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How to Reset Forgotten Laptop Password

A strong password is highly recommended to prevent your computer system from any unwanted infiltrations. Often, we make a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols so complicated that it turned out to be hard to remember for ourselves. You probably want to figure out the reliable and straightforward laptop password reset techniques in such a case.

In this article, we will list down the various tried and tested methods to give you the definite solution to the problem, “I forgot my laptop password.” In this tutorial, you get a clear understanding of the techniques you can access your system without any hassle. Below are suitable methods about how to reset laptop password.

Method 1. Best Way To Reset Laptop Password If Forgot It

The users querying, “forgot my laptop password” wish to apply an instant yet safe procedure to access the computer. PassFab 4WinKey is a third-party Windows Password Recovery software, which is the best solution to reset laptop password that secures system settings & data during password recovery.

PassFab 4WinKey has a user-friendly interface for comfortable usage. The tool can be used to remove or reset the local and admin account password and delete or create a Windows Account. It guarantees the laptop password reset within a few minutes and without inconvenience.

If you ever forgot laptop password, you can easily install the PassFab 4WinKey over another Windows or Mac computer to generate the password reset disc. Later it can be used to unlock any of the sign-in options on your laptop. Follow the steps below to know how to reset laptop password using PassFab 4WinKey.

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Step 1. Install PassFab 4WinKey over another computer, and start the program.

select the option to create a laptop password reset disc

Step 2. Insert a USB or CD/DVD drive into the computer, select the appropriate option on the interface, and hit the “Next” button.

Step 3. Click the “Next” button on the pop-up window to begin the disc burning, and within seconds the password recovery disc is created.

hit the boot menu key as per the laptop model

Step 4. Now insert the disc into the locked laptop, and hit the Boot Menu Key (Esc/ F12/ F9, or other) to enter the Boot Menu. Select the inserted disc in the Boot Screen and hit the “Enter” key followed by the “Esc” key to exit the BIOS.

select the OS running on the laptop you want to reset password
[Alt: select the OS running on the laptop you want to reset]

Step 5. Once the system restarts, the PassFab 4WinKey interface opens up.

choose the option for laptop password reset

Step 6. Since you want to reset laptop password, select the “Reset Account Password” option from the list after choosing the locked account, and hit the “Next” button.

enter a new password in the password window

Step 7. Enter a new password in the pop-up window, and click the “Reset” button.

Step 8. Hit the “Reboot” button to complete the process, and restart the laptop.

PassFab 4WinKey successfully reset laptop password

PassFab 4WinKey successfully does the laptop password reset.

Method 2. Reset Laptop Password With Password Reset Disk

If you have accidentally forgotten laptop password or confused with correct combinations, you cannot access the system. In such situations, you can use your unique password reset disc to reset laptop password.

But this option hardly works in crisis as it is necessary to have the disc pre-created, which most of us do not bother about. Most of the time, these password reset discs get corrupted or do not work adequately, which is annoying. If you have the disc with you, you can apply the below-given steps for a laptop password reset.

Step 1. Turn on your laptop, and insert the password reset disc into the system.

Step 2. Type any character combination into the sign-in space, and click on the “Reset Password” link.

hit the next button to begin the password reset process in laptop

Step 3. Follow the onscreen instructions, and hit the “Next” button to proceed further.

Step 4. Type a new character combination when prompted by the wizard, and follow the instructions to complete the process.

After the laptop restarts, you can sign in to the system using the new password.

Method 3. Reset Laptop Password With Microsoft Account

If you have Windows 8 or above version OS on your laptop, you can even use the Microsoft Account for laptop password reset. It is a quick method to access your computer, but the only condition applied is that you should have pre-activated the Microsoft Account on your laptop.

You can use another device to access the Microsoft Account and read the steps given below to know how to reset laptop password using your Microsoft Account.

enter the Microsoft account & click next

Step 1. Open the Microsoft Account website and enter the Email address on the Sign-in page.

click forgot password on Microsoft

Step 2. Hit the “Next” button to proceed and click the “Forgot Password” link.

get verification code on preferred medium

Step 3. To receive the security code, choose one of the options from Email or mobile number.

reset laptop password use your Microsoft account

Step 4. Enter the code you have received on the next page, and now you can create a new password.

Once you create a new password, you can go to the locked laptop’s login screen to open it.

Method 4. Laptop Password Reset With Command In Safe Mode

If you are searching out “forgot my laptop password” for a user account other than the Admin account, then the “Safe Mode” method can help you. This process involves writing a few commands in the command prompt window, directly reset laptop password.

