How to Reset Windows 10/11 Password Using Command Prompt

Have you forgotten your Windows 10 user account password? Or are you unable to access your password-locked Windows computer? Not to worry, we will cover all your problems!

Whether you lost your password or locked out from your system, we will help you with solutions that will allow you to reset your Windows 10/11 password.

We will cover how to reset your Windows 10 password using Command Prompt. As a bonus, we will also share the easiest automated way to recover your Windows 10 password. Make sure to read and follow the steps carefully.

Option 1: Resetting Windows 10/11 Password using Command Prompt While Logged In

To reset local admin password Windows 10 using Command Prompt, first, we will cover how you can do it when you are currently logged into the system.

To use this method, we will assume the following scenario:

  • You are currently logged in to your Windows 10 computer.
  • Your account is an administrator account.

NOTE: If you are sure that the above scenario does not match you, please skip this method.

Now, to reset the Windows 10 password command prompt way, follow the below steps:

STEP 1. Confirming Admin Privileges

The first step is to ensure the account you are logged in is an admin account. You can do this by:

Open CMD using start-menu or by pressing Win Key + R.

Once you open the CMD, enter the command whoami; this will tell you the currently logged-in user.

whoami command in cmd Windows 10

The underlined text shows the current username that is logged in.

After that, enter the command net user username that will list the information about the current local account

net user command on Windows 10 Command Prompt

After entering the command, see the local group memberships section. If it states the Administrator group, then your current logged-in account is an administrator account.

STEP 2. Resetting the Password

Once you have confirmed that the logged-in account is an administrator privilege account, you can type net user username newpassword command into your cmd.

net user password reset command on Windows 10 Command Prompt

STEP 3. Password Reset Complete

Voila! You have done it. After executing the last command, your current account password is reset with the new one. You can log in to your Windows 10 with the new password.

Option 2: Resetting Windows 10/11 Password using Command Prompt without Logged In (Locked Out)

The first method we covered had strict restrictions on being logged in the system. But what to do if you are not logged in? Don’t worry. We have got your back.

If you want to reset your Windows 10 password using Command Prompt without being logged in, there are two ways:

  1. Using Windows 10 Safe Mode option to access CMD.
  2. Using Installation Disk to access CMD.

2.1. Reset Windows 10/11 Local Admin Password Using Safe Mode to Access CMD

The safe mode option in Windows 10 allows you to skip the user login screen and access the cmd. Follow the below steps to reset Windows 10 password using Command Prompt in Safe Mode:

STEP 1. Turn on your computer

STEP 2. Restarting in Safe Mode

On reaching the login screen, click on the Power button at the bottom and hold the Shift key while choosing the Restart option. After restart, Windows 10 will ask you if you wish to enter the safe mode boot.

safe mode restart through the login screen Windows 10

STEP 3. Select Troubleshoot Option from Advanced Boot Options

Accessing Troubleshoot screen is essential. It allows the management of bootup problems.

STEP 4. Select Advanced Options in the Troubleshoot Screen

Selecting Advanced options in Troubleshoot screen on Windows 10

STEP 5. Click on Startup Settings in Advanced Option Screen

choosing startup settings in advanced options on Windows 10

STEP 6. Restart Using Startup Settings

restarting through startup settings on Windows 10

STEP 7. Choose Safe Mode Option

After restarting, multiple options will be on the screen. Press 4 and click on the Enter button.

restarting into safe mode on Windows 10

STEP 8. Choose Safe Mode Option

After restarting, the Windows will open with a CMD and administrator account privileges in safe mode.

cmd in safe mode Windows 10

STEP 9. Reset Password Through Command

The command prompt is opened in safe mode. Just enter the command net user username newpassword, and it will reset the Windows 10 password with a new one.

net user password reset command in safe mode Windows 10

2.2. Reset Windows 10/11 Local Admin Password Using Installation Disk to Access CMD

If you cannot reset your Windows 10 password through the safe mode CMD option, we have another method for you. To make that work, you need a Windows 10 installation disk.

Follow the below steps to reset Windows 10 password using Command Prompt with an installation disk:

STEP 1. Boot System with the Installation Disk

First, you need to add the Windows 10 installation disk into your computer’s CD/DVD ROM and restart your system. The computer will automatically boot the installation disk, but if it does not, just go to BIOS and change boot settings.

