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How to Unlock A Locked Gateway Laptop without Password

Anyone can forget a password, but it can be so troublesome when you can’t remember it. Trying different combinations of numbers and letters to unlock a password can be time-consuming and tiring. I saw a query posted by someone on the internet a few days ago, which was:

“I locked myself out of my Gateway laptop. I can’t remember the password. I tried to crack the password by using different tools but all in vain. Can anyone suggest a quick and easy method to unlock a locked Gateway laptop without a password?”

If you search for how to unlock a locked Gateway laptop computer without a password quickly, then keep reading because you will find the right solution here.

There are many methods to unlock a locked Gateway laptop. I will discuss the three most efficient ways below:

Method 1. Unlock A Gateway Laptop Computer with Password Reset Disk

You can’t change your password if you aren’t already logged into your computer. Most people would go to a computer repair shop or look for an after-sale service to tackle this issue. If you want to unlock a Gateway laptop computer, you can use the password reset disk method even if you have changed or forgotten your password countless times. You can still reset your local account on a Windows computer by using a password reset disk.

To unlock a Gateway laptop computer with a password reset disk, follow these easy steps:

Step 1: Go to the login page

To unlock a Gateway laptop computer, go to the login page. Type an incorrect password and press Enter. It will show an option to reset the password.

reset password on Gateway laptop

Step 2: Select the reset disk

Click the option Reset Password. You will see a Password Reset Wizard on the screen. In your Gateway laptop, insert your Windows password reset disk. Select the drive of the password reset disk and click Next.

select reset disk to unlock Gateway laptop

Step 3: Create a new password

Type a new password for your Windows. Rewrite it to confirm the password. You can also write a hint to remember the password in case you forget it again.

create new password for Gateway laptop


  • You can only create a new password, but this method doesn’t allow you to create a new Windows account, delete an account password or delete an old account.
  • This method can’t be used if your computer is locked and you haven’t created a password reset disk before.

Method 2. Unlock Gateway Laptop Password with Windows Password Reset Software

If you are wondering how to unlock the Gateway laptop password without system re-installation, you can use a Windows Password Reset Software. PassFab 4WinKey is an award-winning password reset software that has a success rate of 100%.

PassFab 4WinKey can create a Windows password reset disk with just one click. You can also delete or create a Windows account in a few minutes and remove or reset the local & admin password. PassFab 4WinKey is compatible with XP/Vista/ and Windows7/8/8.1/10.

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To unlock your Gateway laptop password, use the following easy steps:

Step 1: Download and Install

Go to the PassFab 4WinKey product page and click on FREE TRIAL. Follow the on-screen instruction to install PassFab 4WinKey on your unlocked computer.

Step 2: Create a password reset disk

Open PassFab 4WinKey and create a password reset disk. Select a boot media (USB flash drive or CD/DVD) and click Next.

create a password reset disk for Gateway laptop

You will lose all data in your CD/DVD or USB during formatting. Continue the process by clicking Next.

lose of data during formatting

Wait for a few seconds so that PassFab 4WinKey can successfully burn your USB or CD/DVD.

Step 3: Unlock your password

To unlock your locked Gateway computer, read the brief user guide on the software screen.

brief user guide to unlock Gateway laptop

Restart your computer and until the BIOS setup utility appears, keep pressing the boot key.

By using arrow keys, highlight the inserted disk name from boot options.

Press Enter.

open bios utility in Gateway laptop

The system will start to boot and load files.

system loading files in Gateway laptop

You will see an interface with the features of PassFab 4WinKey. Select the operating system on your hard drive partition and click Next.

select window system to unlock in Gateway computer

Select the account you want to unlock and the features of PassFab 4WinKey you wish to use.

You can choose from four operations:

  • Delete Windows Account
  • Remove Account Password
  • Create a New Account
  • Reset Account Password

In this article, we are using the feature of Remove Account Password of PassFab 4WinKey. Select it and then click Next.

choose account and reset account password

Congratulations, you have successfully unlocked a Gateway laptop computer.

restart Gateway computer

To restart your computer, click on Reboot and remove the boot disk.

Method 3. Unlock A Gateway Laptop Computer by Factory Reset

You can use the factory reset method if you have forgotten your password and want to reset your Gateway laptop password without re-installation. Follow these easy steps to unlock a Gateway laptop computer by factory reset method:

Step 1: Restart

Open the Gateway laptop. Press the Shift button and simultaneously press the Power button. Then click Restart.

Step 2: Troubleshoot

A screen will appear on your computer. Select the Troubleshoot option to start the troubleshooting process.

troubleshoot option in Gateway computer

Step 3: Reset

New options will appear under the Troubleshoot list. Click on Reset your PC.

reset your pc in Gateway laptop

After this, click on the Reset option.

reset this pc to unlock Gateway computer

Step 4: Remove files

The system will ask you if you want to clean the drives? Click on Just remove my files. This is a less secure but quick step.

just remove my files

This step will remove all old files from your computer and give your computer a new life by changing your PC settings back to default.

Please wait a few minutes. Your PC will be unlocked and restored to default settings.


  • This is a less secure method because you can lose your important data.
  • Your PC settings will be changed back to default settings.


There are so many methods on how to unlock my Gateway laptop password. You can easily unlock your Gateway laptop password without re-installation by using any of them. The most comfortable and effective method is to use a Password Reset Software like PassFab 4WinKey. PassFab 4WinKey can unlock your Gateway laptop without damage or loss of data. You can not only reset your password but also delete it and create or delete user accounts. We suggest you use PassFab 4WinKey to unlock your Gateway computer quickly.

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