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How to Unlock Toshiba Laptop Forgot Password without Disk

Whether business laptops or personal laptops, data is important to everyone. But it gets compromised when you forgot the password on Toshiba laptop, and you don’t know how to unlock Toshiba laptop without disk. Don’t worry; our step-by-step tutorial is published here to teach you how to unlock Toshiba laptop forgot password.

Method 1. Best Software to Reset Password on Toshiba laptop Without Disk

It’s quite obvious that you’d want to use the best software to unlock forgot password on Toshiba laptop if you’re seriously concerned about all the personalized software, digital resources, and other data present in your laptop. Therefore, your first choice should be to use the PassFab 4WinKey. It gives you the authority to effortlessly reset your password without having to reinstall the Windows OS.

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With PassFab 4WinKey, you can reset the password of your admin account and your local account.

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Step 1: Go to PassFab 4WinKey website from a different laptop/PC. Download the software and install it.

Step 2: Double click on PassFab software, the first screen that’s prompted will ask you whether you want to create the Windows password recovery disk on a CD/CVD or a USB flash drive. Choose the one that’s convenient for you.

Choose USB/CD/DVD to create a Toshiba laptop password reset disk

Step 3: Clicking on the “Create” button will begin burning the password reset disk.

Burning Toshiba password reset disk

Step 4: Wait until you see “Burning Successfully” displayed on your screen, and you’re ready to unlock your Toshiba laptop.

Toshiba laptop password reset disk Burning complete

Step 5: Now pop in the Windows recovery disk you just created into your Toshiba laptop’s USB/CD/DVD slot.

Step 6: Press the “Restart” button on your laptop, and while your computer is booting, keep pressing the “F12” key, and let your laptop boot into Boot Menu.

Step 7: Now, set the Windows password recovery disk that you inserted in your laptop as your primary boot option. Save the settings and exit the Boot Menu.

Boot Menu in Toshiba laptop

Step 8: Restart your Toshiba laptop and let it boot from the external bootable storage drive containing a password recovery program. You’ll land into the PassFab 4WinKey program’s main screen asking you to select the current Windows OS version that your Toshiba laptop is running, i.e., Windows XP/Vista/10 or others.

Step 9: The next screen will prompt, asking you to choose which account you’d want to remove or which account’s password you’d want to reset. You can go for Administrator, Default Account, or Guest Account.

Reset Password Menu in Toshiba laptop

Step 10: Since you want to unlock your Toshiba laptop by resetting its password, you’d choose that option and press “Next.” Now all you have to be patient while PassFab 4WinKey works its magic, and you’ll get your Toshiba laptop unlocked successfully.

Toshiba Password Reset Successful

Method 2. Unlock Toshiba laptop Without Disk Online

If you’re still wondering how to unlock Toshiba laptop forgot password and you’d prefer the online method of resetting your password that doesn’t involve using the disk. This section is for you.

The users running Windows OS 8/8.1/10 are lucky enough to have an option to reset their Windows password online by making use of Windows and Microsoft account synchronization. If “Sync” is enabled on your Toshiba laptop, you can follow the steps provided by us below to accomplish this task. All you’ve to do is head over to your Microsoft account online and follow these instructions.

Step 1: Try to log in to your Microsoft account using any web browser, obviously on a different computer. You’ll be denied access as you don’t know the password. Repeat this multiple times.

Step 2: Now, you’ll be allowed to reset your password via a security code. You’ll receive the security code on your alternate email ID that you must have added to this Microsoft account at the time of its creation as an additional security feature for times like these. All you’ve to do is enter the missing characters of your email ID and press “Send Code.”

Reset password for Toshiba laptop online

Step 3: Go to the inbox of your alternate email ID, and you’ll find an email from Microsoft containing your reset code. Enter this reset code on the Microsoft website, and you’ll be allowed to create a new password for your Microsoft account hopefully synced to your Toshiba laptop.

Method 3. Unlock Toshiba laptop with Command prompt in Safe Mode

In case you don’t know, Safe Mode is an indispensable feature of Windows OS which comes to your rescue when you accidentally or by chance install faulty software on your laptop or make certain changes that you want to undo. While your computer is in Safe Mode, all the accessorial features/programs are disabled, and you get a chance to get over that “I locked myself out of my Toshiba laptop” feeling. Follow the steps provided below to unlock the password of your Toshiba laptop via Command prompt in Safe Mode.

Step 1: You can perform a critical shut down/hard reboot on your laptop by pressing the shut down button and then turn it on to enter “Advanced Startup Settings” containing Safe Mode with Command Prompt option.

Step 2: Look for the “Safe Mode with Command prompt” option and click on the “Enter” button.

Unlock Toshiba laptop with Command prompt in Safe Mode

Step 3: Now wait a moment for all the files to load, and once it’s done, you’ll be prompted to sign in via an alternate admin / local account. After that, type the commands provided below, respectively.

Command 1: Type “net user,” command without the quotes to load all the available user profiles.

Command 2: After “net user,” type the name of your locked account followed by the new password you’d like to set. Don’t use any symbols/quotes shown in the syntax.

Toshiba laptop password reset from safe mode

Step 4: Your locked user account will get unlocked, and you can log in to your laptop via that account using the new password after a reboot.

Method 4. Unlock Toshiba Laptop without Disk by Factory Reset

Our final answer to your question “how to unlock Toshiba laptop forgot password” is by using Factory Reset Option to do so. It’s not as simple as it sounds as it will take you a good deal of time and patience to achieve the fate; however, you’ll successfully unlock your Toshiba laptop.

Step 1: Before getting started, we’d suggest you download the setup file for your Toshiba laptop if you don’t have one already.

Step 2: Burn this set up on a USB flash drive. To do so, install the program on any PC follow the onscreen instructions prompting you to select the USB Drive and start burning. You’ll be shown “Burning Successful message” when the process is completed.

Step 3: Reboot your Toshiba Laptop and make it boot from the bootable USB flash drive. We’ve discussed the process more comprehensively in method 1.

Step 4: Upon rebooting again, your laptop will boot from the USB drive, and the setup disk will start showing onscreen instructions.

Step 5: Follow this path to factory reset your Toshiba laptop.

Next > Repair your Computer > Troubleshoot > Reset this PC.

Step 6: Here, you’ll be provided with options to either “Remove Everything or Keep My Files”. If you select remove everything, your laptop will get a fresh start with no access to previous data. However, Keep My Files option will delete OS and programs but it’ll keep your files safe.

Step 7: Tapping on the “Reset” option will begin the factory reset process, and your Toshiba laptop will get unlocked as well.

Of all the methods provided regarding how to unlock Toshiba laptop password, we’d suggest you go for our top pick. I.e. PassFab 4WinKey, because this program lets you unlock your Toshiba laptop without having to go through much hassle and you also get to keep your Windows OS, programs and personal files. However, by saying that, we aren’t discouraging you to go for any of the other methods provided above, as all of the methods for resetting the password on Toshiba laptops have been tried and tested by the users.

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