STEP 2. Open CMD Window

After the computer boots up, just press Shift + F10 from your keyboard. It will result in opening the CMD window.

Installation Disk CMD window on Windows 10

STEP 3. Type move d:\windows\system32\utilman.exe d:\windows\system32\utilman.exe.bak command in CMD

Make sure to replace “d:” with your system drive letter. The output will show that 1 file is moved.

Using move command in CMD Windows 10

STEP 4. Type d:\windows\system32\cmd.exe d:\windows\system32\utilman.exe command in CMD

After pressing enter, you will see the ‘1 file copied’ message as output.

Using copy command in CMD Windows 10

STEP 5. Type wpeutil reboot command in CMD

After entering the command, hit enter and restart the system. Make sure to remove the installation disk from the system.

Using wpeutil reboot command in cmd Windows 10

STEP 6. Select Ease of Access Icon

After the system restarts and reaches the Windows 10 login screen, select the Ease of Access option in the bottom right corner.

ease of access option on windows 10 sign-in screen

STEP 7. Reset Password in the “utilman.exe” window

In the utilman.exe window, enter the command net user username newpassword. It will reset the older password with a new one.

net user password reset command on Windows 10 with installation disk

STEP 8. Revert “utilman.exe” Back

After the password has been reset, you need to revert the “utilman.exe” file. To do this, reinsert the installation disk and restart the system. Upon restart, press Shift + F10 from your keyboard. You will be able to see the CMD screen again. Enter the following commands in order:

ren utilman.exe cmd.exe
ren utilman.exe.bak utilman.exe
wpeutil reboot

After restart, remove the installation disk and use your system.

Bonus: The Easiest Way to Reset Windows 10/11 Forgotten Password

Suppose you can not reset Windows 10 password from the CMD method. In that case, we have an intuitive and easier way for you.

PassFab 4WinKey is a 3-step Windows password recovery tool. Using this, you can quickly recover or reset your Windows 10 password.

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Follow the below steps to reset Windows 10 Password using PassFab 4WinKey:

STEP 1. Launch PassFab 4Winkey

Download the software and launch it from another system from which you are not locked out.

Reset Windows 10 password using PassFab 4Winkey

STEP 2. Select Boot Media and Click Next

Here, you can select CD/DVD or USB Flash Drive, depending upon what you possess. Here, a USB Flash Drive will be used. After selecting the USB Flash Drive, click Next.

PassFab 4Winkey selecting the USB Flash Drive

STEP 3. Wait for Software to Complete Burning Bootable Disk

PassFab 4Winkey Burning Bootable Disk for Windows 10

STEP 4. Insert the USB Drive into Your Locked Computer

After the software burn disk is complete, turn on your locked computer. Make sure to plug the USB drive in before turning it on, and press the F12 or ESC option to access the Boot menu.

Note: If these keys did not give you access to the Boot menu, please check for the Boot startup keys for your system model.

STEP 5. Select USB from Boot Menu of BIOS Setup

Select the Boot menu in the BIOS settings, then select boot device priority settings. After accessing the settings, make your USB drive as 1st Boot Device priority. After selecting, press F10, and the system will restart.

Selecting Boot Device Priority on Windows 10

Selecting Boot Device Priority

STEP 6. Select Your OS from Interface Screen

After restarting, the system will boot the PassFab 4Winkey interface. Select the OS through which you are locked out.

PassFab 4WinKey Windows 10 OS selection

STEP 7. Reset Your Windows User Account Password

Choose the user account you wish to reset your password from, and then select the “Reset Account Password” feature. Then, enter your new password.

PassFab 4WinKey Account Reset Option for Windows 10

Entering a new password for Windows 10

STEP 8. Click the Reboot Button

After clicking on the Reboot button, remove the USB device. Your system will boot up with your Windows OS, and you can enter the newly resettled password to sign in. Read our 4WinKey Review here.


Now you know how you can reset passwords in Windows 10/11 using CMD. We focused on two ways: reset password when you are not locked out and the other to reset password even if you are completely locked out.

Out of all the solutions, the most convenient and more accessible was to reset using PassFab 4WinKey software, which is more accessible even for a novice user.

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