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How to Open Password Protected PDF File without Password

“How to open password protected PDF? I have recently received a password protected PDF file from a colleague. I do not know the password, and I cannot contact that person to find out the code. Is there any method available that can open password protected PDF without damaging the file’s contents?”

It is understandable that you would come across an encrypted PDF file and not know its password at the same time. Under such circumstances, you could contact the person who knows the passcode. However, if all non-technical options have dried out, then there is still hope for you. There are some simple technical methods you can apply to get the job done. Follow this post and learn how to unlock password protected PDF within a few minutes.

Part 1. Open Password Protected PDF File with Google Drive

Google Drive offers its cloud storage facility to view and edit different documents in formats such as PDF. Additionally, you can access a password protected PDF through the platform and remove the encryption key.

Follow the steps below to access an encrypted PDF document with your Google Drive account:

Step 1. From any web browser, access your Google Drive account.

Step 2. On the left side of the interface, click on the New tab to access the Drop-down menu.

Step 3. From the list, click on File Upload and import the PDF to the cloud storage platform.

Add password protected PDF to Google Drive

Step 4. Once the PDF file is uploaded, double-click on it to access it on your browser.

Step 5. Enter the password to view the contents of the file.

Open the PDF on Google Drive

Step 6. On the top-right corner, click on Print button, which will automatically download the file on your computer in PDF.

Print password protected PDF file in Google drive

If you wish to edit the PDF file, click the Open with Google Docs tab to open the said platform. Moreover, you can access the document using third-party apps as well after uploading it on Google Drive. However, this solution can not help you access the PDF file without entering the password to read or edit it. If such a scenario happens with you, then follow the next solution!

Part 2. Open Password Protected PDF File with PDF Password Recovery Software

Supposing the Google Drive method has failed to do its job, and you still do not know how to open password protected PDF without password. Then, the best course of action is to opt for a third-party PDF password recovery software, such as PassFab for PDF. The program for Windows can decrypt the password for you, enabling you to edit or reread the document.

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Here are some handy functions of PassFab for PDF to recover the documents’ password:

  • It offers an auto-resume recovery process.
  • The software supports various encryption algorithms, including the 128-bit AES, 128-bit RC4, and the latest 256-bit AES encryption.
  • You can recover the password of the PDF file using the application’s three robust attack modes.

Download and install the program on your Windows system. Once you do that, please read the following instructions and learn how to open password protected PDF without password using PassFab for PDF:

Step 1: Launch the PassFab for PDF Recovery Tool

Run the software on your PC after you have successfully installed it.

Open PassFab for PDF on the desktop

Next, click on the Add button to access the File Explorer. From there, select and upload the encrypted PDF file to PassFab for PDF’s interface. The tool will identify the protection level and password complexity immediately upon import!

Add the password-protected PDF document to PassFab for PDF

Step 2: Select One of Three Password Recovery Modes

As discussed earlier, you can enable the following three types of recovery modes using PassFab for PDF:

  • Dictionary Attack: This mode is useful when you partially remember the password of the PDF. To initiate this recovery attack, list a few passwords you think are right in a text file. From there, the Dictionary Attack mode will identify the correct password instantly.
  • Brute Force with Mask Attack: When you know the special characters, symbols, prefixes, or suffixes of the password, then you can use this mode.
  • Brute Force Attack: This mode is the last option when you have no idea about the correct password of the PDF. It might take some time to recover the password if you use this mode.

Enable the recovery modes to start the process

Step 3: Start Password Recovery

After selecting the suitable mode, click on Start to initiate the recovery process.

The software will display the correct passcode within a few minutes. Simply copy the key and enter it into the encrypted PDF file to access its contents.

PassFab for PDF find PDF password

Part 3. Open Password Protected PDF File with Google Chrome

You can access the Google Chrome browser’s built-in PDF Reader utility to remove the password of a PDF file.

Here is the guide:

Step 1. Right-click on the encrypted PDF document, and select the Open with option from the list.

Step 2. Choose Google Chrome, and enter the correct password of the PDF file.

Open password protected PDF in Google Chrome

Step 3. Once you access the PDF document, head over to the top-right corner of the page and click on the Print icon.

Use the Chrome browser to print the password-protected PDF file

Step 4. Under the destination tab, select Save as PDF to remove the encryption.

Step 5. Finally, press Save to store the PDF file anywhere on your device.

Save PDF file in Google Chrome

This method only helps you remove the encryption if you know the right password for PDF at first!

Part 4. Open Password Protected PDF File with Online PDF Password Remover

Some users do not want to install any software on their PC and still need an instant solution to unlock a protected PDF file. Using an online tool like Soda PDF online is a suitable option if you are one of them.

The tool is free to use and enables you to read or edit the PDF after unlocking the security protocols. Moreover, it lets you upload PDF files from your Dropbox or Google Drive account. However, it only works if you enter the relevant password that has restricted your access.

Please check out the step-by-step guide below to access password protected PDF file online:

Step 1. Open Soda PDF Online on your browser, and click on Choose Files to add the password-protected PDF to the web interface.

Add password protected PDF to Soda PDF Online

Step 2. Enter the password and click on Unlock to open the file or Reset to remove the encryption.

Enter the correct passcode to unlock or reset the PDF file

Step 3. The online tool will process the file to unlock it or reset the password.

Step 4. Lastly, click on Download to save the file on your desktop.

Download the PDF file


Now you know about the top solutions and how to open password protected PDF files without password. However, due to the recent security updates, the Google Chrome and Google Drive methods might only work to remove password of restricted files to edit and read the content once you enter the right encryption key.

Moreover, the solution using the Soda PDF Online tool is not a password recovery platform. It could only help you unlock the restricted document for editing and reading when you know the correct password.

In that case, the best technique to open PDF document without password is with PassFab for PDF. The software is user-friendly and offers various decryption techniques to recover the correct password.

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