It is a complex process, and the forgotten password should not be from the Admin account. Read the procedure given below to know how to use Safe Mode for a laptop password reset.

Step 1. Restart/ Turn-On your laptop and press the F8 key to enter the Advanced Boot Options screen.

hit enter key on safe mode with command prompt option

Step 2. Use the arrow keys to select the “Safe Mode With Command Prompt” option, and hit the “Enter” key.

type net user command to reset laptop password

Step 3. Over the Safe Mode window, enter the command net user {Locked Account Name} {New Password} and hit the Enter key.

You have to enter the locked account name with a new password, which will reset the password instantly.

Method 5. Laptop Password Reset With Ophcrack

While searching over the internet, “I forgot my laptop password,” you may come across a few open-source tools that are free to use. Ophcrack is one such software that can let you retrieve the original laptop password instead of password reset. But although it is free to use, the Ophcrack software is not preferred by users because it takes a lot of time to detect the password.

The worst part is that the tool is mostly blocked by the anti-virus software installed on the laptop, which creates a lot of time waste as the objective remains incomplete. Read the below-given steps carefully to reset laptop password with the Ophcrack tool.

Reset laptop password with Ophcrack

Step 1. Open the official website of Ophcrack, and hit the “Download Ophcrack Live CD” button.

Select The Ophcrack ISO File

Step 2. Now install the downloaded ISO file into the USB/CD drive by launching ISO2Disc. Select the name of your USB/CD and partition style as “MBR,” followed by clicking the “Start Burn” button.

Burn ophcrack LiveCD

Step 3. Insert the burned USB/CD into your laptop and restart it to boot your system with the burned USB/CD.

Boot From Ophcrack Disc In Automatic Mode

Step 4. Select the Automatic Ophcrack graphic mode and hit the “Enter” key.

Step 5. The Ophcrack tool will start the password recovery process after executing a few default commands.

Ophcrack Recovering laptop Password

Now you will have to wait, as depending upon the password’s strength, the Ophcrack will take some time to fetch the original password.

Method 6. Laptop Password Reset With Windows DVD

The Windows installation DVD is another reliable option to use if you forgot laptop password. This method works on both local and domain user accounts on the laptop, but not on the Microsoft account to reset the password. The procedure requires typing-in long commands over the Command Prompt to get access to the laptop.

It is a long & complicated procedure to reset laptop password using Windows DVD, so experts are not advised to apply the method without proper knowledge or guidance. Follow the instruction properly to re-access your laptop with the help of a Windows DVD.

Step 1. Insert the Windows DVD into the locked laptop, and boot it from the DVD.

Step 2. When the Windows blue screen appears, you have to press the “Shift” key & “F10” key together to enter the command prompt.

Run Commands To Replace Utility Manager

Step 3. Enter the commands shown below in the same sequence, followed by pressing the “Enter” key after each command. This step will replace the Utility Manager with the Command Prompt. Change the letter “c” to the drive’s name where the OS is loaded on the laptop.

move c:\windows\system32\utilman.exe c:\
copy c:\windows\system32\cmd.exe c:\windows\system32\utilman.exe

Step 4. Remove the disc and restart the system using the Power button, or enter the below-given command.

wpeutil reboot

Click On Ease Of Access Icon

Step 5. Now click on the Ease of Access icon given in the lower right corner to get the command prompt window.

Step 6. Type the command net user {Locked Account Name} {New Password}. Here you need to enter the locked user account’s name and the new password that you assign.

Put Back Utility Manager

Step 7. The laptop password reset is successfully done, but you need to replace the command prompt with the utility manager. To do this, insert the Windows DVD again and reboot the system from it.

Step 8. Press the “Shift” key and “F10” key to get the command prompt window, and type the below-given command followed by the “Enter” key.

copy c:\ultiman.exe c:\Windows\system32\ultiman.exe

Step 9. Type yes on the next line and hit the “Enter” key.

Remove the disc from the laptop, and restart it again. Now you can access the system using the new password.


To keep the computers and laptop secure from unwanted access, we tend to make strong passwords, which often creates forgot laptop password issues. While searching out “I forgot my laptop password” over the internet, we get comprehensive solutions, the best ones we have already discussed above.

Out of all the above, the best-recommended tool to reset laptop password is the PassFab 4WinKey. It is easy to use and provides quick results with a guaranteed solution while keeping a check over all the necessary security measures.

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