlock-pdf/ from any browser

STEP 2: Once the page is loaded, click on Choose File button

Choosing secured PDF file in Soda PDF website

STEP 3: In the Choose File prompt, locate and select your secured PDF file and click on Open Button

Locating and selecting the secured PDF file

STEP 4: Once the file is uploaded, enter your secured PDF password

Entering secured PDF file password in the input dialog box of Soda PDF website

STEP 5: After entering the password, click on UNLOCK button

Clicking Unlock button on Soda PDF website

STEP 6: Once the unlocking process is complete, choose the VIEW & DOWNLOAD IN BROWSER option from the website

Clicking the View & Download button after the PDF file has been unsecured

Now your PDF file will be successfully unsecured. You can easily view it and save it anywhere on your computer. Your new saved PDF file will be unsecured and without any password.


PDF file secure feature to restrict PDF files from printing, editing, or copying is a handy feature. However, it can be substantially troublesome if you forget the password or find it tedious to enter the password every time to access your PDF file.

The good news is that you can easily unsecure your PDF file to save time. If you remember your current-set PDF password, use Google Chrome or Soda PDF online tool to unsecure your PDF file.
However, if you do not remember your current-set PDF password, PassFab for PDF can help you in that case. PassFab for PDF is handier because it allows you to unsecure your PDF file and helps you successfully recover your forgotten password.

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